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May 8th 2013

The Flower Recipe Book Giveaway!!!

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Flower Recipe Book

I have been a fan of the Small Stump & Studio Choo ladies for years after discovering their awesome flower column on Design Sponge. Their relaxed approach to flowers, their creative spirit and close friendship has been so very inspiring. When I got wind that they were writing a flower book, I knew it was going to be amazing!!!

Flower Recipe Book

If you’re in the flower world, then you know there are very few GREAT flower books out there. Unless you have the opportunity to spend time with someone who knows their stuff, and can show you the ropes, then you’re pretty much on your own to figure out the basic mechanics of arranging. Luckily for us, that isn’t the case any longer!

Flower Recipe Book

The Flower Recipe Book is chocked full of over 100 step by step hot-to’s for creating lose, natural, seasonally inspired bouquets. If you’re just getting into flowers, this is a killer reference that will get you going in the right direction. If you’ve been at it awhile and need a dose of GORGEOUS inspiration, then this baby should be on your shelf. If you need a gift for sweet ole Mom on Sunday, this is definitely the ticket!

I’m now including it in my wedding consultation bag, since it features so many of the flowers we grow and highlights such gorgeous, unfussy bouquets that I know my brides will love!

Flower Recipe Book

Jill and Alethea will visiting Seattle this week on their book tour! The Seattle Wholesale Flower Grower’s Co-op is hosting a flower demo and book signing from 8:30-10 a.m. of Friday, details HERE. Then Saturday the ladies head to West Elm from 10-12 for another class and signing, details HERE!

Flower Recipe Book

But here’s the best part! I have 3 beautiful signed copies of the book to share!!! All you have to do is leave your name and favorite flower variety in the comment section to win. Cut off for the drawing in Saturday night, May 11th. The lucky recipients will be announced on Mother’s Day!


  1. Ashleigh on

    Soft pink david austin roses. These were the symbol of my wedding day ☺️

  2. Roxanne McCoy on

    Probably my favorite is Lilium ‘Royal Sunset’, with all the colors of the sunset in one flower.

  3. molly on

    Dahlias are my favorite… molly

  4. Sarah on

    CROCOSMIA. (Lucifer)

    Happy Mother’s Day!

    • Sarah on

      OOps. I’m late! I’ll just buy the book!

  5. Gayle Honey Evans on

    My name is Gayle
    Favourite flower variety is Clematis…..all types of the Renunculacea family in general I adore to be honest, but I especially like Clematis Virginiana ‘Devils Darning Needles’

    I must confess to being more of a foliage fiend and loving Ferns and Begonia Rex’s the most!

  6. nanne on

    nanne here. there are very few flowers that i do not love. but, being southern to the core, hydrangeas are probably my favorite.

  7. Sophie on

    This book looks lovely and just what I need…. How difficult to choose a favourite flower. Because I have to I’ll choose Cosmos!

    Thank you, your work and blog are really inspiring!

  8. Agnes on

    Cerinthe! Especially after it resows and shows a new hue of colors.

  9. Tonya on

    I find it hard to choose just one as well…I suppose today I am dreaming of Delphiniums, belladonna especially.

  10. Sarah G on

    It has to be the common violet. Love to smell and how adorable they are!

  11. Julie on

    My favourite flowers are white scabious – I used them in my daughters bouquet, and I wore one as my bout. x

  12. Charlene Boxx on

    I will pick the dahlia because of so many forms. I love them all!!!!

  13. Meesh @ I Dream of Chairs on

    Hands down…Peony!
    PS. Could you post the results of the top ten favourite flowers? It would be neat to see… :)

  14. Shayla on

    Oh my word, how is one to choose? I’ll go with the lupine, because they remind me of my favorite childhood book, “Miss Rumphius” by Barbara Cooney.

  15. Morgan on

    Philadelphis/mock orange for it’s beautiful scent and arching branches of blossom.

    Ps: Erin, your farm and your blog are an inspiration and a lifeline to me here in Australia, just incredible, thankyou.

  16. Vanessa on

    Very tough Question as its Ever changing but at this moment I am in love with ‘dahlias’ :-)

  17. Debbie Byler on

    So hard to choose! Sweet Peas i guess:) So enjoy your blog, Erin. Our family has been growing flowers for local florists in Central PA for over 15 yrs. and we still love it, and are having fun with our first high tunnel. Thanks bunches for your inspiration! Debbie

  18. Sarah H on

    I’m a big fan of zinnias and lilacs.

  19. Kimberly on

    yayy! amaranth, amaranth, amaranth. swooon!!!!

  20. Carol-Anne on

    I’d have to say I’m lusting after Lilacs ♥

    p.s. I ♥ u & your blog ;)

  21. Isabella Thorndike on

    Choosing a favorite flower is like choosing a favorite child, but if I absolutely have to it would be….oooo this is so hard….let’s go with ranunculus

  22. Deanne Carpenetti on

    love the kiss me over the garden gate in my garden right now…they reseed so easily and can be shared with friends ;)

  23. Nikki on

    Nikki and I love lisianthus!

  24. Tara McHugh on

    right now it’s beautiful sweet smelling lilacs! The deep purple variety.

  25. Kelly on

    Oh, Chamomile! With her herby-charming scent and lasting reliability, her sweet humbleness and simple, cheery grace, she greets me so reassuringly each morning right outside my door…and then puts me to bed at night with her calming grandmotherly tea. A friend to me, for sure.

  26. Bron on

    I love most flowers. They are all beautiful but if I had to pick a favourite, I’d go with the ranunculus!
    This book looks amazing!

  27. Rene on

    I adore blooming branches of any kind, but pink dogwood in particular. Thanks Erin!

  28. Sandy on

    I love all flowers, but a real favorite is the biennial Clary Sage (Salvia sclarea)… so amazing! Cheers:)

  29. Hannah on

    Wonderful website so very glad I stumbled upon it months ago.

    Favorite flower has to be the mecanopsis – blue poppy! Difficult and unusual to grow here, but oh so rewarding.

    Best wishes from Ireland

  30. Jennifer on

    Dahlias! Love them, love your blog and I would love that book!

  31. Alison on

    Oh that is torture, but overall I love irises the best.

  32. sara on

    its spring so I love best magnolias today

  33. lizzy on

    i find poppies irresistible.

  34. Elissa on

    Lovely, breathtaking SWEET PEAS!!!!!

  35. Rachel on

    Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway. My favourite flowers are sweet peas.

  36. Atelier Carmel on

    What a great giveaway :)
    I think I’m not the only one who finds it hard to pick just one!
    Dahlias are a favorite, but we won’t get them here for another 2 or 3 months, so in the meantime I pick fritillaria, méléagris is my fave but really I love them all…

  37. Carmen on

    My favorite flower in the world is the very pink jasmine that grows in my Mom’s garden in Mallorca- that Mediterranean smell has stuck in my memory forever…

  38. Lori Eschler Frystak on

    Beautiful book! My favorite flower is the buttercup, a wild yellow ranunculus that grows in the pastures where I grew up in Montana. My second favorite is the ranunculus, except on Tuesdays when I fall for peonies. And Friday I sometimes lean toward fritillaria.

  39. Emma on

    I tried ordering this book and it got lost in the mail!!! Somehow, some way it will be mine :) My favorite is blushing bride protea. I find them breathtaking and intriguing.

  40. Natalie P. on

    I have hundreds of favorite flowers…..but if I had to pick one today I would say peonies!

  41. Janvier on

    This book looks like a real game changer. It’s about time! David Austin roses and lilacs are my favorites. Thanks for offering up three books!

  42. Sam on

    Everything dianthus

  43. Kait on

    That’s a tough question! I think I’d have to go with Peonies or Dahlias. This looks like one awesome book!

  44. Jen on

    Not sure if this is open to US residents, but I wanted to enter just in case. I love flowers and there are not nearly enough of them in my life. My favorite of all time are lilacs. :)

  45. Cristin Geimer on

    I looooove dahlias, peonies and hydrangeas! I know it’s only supposed to be one, but I can’t pick just one! :) Can’t wait to get my hands on this book!!

  46. Cathy Bartolic on

    My favourite flower is also the one I find hardest to grow…..sweet peas

  47. Carolyn T. on

    I’d have an easier time picking a favorite child. OK — for this morning, my favorite is gomphrena, specifically ‘Strawberry Fields.’

  48. Amberly Odom on

    I love dahlias and ranunculus! They are my favorite!

  49. Kelly E. on

    Oh, my gracious, I would love to win this! I’m a flower fanatic, but my favorites are, in no particular order: peonies, lilacs, sweet peas, and lily-of-the-valley. What a gorgeous book. Thank you so much for the chance to win!

  50. Denise on

    Always Hellebores! Keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks!

  51. Nina on

    That book looks really interesting! And hmm… choosing a favourite isn’t easy, but today I’ll say peony :)

  52. Christine on

    I LOVE all flowers, but if I could only have one, it would have to be roses, esp. antique roses. By the way, I love your blog!

  53. Jamie on

    Hard to choose but I think Lisianthus.

  54. Julia on

    I am in love with ranunculus… but the lilacs are just coming into bloom here, and so seductive with their gorgeous smell!

  55. mandy o'shea on

    Im going to go with Columbine. Any Variety. Love their airy flow and elegant blooms:)

  56. Laura on

    Oh, lovely- thank you! Favorite? I’m going to have to do with garden roses or sweet peas. Or sunflowers…..

  57. Megan Hird on

    I love Blue Horizon Ageratum.
    Megan at

  58. Jessica on

    Poppies–Mary Oliver describes them best!

  59. Meg on

    I love foxglove growing wild along the side of the road. It makes so happy to see the white and lavender ones near each other ; )

    • Meg on


  60. Katie Jaenecke on

    Current favorite: a pocket of pale pink double hyacinths that grow in my mother-in-law’s woods- they were planted by her great grandmother, and are truly a family heirloom :)

  61. Ferriss Donham on

    I love Primula. I started with one and now have thousands that I have propagated. They are so lovely and such a pretty butter yellow and they last for a long time as a cut flower, and alas, have a long stay in the garden as they are evergreens.

  62. laura on

    picking one flower is just too hard… peony or david austin roses, snapdragons, foxglove…i can’t do it! i can’t pick one!


  63. Annmarie on

    I don’t even know if I could pick a favorite. I love peonies, ranunculus, hydrangeas, anemone, dahlias, parrot tulips, oh I could go on and on. I am a recently licensed florist in Louisiana and I was actually looking at this book the other day and put it on my amazon wishlist. I am so happy I found you on Instagram, your photos inspire me and make me excited about the new flower-filled chapter in my life. :)

  64. Erica on

    I’m a flower lover but would really like to create my own arrangements; gerber daisy, wild roses and informal roses, and lavender are my favorites!

  65. Cheryl DuBois on

    Old garden rose is and will always be my favorite – Cheryl DuBois

  66. Lorna on

    Irises are my favorite

  67. Dale on

    Forget-me-nots, Ranunculus – hard to pick one!

  68. myca on

    do I dare hope? favourite for today – peony (festiva maxima to be specific)

  69. Renee Arcand on

    My fave are “Zowie’ zinnias…so very bright! But your hand-tied bouquet with hydrangea as background and all the succulents, oregano, & berries is breath-taking.

  70. elizabeyta on

    garden roses and peonies currently. though, the cosmos i am growing warm my heart every day.

  71. elizabeyta on

    garden roses and peonies currently. but the cosmos I am growing are winning my heart.

  72. Bonnie on

    My favorite is sunflowers, all different kinds.

  73. Ali on

    Kaiser Wilhelm Dahlia. This heirloom beauty is from 1881, which is remarkable!

  74. Rondi Anderson on

    Hollingsworth’s Peony such as Garden Treasure, Bernice Carr and Garden lace.
    Don Hollingsworth is retiring, but has sold the company and 25,000 roots are to moved to Williamette Valley, Oregon. Don bred for strong stems and color. Garden Treasure is stunning!

  75. Flora R. on

    Please don’t make me choose between peonies and ranunculus!

  76. Mackenzie Bernstein on

    Today my favorite flower is Scabiosa. It is so beautiful right now and I love the way it dances:)

  77. Lisa on

    David Austin’s English Roses, loving Graham Thomas right now, and anxiously awaiting his arrival!

  78. chris on

    my favorite flower, an old-fashioned scented rose

    thanks so much for hosting the giveaway! your work and photos are always so lovely!

  79. Marie Fleur on

    The Sarah Bernhardt Peony is my favourite flower, named after the famous actress. The peonie’s blousy pink petals look as though they are made of delicate tissue paper. The Peony is the epitome of romance.

  80. Susan on

    I’m partial to peonies, especially from the plant I got from my Grandma’s garden.

  81. Sarah on

    Lilacs for their fragrance!

  82. Nana Louie Farm on

    As a beginning flower farmer, I just love your blog and am excited about this book! My all time favorite is Anemone. I just wish we could grow it here in Montana. I am trying a winter hardy variety this year. Such an inhospitable climate for flower farming!

  83. Kim U. on

    My favorite? Why, all of them of course! Thank you for the opportunity to win this book. Very generous of you.

  84. pia on

    this is a tough one…i probably have more than a dozen favorite flowers in mind and there’s even a lot more i’m not familiar with yet. i’d say top three are austin roses, peonies, ranuncs, lilac and astilbe….okei five! i did say it’s tough to pick just one. hope to get one of the three copies (crossing my fingers and my toes) ;D

  85. Colie on

    It changes all the time, but this year I’m really excited for my balloon flowers. Thank you–I’m definitely getting this book, regardless of whether I win it!

  86. Lisa on

    Like everybody, so hard to choose just one – but for now, clematis, sweet pea and even dahlias, oh and hydrangea.

    Love the book!

  87. Lisa on

    Love the buckets and buckets of Lilacs you posted! Just wanted to get lost in the beauty and scent! Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!

  88. Alison on

    Tulips. All kinds – parrots, doubles, botanical, fringed, lily-flowering, singles, the list goes on!

  89. Anya A on

    My current favorite flower combo is
    checkered fritillaria, mostly green hellebore, and
    Grape hyacinth. :D

  90. Kendra @ A Sonoma Garden on

    This book would be such a great help to me. I live on 2 acres filled with flowers but I’m realizing I need all the help I can get in arranging them!

    Love your blog!

  91. Kim Lahargou on

    So many yummy flowers to choose from….let’s see… at this moment columbine- Yes, sweet, strong, yet delicate, columbine’s :)

    I am a mom to two handsome boys, and would LOVE to have that book!

    PS. thank’s for sharing all that you do. You are amazing :)

  92. The Flying Quiche on

    My favorite flower changes with the season but right now it has got to be lilies. I used to hate them and their smell but I just love them mixed in with lots of foliage and tiny little flowers. So fresh.

  93. Hillary on

    Waxflower are one of my favorites. Something about them is so simple and happy.

  94. Alesa De Jager on

    today my favorite flower is the strong, determined, able-to-withstand-5 inches of snow- DAFFODIL! spring is just starting here in Wisconsin:-)

  95. Kristen M on

    Any David Austin will melt my heart. Love following your blog and instagram posts – most inspiring!

  96. Dawn Severin on

    Let me think about that…hmm…..Garden Roses!

    Second Choice: stock, and all the cool flowers that you grow!!

  97. calida on

    this book looks incredible! my favourite this season would have to be daffodils, so far anyways…

  98. Jenny N on

    Love, love them! My favorite is ranunculus.

  99. Kailla Platt on

    I would love to receive this book. So many flowers to love but today I choose sweetpeas.

  100. Sara L. on

    lilacs. definitely lilacs. I can’t resist their wonderful scent!

  101. Kara Swedlow on

    Kara loves the pure white Japanese anemone “Honorine Jobert”

  102. Amy on

    Right now I’m in love with the ‘alba’ bleeding heart!

  103. jennifer on

    beautiful book!
    it’s a tie between white tulips (my wedding bouquet flower) and peonies.

  104. Alexandra S on

    My favourite right now is Papaver nudicale – I just LOVE the way light comes through it (and all of the colours)!

  105. Heather on

    My favorite flower changes with the seasons and my exposure to different blooms, but I always, always love peonies.

  106. Elizabeth on

    Peonies – the quintessential flower.

  107. Marcella on

    Currently…lovely lily of the valley (this changes every 5 minutes)

  108. Jen on

    Put my name in the hat too, please! I love poppies!
    thanks for your review- I’d heard of the book, but this peek inside and endorsement from one of my flower heroes seals the deal. It will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine. :)

  109. Tanis Clifton on

    Hmmm, favorite flower has to be Starburst Panache Helianthus

  110. Mona Lisa on

    light pink peonies have me swooning. and then, mix them with some lady’s mantle – i have an all out fainting spell!
    hugs xo

  111. Shoomee Her on

    I love your work…would love how to arrange these techniques.

  112. Nata on

    At this very moment my favorite is – quince

  113. Erin on

    Peonies and bells of Ireland!

  114. Sarah Story on

    Currently coveting the David Austin roses – and ranunculus of course!
    Sarah Story

  115. Barb Wallgren on

    What a great give away, If I don’t win I will buy it. My favorite flowers, it’s hard to say. For Mother’s Day this year, I bought my roses from PeterKort in Hillsboro, OR, and they were the most beautiful roses I have seen, so fresh and the colors so vibrant, I’m sure they were picked the day before they shipped. So for favorites right now, roses, gerbs, tulips, delph, all the flowers, I don’t think I really have an unfavorite. Good luck to me :) and you are a great inspiration to me.

  116. April mason on

    My favorite flower is whichever one is in my hand

  117. Kim on

    lately, I’ve been in deep tulip love

  118. Michelle on

    Ummmm, dahlias. or delphiniums….roses? Lilacs! Snaps. Noooo, peonies! ummmm……..

  119. Rose on

    My favorite flower would be roses..can you guess why? ;)

  120. Jen on

    So hard to choose … but I think Dahlias :)

  121. Hedy on

    Nigella- love in a mist!!!

  122. Daisy on

    Hellebores, without a doubt

  123. Meaghan on

    I love love love peonies and ranunculus, its too hard decide which one I love more!!

  124. Ellen Schoenthaler on

    My favorite flower variety is ranunculus :)

    I would LOVE to win this! Just getting into flowers now, and have so much to learn!

    Thanks for this opportunity!

  125. Kari on

    Stock. Pretty and fragrant, but also always reliable and useful.

  126. Amy H on

    Love it. I am a fan of sweet peas

  127. Emily Henry on

    Well, that question has officially immobilized this flower farmer! But I do have a committed live affair with lathyrus vernus…

  128. Sprout on

    My favorite flower is whatever is in season *right now*! That’s the joy of flowers, ever changing beauty!

  129. Peicha on

    Mmmm…yellow tree peonies are this week’s fave!

  130. Terri on

    I am going to their event at west elm on Saturday- the best Mother’s Day present I can think of. My favorite flowers are alliums. They are the first flower I fell in love with.

  131. Polly on

    I love whoever is new, but my heart of hearts belongs to pansies.

  132. Betsy on

    Good old fashioned Nikko Blue Hydrangea…reminds me of my grandmother!

  133. Emelie on

    Oh wow this was a very hard question… but favourite of the day is… tulips.

  134. Tracy Park on

    I love this.. my fav hands down Lady slipper orchids

  135. Katerina on

    So hard to decide :)
    I vote for Dahlia Cafe Au Lait and my second love is Campanula persicifolia Le Bello, fragile beautiful flower. And I am so excited about Itoh peonies too. It is tricky!

  136. Megan on

    The photography looks amazing–I’ve been waiting for a book like this. As much as I love old roses, dahlias, and peonies, I think I would choose sweet peas as my favorite. There’s something so simple and beautiful about them.

  137. Lauren on

    Love following you on Instagram! Inspiration everyday. My favorite is vitality rose. Makes weep with sweetness. Thanks for the chance:)

  138. Karen on

    Zinnia, Salmon Rose. It’s just such a generous workhorse of the garden that I have to love it.

    But oh so difficult to choose.

    Thanks for all the inspiration!

    • Stacy Leafsong on

      Oh yes I see…my favorite, oh how can I say…I do love them all…roses by David Austen are tops and sweet peas…

  139. Nina on

    Digitalis purpurea – what a difficult question though!

  140. Daisy on

    Hellebores, without a doubt.

  141. Joanna on

    Choose only one? I love the name “ranunculus,” it sounds very Harry Potter-ish, but my choice would have to be lisianthus. They are so beautiful.

  142. Komali Nunna on

    Right now I am loving David Austin English roses.

  143. Little White Dove on

    OMG such a hard question to answer…

    to narrow it down to one it must tick all my boxes – that is, beautiful at all stages of flowering from bud to rose to hip, and have a scent to knock my socks off!

    It would have to be the David Austin Rose, ‘Abraham Darby’.

    Thank you :-)

  144. Noeleen ross on

    It’s a tough choice, favourites change with the seasons but this year I’m really looking forward to seeing my dahlias, particularly cafe au lait and rip city!

  145. Julie on

    Sweet peas! Sweet peas! Sweet peas forever!!! Love from Julie xxxxx

  146. Dominique on

    My all time favourite would have to be Flannel Flower – From Dominique in Australia xx

  147. Ali on

    Oh that looks like my kind of book – favourite flower? Alliums. I love the way the buds look like something landing from outer space, then the starburst of flowers and the magnificent dried seedheads to enjoy later. Plus they pop up year after year – perfect!

  148. Katri Jenni Sofia on

    That book would make my day and month and year! Loving the book design too!

    My favorite would be poppies. Poppy is like the wild child of flowers but still so delicate and beautiful.

  149. Bryonna on

    Roses, roses, roses !

    Thank you for running this contest.

  150. Lizz on

    My favourite (at the moment!) – Phalaenopsis Orchid

  151. Laetitia de chez Florésie on

    Thanks Erin for this really cool giveaway!

    I love many flowers, depending on season and modo, but i think that cherry blossoms will always remain one of my favorite, no matter when or where…

    Kind regards from Champagne,

  152. Belinda on

    Right now my favourite is Lily of the Valley! Ooh, that book looks lush! Bx

  153. Emily on

    That’s a tough call, but I am loving dahlias at the moment!

  154. Ann L. on

    Very full, old fashion roses.

  155. Chelsi on

    What a beautiful book!

  156. MichelleG on

    My favorite is the Gertrude Jekyll rose, what a beautiful book! LOVE your blog, Erin!

  157. Hanna on

    What a beautiful book! I cross my fingers that a copy will find it’s way to Sweden. I love the combination of dahlias and sunflowers in ruby red tones in August… Love, Hanna

  158. Michelle on

    roses…david austin, then peonies, and pansies
    What wonderful give away, would love a copy of the book, looks fabulous, thanks Erin.

  159. morgan on

    My favorite flower is the dahlia! Sweet peas are a very close second. They were my grandmothers favorite flower and I think of her every time I see one.

  160. Linda foley on

    Cant help but love the delicate freshias and that heady sent. But i would take lilac, roses (old cottage garden varieties) heck anything in bloom anyday. Stumbled on your blog and can’t leave… Love all that you do and I can’t imagine the stresses it has. But what a life surround by those scents and sights. Wonderous.

  161. Xiaoli on

    I followed your instragram for a long time, always love your style of flower arrangement.My favorite flower are peony.In old times of China(yes I’m from China), the lovers will send peony to each other when they started to dating,that flower is also given when they’re separated. So peony has another name called jianglicao which means “going to leave”.it’s such a beautiful flower but with a sad flower language. Hope you like it.

  162. Yvonne Yi on

    have been pining for this book! my name is yvonne and i love poppies!

  163. Tina on

    Well – what can I say – I am a sucker for lilac!

  164. Joanne Halter on

    I think my favourite flower is Bells of Ireland. Love the smell when I cut and work with them. Other than that all flowers are my favourite.

  165. Mindy on

    Forever and always – Sweet Peas!

  166. Eva on

    for today, i’ll pick coral charm peonies as my favorite

  167. Erin Mc on

    I. Love. Dahlias. So much. Yup. :)

  168. Ann Eide on

    Forget me nots planted next to white hydrangeas…

    but then, maybe a field of ranunculus…maybe a single bulb that didn’t get picked and it voluntarily grows in a tilled field out there on Fir Island.

    Thank you for link last week to the life coach…shared it with my daughter!

  169. Erin on

    Tulips. Hands down. Others come and go but tulips are my favorite!

  170. Emily on

    Such a great book! My favorite would most definitely be ranunculus. They will be included in my bouquet for my upcoming wedding in Philadelphia in July!

  171. Janet on

    I’m loving peonies right now, I’m so sad I can’t be in Seattle on Friday. Thanks for a chance to win the book.

  172. Megan Jordan on

    This is a beautiful book! My favorite flower will always be the forget-me-not. Reminds me of my grandfather and the wild ones you find in Montana summer fields.

  173. Renita on

    Just one really??!!! Garden roses all the way :)

  174. Deanna on

    Such a cool book! Thanks for the lead…and the chance to win one! Just one favorite flower?! Who could live without sweet peas, then?

  175. Jenny Rae on

    I’m really into ranunculus this season.

  176. Amanda Mae on

    Oh such a great giveaway!

    It’s so hard to pick a favorite, but if I had to pick just one it would be ranunculus. Or maybe yellow tree peonies. No, hellebores, or……. ;-)

  177. Sidney Poor on

    I have to pick only one flower? Right now I am still loving the Hellebores.

  178. Inée on

    Hi! I really love gloriosa lilies! And also ranunculus. :)

  179. Sarah on

    Sooo hard to choose it depends on the season… right now its hellebore lilies… or sweet peas or columbine… ugh I love them all.

  180. Nicole on

    Ooo, I’ve had my eye on this book and Studio Choo!
    Its like picking your favorite child… so hard. I’ll say coral charm peony! I just love the way the color changes with time.

  181. Jess Laggis on

    Hi! My name`s Jess and my favorite flowers are either sweet peas or poppies, depending on the day.

  182. Claire on

    Anemones and Delphinium – both in lovely violet!

  183. Kim U. on

    Right this moment, it has to be sweet peas, the old spice and black night varieties. Tomorrow, it could be something else!

  184. Maria on

    You guys rock. Bummed I missed y’all in Houston. But have my fingers crossed and hoping I can win a wonderful copy of the book.

    What’s my fav variety… For now, ANEMONEA

  185. Leah on

    I love me some animation snaps!

  186. Maura Yates on

    Whether I win or not—so excited to learn about this book! I’m giddy! Lenten roses for the garden…and peonies because they are just vibrant!

  187. Rebecca Const on

    Beautiful Erin! I saw your post on IG and ran straight to the blog. I have had my eye on this book for some time and would love to get my grubby hands on a copy. My favourite flower (oh so cliche) is the peony rose. Each opening stage brings joy to my heart. We only get them 2 months of the year here in Western Australia. Love the blog, love the farm, love the daily inspiration I recieve from your feed.

  188. Lia on

    Well this week, my favorite would have to be the mounds of muscari/grape hyacinth that are blooming! Love Studio Choo and so excited for their book!

  189. Gena Costley on

    PS, my favorite flower is an extremely close, 3-way tie between ranunculus, belles of Ireland and lisianthus!

  190. Laurie on

    Not to many I don’t love. My fav probably have to say tulips every color and variety. Love them!

  191. Julie on

    Oh, this book looks amazing! But how can you pick just one favorite? That’s like asking which child is your favorite! Hmmm…lilac. Or peony. Or hellebore. No, maybe Casa Blanca lily. UGH. It’s too hard!!!

  192. Gena Costley on

    Oh, my heart! I’m an aspiring florist but I’ve been too chicken to go out and try to find a new job in design because the florist I started out with was a real traditional, Plane Jane, inside the box type. Because of that I have a serious lack of confidence and er, gusto, when it comes to my design. I’m scared to step outside that box! I’d love to get ahold of this book, maybe it will give me the confidence to get myself back into floral :)

  193. shanon on

    Every year I’m reminded of the awe I experience when I see a tall bearded iris. Yup, they are my fave. ~Shanon

  194. Anna on

    Anna C. I love Camillia, peony, and mums.

  195. Margo on

    I’m a girl of the moment..the daffodil captures my heart every spring!

  196. Melissa Brown on

    My favorite flower variety is…very hard to narrow down ;) I choose, for today, Nigella “Bridal Veil”!

  197. Kendra on

    As a garden designer I put artichokes in whenever I can – those purple flowers just surprise every time!

  198. Katie Smaglinski on

    today it’s lilacs for this girl Katie… but that’s because they are bursting right now. ;)

  199. Summer on

    Angelica gigas ….love for the umbels

  200. Katie on

    Looks like a fabulous book and I would love to win it for my mom for Mothers day..she’s the one that gave me my green thumb!

    My favorite flowers are sunflowers, bright and happy!

  201. Caroline on

    love Studio Choo! this week my favorite bloom is hellebore.

  202. Amy on

    Iris ensata / Japanese iris.
    Silly for them.

  203. ely on

    *waves hello* I’m Ely & I love lilacs. :)

  204. Julie H on

    It looks like a lovely book.

    Impossible to pick only one type of flower but I will go with the ones that make me the most excited to see. Cherry blossoms also known as Sakura.

  205. Ami Marie on

    Protea… favorite flower of the day!

  206. Jess on

    So many to choose from, it’s a hard choice for a florist!!! But it would have to Lilac!!

  207. Megan on

    It’s tough to choose just one, right now it’s lilies of the valley!

  208. Logan Payne on

    A guide is just what I need as I start on this journey of flower arranging as a serious hobby! My favorites are ranunculus!

  209. Abby Gaddis on

    I have to go with Peonies- I just love them and they like my climate-not all beautiful flowers do…

  210. Kim Thomas on

    ohhh how do i chose just one?!?

    Spring: pink peonies
    Summer: oriental lilies “frisco”
    Fall: green and white kale flowers
    Winter: dbl amaryllis

    and there is the Parrot flower of Thailand that I absolutely LOVE.

    Thanks for your blogs Erin, really enjoy following you. You are an inspiration!
    Happy Mother’s Day

  211. Jan Flora on

    ‘Sarah Bernhardt’ peony. Fragrant, delicate, bombproof, long vase life, elegant, prolific, deer-proof. Love ’em : )

    – Jan Flora in Homer, Alaska

  212. reubenmarkdesigns on

    my favorites are many
    but right now I am pining after some Garden Treasure Yellow Peonies

  213. Elana @ Spoon&Sailor Letterpress on

    Oh my, so gorgeous!
    My favorite flower is the lilac (runner up: peony).
    Fingers crossed that this pretty puppy gets a spot on my book shelf! Thanks for sharing…xo

  214. Kat on

    My favorite flower is the peony, can’t resist those gorgeous blooms!

  215. Teemie Eschenburg on

    ooooooo yummy. What a great give away…my fav is farm fresh roses or dahlias or possibly ???… yes roses

  216. Kim Spears on

    What a fabulous giveaway! My favourite flowers are peonies.

  217. Ming Xien Faridani on

    So many beautiful flowers, so many favourites, its really hard to pick one! Although for this I’ll go with Poppies.
    Fabulous book, fingers crossed!!

  218. Julie Horton on

    Oh yay! I need this book! Lot needed to be learned. :) So jealous that I don’t live close enough to attend the workshops. Yay for flowers!

  219. Sarah Jones on

    Ohh… to just choose one favorite?! For arrangements I’d say peonies or ranunculus. Orchids are all-time favorite though ;) Lovely giveaway, Erin!

  220. Caroline on

    Too cool! It’s impossible to pick just one of course, but right now I’m lusting over the black parrot tulips I just pulled from the garden.

  221. Caitlin on

    Oh lovely!
    I just love poppies- not the red ones but blush, coral and white ones.

    Thank you!

  222. Kate on

    My favorite is the dahlia!


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