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November 27th 2010

The Caravan

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After the Cabin and before the Palace the chickens lived in this magical Caravan.
A true work of art, this moveable coop was designed to provide fresh pasture for the hens year round.While the idea was grand on paper it didn’t work as well in real life.
The owners have now transformed it into a moveable garden shed to hold all of their supplies, seed, grain, tools etc.




  1. Floret Farm on

    I thought the coop half worked just fine! The only real drawback was the run. Instead of using the electrical moveable netting that is so popular, they welded a large enclosed run the was attached to the caravans body. This set up became awkward to move even with a tractor.Then as the flock increased from 20-100 birds they were just getting to cramped.I don't know why they didn't just rethink the runs set up! But instead they abandoned it and built the Palace. Go figure?!

  2. Mellifera on

    Uh-oh… what about it didn't work?

    (We've been looking into chicken caravans– I want details! : )


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