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August 26th 2012

swimming in beauty

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Today was my first day off in weeks. I momentarily toyed with the idea of cleaning out the garage/studio after our biggest record breaker week of all time but then I came to my senses and instead got out of dodge. Around here, unless you leave, there is always something that is begging to be done. It’s almost impossible to just “be” during the flower season.
So, instead of doing, I spent the afternoon wandering. I slowly strolled through thrift shops, the grocery stores, the fabric store… all by myself. No kids or texts from clients, no questions or plans. It.was.amazing.
Tomorrow the wild, beautiful and very full ride begins again but before it does I wanted to make sure and share some of the magic that I’ve been surrounded by these few past days.








This is really just a taste. There is oh so much more that we can relive when things slow down a bit. Weddings, bouquets, a life altering foodie celebration, huge rows of flowers, happy kids and animals…I’m going to flood you guys with images and stories a little later this season so if you can, please hold tight : )

















A couple of little treasures on the internet I thought you might enjoy too:
This piece, “what I learned from 50 naked people” made me cry.
If I were a man, I would propose this lovely of loveliest ladies, Amy Merrick, in a heartbeat. She makes me want to be a better…well, everything. Follow her, you will be changed. I Promise!
This video gives me chills.
My flower partner in crime, Georgianna Lane, capturing the floral beauty like no other. Just wait, we have much in the works ;  )
This English darling, The Blue Carrot, is doing some really beautiful work with flowers from her very own cutting garden. Her facebook page is quite the inspiration. Do give her thumbs up and you will be rewarded.



  1. This Girl's Hands on

    Your Dahlia's make my heart hurt, they are that beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  2. amy merrick on

    Girl i would marry you in a heartbeat!! Cross-continental platonic flower wife?

  3. whirlygirlflowers on

    Erin – So thankful that in the midst of crazy flower season you create the space to capture the beauty around you for sharing later. It's like a little present we're all excited to open later this fall.

  4. Floret on

    we do about 95% ourselves with a little help from family and friends when the stars align :)

  5. handsownfarm on

    How lovely! Even though you are surrounded by beauty it is critical to remove yourself from time to time for a break! Do you do all that harvesting yourself or do you have help??

  6. Kay on

    you are a total inspiration….

  7. Rocky Ferrera on

    Truck full of Dahlias! I love it, so inspiring! Thank you for sharing.

  8. webb on

    Not a single one of my dahlia "made it" this year. I am so incredibly jealous! They are lovely.

  9. Amanda on

    Dahlias are my favorites! Such a beautiful post!

  10. Georgianna on

    So very happy you took a day off for yourself. I am in awe of the amount of work you do there. And these photos are marvelous! (Great job, Chris!). Swimming in beauty indeed – I'd love to dive into that truck filled with dahlias!

    Thank you for the mention – our projects have been a real highlight this summer and we are just getting going!


    p. s. Really, really love these photos of you!

  11. Belinda @ Wild Acre on

    Can't believe the quantity of beautiful flowers you grow – just so inspiring. I'd love a ride in that van! Bx

  12. flowersandhome on

    These are truly magical surroundings and you are the happy girl in the midst of it all.
    Have a wonderful and magical week,

  13. Carolin on

    So much beauty you sharing! Thank you for that :) Have a nice day! / Carolin

  14. Lotta on

    Ohh, so lovely! Thanks for showing us!
    Have a nice week.

  15. annamaria on

    So much beauty!!Thank you for such a treat;)

  16. on

    Oh my gosh, your dahlias make me so happy. Such gorgeousness. And thanks for sharing The Blue Carrot – lovely lovely colours and blooms.


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