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June 14th 2011

Sweet Peas = Smiles

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There nothing that’ll snap you out of a foul mood like picking Sweet Peas.

You can try and be stressed or grumpy, frantic even, but after a few minutes of quietly snipping, inhaling their sweet scent, the strangest thing happens…. you start to smile.

 I wish you could all teleport into the greenhouse with me,on a cool evening , when the sun is sinking low on the horizon. I have lots of extra pruners.
We could chat and pick,back and forth, up and down the rows, 15 stems and a tendril to a bunch. When it’s finally too dark to see we could haul all of the overflowing buckets into the cooler and call it a day.

Doesn’t that sound nice?

This is my new, all time, total favorite.variety.ever. Spring Sunshine Champagne. She’s AMAZING!

This little guy is pretty fantastic too!


  1. Nathalie Lépine on

    How is it possible to have such long stems on sweet peas ??? Is it about varieaty ???

  2. The Monkey Flower Group on

    Oh man. Covet, covet, covet. Also I want to eat them. (Even when I know that's highly unadvisable ; ).

    Thank you for sharing the amazing photos and experience!



  3. Muddy Boot Dreams on

    I think you had us at "there's nothing".

    What a lovely treat filled part of your job, to counteract all of the harder jobs you have to do all day.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  4. webb on

    I would love to join you. Maybe another day….

  5. bowstreetflowers on

    the only other stems I've seen that are that long are from Japan. You're a grower extraordinaire!!!

  6. Jessica :: Delicatessen on

    How lovely! I could only imagine the scent in your greenhouse. It saddens me when I come across sweet peas that lack any scent.


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