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June 13th 2011

Blog Question, Can You Help?

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first true butterfly of the season!

Ok, this is probably the dorkiest question ever for all of you pro bloggers out there but bare with me, I’m totally not tech savvy.
I want to be able to post my pictures likeĀ THIS , collage style but have no idea if I can do that with Blogger. If not, is it a Photoshop thing?

Whatever the case, anyone patient enough to walk me through the process?

There is a Peony grower coming tomorrow with more beauty than you ever thought was possible and I need to figure out how to display it all properly. Yes, even though I’m a flower farmer I too blow massive amounts of money on flowers. I can’t help it! She has varieties that I don’t grow ;)

I’ve been know to drop my deliveries off at the back of a store and minutes later walk out the front door with purchased flowers under my arms. I call it “market research”.

What can I say, I’m totally obsessed !



  1. Cottage Garden Treasures on

    katama. could you post how to do this in photoshop? i've been trying to find something easy for my mother to use in photoshop too. is it set up to drop and drag without cropping the photos to fit the size? thanks!

  2. Belinda @ Wild Acre on

    I am an IT disaster, but Piknik seems straight forward even to me, if not very sophisticated. x

  3. katama on

    Hi Erin! My name is Emily, I'm also a flower grower, but I did some web design and blog work for a wedding photographer ( over the winter, and we formatted her images collage style by making a template in photoshop and dropping in different images for different entries. There's work in the initial setup, but once you have the templates made and understand how to insert them into entries, the daily use is a snap, and photoshop has a sharp, clean look to it i think you'd like. good luck erin – i'm sure you'll get the hang of it.

  4. Sherri B. on

    I am not a pro in the least but someone told me about Picasa too and I did it all by myself. I made some pretty decent collages. At the bottome of your Dashboard under 'Other Stuff' then under Tools and Resources you will find Picasa Web Album..I think that is where I started, you can actually do your blog from there but it was acting strange the other day. I don't know how many questions I can answer if you need help, but I would be happy to try. You can email me at [email protected]

  5. marbleandmilkweed on

    I use Picasa which is free to download. You just select the photos you want to use and press the collage button. Then you can shift them around and play with them however you like…

    p.s. I adore your blog, it's so inspiring! I'm from the Northwest and my sweetheart and I are hoping to head back there next year to do an apprenticeship on a small farm…we're admiring your work from afar!

  6. M. on

    I can email you some instructions :)

  7. M. on

    do you have photoshop?


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