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May 1st 2013

Spring Blues

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lilac bouquet

lilac bouquet

lilac bouquet

A friend called this morning and prodded me that I hadn’t posted in awhile. Ugh. She suggested that maybe I should make myself a blogging schedule so that I can be a bit more consistent. Ha! Yeah freaking right!

I tried to explain that eating and getting enough sleep have been my primary struggle these days. That yesterday I cut and packed flowers for 12 hours straight, alone, in a wind storm. That I’m getting up at 5:00 every morning to take an online business class before the real work of the day begins. That Mother’s Day is just around the corner and I’m coordinating 8 pallets of shipping boxes, a monster order of bouquets and estimating quantities based around the changing weather. Or how much energy I’m using feeling guilty about being behind on all of my Floret emails because so many people are asking about shipping and summer weddings.

All wonderful things, exciting things but the more I rattled off the craziness, the more frustrated and tense I felt. The truth is I’m feeling totally overwhelmed and exhausted! I want to have it all together and be totally cool but today I’m just coming up short.

I think the real problem is I haven’t been making my needs a priority. I’ve been reverting back to my old ways of using stress and adrenalin to surge me forward with no real care about the impact it has on me both emotionally and physically. Not the way I want to live or the way I want to be anymore.

It’s time to stop, get out this week’s homework from my life coach Corina and realign.

Step one: remember, I am first!

Oh yeah, I totally forgot ; )


  1. Hello on

    Thank you. Boo to stress powered purpose. Yay to knowing limits and operating in them to truly hold together what can be.

  2. Clickhubli.com on

    Attractive article and beautiful flowers, I just love them,

  3. Megan on

    Amen, sister! I totally get the extended workday on the farm or just living the breathing the farm this time of year. I’ve been curious, do you have any outside employees?

  4. giovanni seri on

    i m a farmer too……i m a florist and i love the flowers and nature…..i have a little farm near rome italy….my prefer flowers are the old roses a garden roses whit a good parfum……i love my work but it s very hard…….please to meet you……gianni

  5. Little White Dove on

    Geez life is one big to do list after another isn’t… always with too many to dos and not enough time to do them… I think it’s our life quest to find a way to ‘manage & survive’ these lists whilst living in the moment and looking after ourselves… the juggle of priorities and what’s next has surely got to be our biggest challenge… maybe when we are in our 70’s we might have more of an idea how to manage it… in the meantime we do our best …. tick off the important things – ourselves being number one because if that’s not being met then everything that follows will be a bit of a shambles … says me who just wrote out a ridiculous to do list then totally ignored it… to comment on your blog… which by the way, is the most gorgeous dose of beautiful flowers… always… and like someone else mentioned above, there’s always instagram… and only 24 hours in a day. You first, everything else next – new mantra?

    Oh and in times when the overwhelming feeling is suffocating have you tried the yoga ‘bumble bee’ breathing? It does have some fancypants name but you just breath slowly and on the out breath make a slight soft humming noise in the back of your throat – it’s super calming (something to do with the vibration it creates in a certain part of the brain – or something like that) – I’m not good on the technical bits but it’s ace… and works… am off to tackle my list now! Have an awesome day and smell the sweet scent of your pretty flowers often!

  6. Janet on

    You do a fantastic job! When you forget try square breathing….

  7. Michelle on

    Hang in there Erin! You are fab and first! Take breaks, eat, sleep, dream, drink coffee or green juice, talk to friends, go for walks, listen to the birds, lay in the grass.

    Enjoy the awesome life that you have created.

  8. Shelley on

    When we have a passion for what we do, sometimes it’s hard to know what’s first. Blog-posts and emails can wait.
    The work needs to get done. You’re doing great.

  9. Jennie {Love 'n Fresh Flowers} on

    You know I’m feeling your pain over here. Definitely put your needs first! You can’t be all things to all people, even if you are a flower goddess! Big hug!! xoxo

  10. martin and the magpie on

    Erin…there is no way you are coming up short!!!….you are an inspiration but you, your family and your ‘stuff’ comes first..like flower groupies we will still be here whenever you feel like posting… Kay xx

  11. shinelittlelight on

    Sounds to me like you need to get yourself an assistant… Either someone doing the basic farm stuff – or someone organising your emails and bookings for you… or you know… a personal chef/cleaner :) Keep calm. Make lists!

  12. Tara McHugh on

    Don’t worry about blogging when you are so busy (as much as we all love to read what you are up to), that’s why there is instagram. We can still see all that prettiness on a daily basis!


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