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March 21st 2011


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What a lovely way to ring in a new season. After so much rain and dreariness we were blessed with partly sunny skies all weekend long. While most of our time was spent weeding and mulching the perennial flower section of the field we did pick a few glorious blooms.

I believe this stunner is called World’s Favorite. In the catalog it showed blooms to be less orange and more vibrant red with a yellow streak. I’m not complaining since this screaming color is just what people need right now.

I’ve got a mountain of chores to do today including sowing 5,ooo Sunflowers and loads of other seeds. My mind is whirling with so many tiny voices shouting me first, me first. I better find my list or I will surely be swallowed up  by the madness.


I hope everyone’s Spring is off to a wonderful start!!



  1. Floret Flowers on

    Belinda, I have one helper 2 days a week who makes bouquets and bunches flowers. She just came back to work last week. Pheew!

    This year we are aiming for 30,000 Suns! Yikes :)

  2. Belinda @ Wild Acre on

    I have never been to a proper flower farm, and when I look around my small patch I just can't imagine having the space for 5000 sunflowers! Ditto the workload – do you have many employees on the farm? All power to your list-making!


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