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March 29th 2011


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I had an amazing professional organizer come out yesterday and help me wade through the sea of chaos that is my life at the moment. What a treat to be able to dump out all of my concerns, frustrations and overwhelm onto the table and have someone pick it apart and create order.

Typically I am the person who does this for others but often struggle to do it for myself. To have someone come in and do this for me, it feels like I can breathe again.
Now there is a list, it’s long but it’s clear. I love checking thing off of a list and reporting in! So in between planting, picking and delivering, I am working my way towards order.


  1. GardenGirl on

    Yay!!! So glad to find you, I do flowers for weddings here in Snohomish. Love to come visit!

  2. Seeded Earth on

    I love your blog…your flowers & your design work! Amazing! I hope to grow my business in a similar way…in Iowa…

    The Iowa part may make it a bit trickier…the mindset is a tad different than those in the Seattle area, but I think {I hope} Iowans are getting there!

    Wishing you a fabulous season!

    – Sarah
    {Seeded Earth Growers}

  3. flwrjane on

    Sounds lovely. Will he/she come and help me do my taxes?

    Just ordered ranunculus bulbs. V. excited. Pots or planted directly into clay soil?

    xo jane


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