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March 28th 2011

Flowers In My Home

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Jane over at Small But Charming is hosting another flower party today┬ávia the web. For a major dose of beauty head on over and see what’s blooming!

Our Daffodils are finally starting to bloom in earnest. My current favorites Dick Wilden, Ice Follies and Geranium are all nestled into this little posy. Yes, I know I’m not supposed to mix Daff’s with other flowers but I couldn’t resist! I’ve found that if I make the arrangement, let it sit a few hours then scoop it out of the vase and replace the water, the other flowers are hardly affected by the addition. I made this up Friday morning and so far it’s just fine.








  1. Concha on

    I adore this arrangement, especially photographed against the dark background – it almost looks like a 17th century Dutch painting.

    I love seeing daffs mixed with other flowers, especially other spring bulbs, but I find it quite challenging to manage to do it effectively… You've definitely nailed it here.

  2. Happy Homemaker UK on

    Beautiful beautiful arrangement {sigh}

    My daughter just made an arrangement with all sorts of flowers from the garden, including the daff, and it is all holding up fine. Maybe just a myth? :)


  3. Sherri B. on

    Oh my, such beauty, I would never have thought that some of these flowers would go so well together!..Lovely.

    We are neighbors, I am in Anacortes, the Skagit Valley is a gem for sure…It is a small world.

  4. Shelley on

    I can't wait for Geranium to come east. My favorite spring jonquil.

  5. Urbanstems on

    Pretty pretty pretty. Beautiful mix of blooms. Love it. Sinead

  6. webb on

    So lovely. You professional arrangers sure put the rest of us to shame!

  7. Belinda @ Wild Acre on


    And I will reminding Jane every Autumn until she flipping well gets some in the ground!!;)

  8. flwrjane on

    This is one cup O' Beauty. I need some seriously beautiful daffodil bulbs, not just the norm.

    I must remember come fall, I know you'll be too busy to remind me. i bet Belinda will put it on her to do list.

    We get out clematis from Brannan Street Wholesalers in SF. Do you know them?

    Thanks for sharing such beauty with us.

    xo Jane


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