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July 4th 2014

The Seasonal Flower Alliance {July3}

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Well, the sun is shining, the bees are buzzing and we’re running around like maniacs trying to keep ahead of the harvest. While I wish we were being more successful and getting everything cut on time, there are still rows of flowers out back that need picking that we’ll never even get too. When it rains…




This week was such a nutty one that I missed any window of time to create an arrangement for The Seasonal Flower Alliance. So instead of skipping this week or apologizing profusely, I thought I’d just share a little behind the scenes peek of last weekends wedding, including some of the finished bouquets.

The flowers for this event we’re all locally sourced! And the one thing I ordered in (garden roses) came just a short jaunt up from Peterkort Roses in Oregon.



This sweet little wedding was certainly one of my favorite we’ve done this season. Given a loose color pallet (soft sherbet tones) and free reign to create whatever we wanted, the experience was a real joy.

There’s nothing quite like tromping out to the backfield and filling the entire truck bed with flowers and foliage. The abundance and variety blooming last week was staggering.







The bouquets included: crabapples, sweet pea vines and flowers, garden roses, viburnum berries, grasses, salvia, stock, peonies, foxglove, yarrow, orlay, queen anne’s lace, campanula, chocolate cosmos, artemesia, dacus, dusty miller, mallow, pyrus and sorbus.



If you can make the time, I’d sure love to see what’s blooming in your corner of the world this week. It can be a single rose blossom, a handful of wildflowers or a big old fancy bouquet. It doesn’t matter. The point is just to take a few minutes, explore nature and create.

If you’d like to join in the fun, simply make up a bouquet using local flowers, snap a photo, post it somewhere on the internet and then leave a link to it in the comments section below. If you’re on Instagram, you can use/search the hashtag #seasonalfloweralliance for even more flowery goodness.



  1. Kristie Hill on

    I LOVE the picture of the mess on the ground while designing flowers, such a florist life, but you made it look so beautiful. Just discovered your blog and am drooling over all the pictures. I think I’d like to come work for you.

  2. Kim on

    I thought I left my link here yesterday, but it appears to be gone… I love the photographs, Erin, and it’s fun to see everyone’s work linked here : ) Here’s my (wee) SFA bouquet for the week:

    and one for June 22nd: combining locally-foraged materials with some of my handmade papier mache stems.

    Thank you : )

  3. Cecilia on

    Love, love, love that bouquet!!!
    This is mine for this week, Austin roses, snapdragon, Queen Anne’s lace, Astrantia and a couple of my first dahlias are in there too, not showing much on this picture though :-)

  4. Mrs. Livings on

    Erin, your flowers and pictures are, as always, just stunning. Some bride was one lucky lady to have these gorgeous arrangements you made.

    This week, my husband and I together made a seasonal woodland bouquet upon a peaceful walk in the woods. ( ). I also made, on a different day, a bouquet with sweet peas that were growing by the creek by my house, along with other creek-side gatherings. ( ). I wish though that I could have had all the various shades of sweet peas that you shared with us the other week! Those were so lovely.

    It looks like you have been very busy, with all your lovely posts, and regular work on the farm, and upcoming workshops and such, beyond the weddings you do. I have only done the flowers for one wedding (for an old friend of mine who flew me out to Baltimore to photograph his wedding at the American Visionary Art Museum, and who also asked me, once out there, if I could do his wedding arrangements – ) and just from that one wedding, I have a lot of respect for all the work, care, and effort that goes into doing a single wedding, much less all the beautiful weddings and other things you do!

  5. Vera on

    Your beautiful photographs make me wish I could re-do my wedding with better flowers this time (preferably arranged by you) :-)
    Here are two very colorful bouquets that I picked in my garden in the Netherlands recently: one to celebrate the abundance of produce around midsummer
    and one to thank the teachers at school:

  6. Laetitia de chez Florésie on

    How sweet! Love this color palette, so soft :)

    Here a wedding too… just a very special one, which happened in my little village in France. 100 inhabitants and plenty of cute gardens and flowers. So, all the flowers for the wedding of Vanessa & Vincent, who grew up in the village, were supplied by the gardens of the villagers…

    Some pics here:

  7. Mel on

    So beautiful and amazing to see the behind the scenes. It all looks so calm and focused. I am taking the plunge and buying chicken wire. Just have to try out the way you arrange using it!

    Here is my recent little arrangement.

    Loving the new site btw and all the resources you have published here. x

  8. George on

    Love the arrangements. I am not sure about the crab apples though!


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