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May 23rd 2011

Purple Haze

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I love how each phase and season in the garden is defined by color. In March you rarely see anything blooming that isn’t a shade of yellow. Late summer ushers in bold, vibrant tones that communicate the heat and intensity of the season. In the fall, everything is rusty and golden as it fades away towards winter.



Right now everywhere I look I see purple. It’s the perfect color to pair with the vibrant new growth green that is spilling from every corner of our garden, especially the hedgerows.


These little bouquets were for our lovely, devoted Seattle flower subscription members. Of all the different routes our flowers take to their final destination, this group is my absolute favorite. Always up for anything, they embrace the ebb and flow of what the garden has to offer with such enthusiasm and generosity every week.



The rain has returned a little but this time I am glad it is here. The newly planted Dahlias will enjoy the moisture and it will give me the chance to sow another HUGE batch of seedlings and organize the next phase of planting.


I wish you all a joy filled week from the land of purple!



  1. botanical brouhaha on

    Heavenly! And the light in your photographs makes it that much sweeter…

  2. webb on

    Ah, purple! What more does a garden (or an arrangement) need?

  3. Florist in the Forest on

    Loving the purples and fresh lime green. And as for those lilacs, I can smell them from here – stunning.

  4. flwrjane on

    If I received one of those arrangements I would be beside myself with happiness.

    And I do this for a living….but not with such freshly picked beauty and rarely with such abandon.

    xo jane


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