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May 10th 2011


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Friday was an all out marathon and I feel like I’m still recovering. I was so wrapped up in the go,go,go that it wasn’t until dark when we were all loaded and on the road that I realized I hadn’t eaten since breakfast.

Our van was filled to the brim with blooms for every occasion, the kiddos, and their gear for grandmas. Oh, and of course a newly rescued cat was in the mix too (more on that soon).

Buckets and buckets of bunched flowers, greens and bouquets for the most wonderful little flower shop in Seattle, Marigold and Mint. The owner Katherine Anderson has filled the space with an incredible collection of pottery, handmade soaps, stationary and the best selection of seasonal, local and usually organic flowers in town. It’s the shop every girl dreams of running!

We also had a beautiful little wedding in the mix destined for a historic mansion in the city. Chris and I both agreed if we were to do it again, the Shafer Baillie Mansion would be the place we’d get hitched.

Soaring ceilings, massive rooms, ornate wood work, leaded glass windows, a great homey romantic feel…oh, the place was truly exquisite. But the best part is that it is also a B&B, so the bridal party can stay throughout the festivities. I do believe I will direct all potential brides their way from now on!

And of course we had flowers for our weekly bouquet subscription on Queen Anne too.  

This week’s offering  included Garden Roses, Ranunculus, Tulips, Anemones, Leucojum, Honeysuckle and snippets of Muscarri and Frittilaria.

After making the late night rounds, tucking our gardens bounty throughout the city, we headed back home arriving after 2 a.m. Ouch!!! But it was so, so worth it.


  1. The Monkey Flower Group on

    Okay, I should probably look though all the posts I've missed in the last 10ish days before commenting like a maniac on every one. These are so beautiful. I love all the flowing, garden-y textures and the earthy but feminine palette. So tastefully done. Thank you for sharing, Erin!

  2. webb on

    Planted ranunculus for the first time last month. Hope it's 1/10th as pretty.

  3. Floret Flowers on

    Belinda, in these photos it is Lonicera tartarica or Bush Honeysuckle. 10 day vase life, beautiful shade of green,grows fast, comes ripe very early in the spring, can't withstand harsh weather and extreme harvesting. my favorite shrub!

  4. Belinda @ Wild Acre on

    Agreeing with M above.

    May I ask you a question that rather embarrassingly reveals what a rookie florist I am? I just can't help noticing that you and some other amazing florists include in many of your bouquets filler that has lots of really tiny buds or berries – I think maybe honeysuckle buds in one of your pics. Can you recommend some robust varieties I could grow in my garden that would give me this pretty and slightly wild look, and have good vase life for my customers? Hope it is ok to ask? Bx

  5. M. on

    this just puts smile on my face, so beautiful!


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