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February 9th 2011


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Oh, that to-do list of mine is growing by the second. The more I procrastinate, the worse things get.


I know I need to just stop, turn around and face all those little lose ends but for some reason it sounds like absolute torture.


There are so many seeds to sow, Dahlias to pull out, taxes to finish, articles to write, wedding estimate to polish, bouquets to whip up and so much more.


Funny, my list is actually full of great things. A beautiful mess! But…..
It seems lately nothing, not even flowers, will get me motivated enough to tackle them.


I hate when I let life run me rather than be proactive and steer the ship myself. Hmmm?

I think I’ll have a few more cups of coffee and start chipping away at this beautiful mess. Once I begin it’s never as bad as is seems :)

Bouquet includes Ranunculus, Tulips, Anemones,Hyacinths, Sweet Peas, Stock, Birch twigs and Pussy Willows.


  1. Brooke Howsley on

    I know, the cold front moving through this week really made me procrastinate too! Take some b12 sublinguals and tackle the most annoying thing first :).

  2. woodycreeklavender on

    C'mon girl! You can do it! Maybe you need to plant something exciting and strange to get the motivation going….


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