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February 10th 2011

Fading With Grace

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For me, when choosing flowers to grow here on our farm or use in arrangements, one of the top considerations is that they die beautifully. I want bouquets and blooms to give it their all and then fade away with grace.


Variety selection is part of the key but also having access to super fresh blooms and arranging with them while they are still tight and young makes this requirement possible. I want each recipient to enjoy the entire process of a bouquet. From the gentle unfurling of petals that gain color by the hour to the full out bloom when the flowers are at their peak and then the slow decline as each ingredient falls in on itself and fades away.

Roses and other standard flowers from the store that are shipped from half way across the world, they don’t fade beautifully…they rot. Their petal never slowly unfurl, dropping to the table as they gently give into death. They sit rigid, upright, never changing until the day when their heads turn brown and begin to rot away. Yuck!

When I’m an old lady, I want to be solid enough in myself that I can courageously give into the process of aging and death with grace, just like the incredible flowers leaving our farm!


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