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October 12th 2022

Meet the 2023 Floret Scholarship Winners

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This past week our team has been carefully reading all of the essays submitted as part of our Floret Scholarship application process. It was such an honor to hear from so many wonderful people who are ready to follow their dreams and fill their lives, and the lives of others, with flowers. We received applications from 81 different countries around the world!

Initially, we had planned on offering 20 full scholarships, however, after some very generous donors came forward, we were able to increase the number of scholarships to 23—our most ever! 

A huge thank you to everyone who took the time to apply. I am so grateful that you shared your hopes and dreams with the team and me. 

Large-scale flower arrangement on the back of the Floret truckThis year as we were reviewing applications two prominent themes emerged. 

First, the number of people who started their gardening journey during the pandemic is awe-inspiring. So many new gardeners found the act of growing flowers and getting their hands in the dirt gave them comfort, peace, and a sense of hopefulness during such a challenging time.

Second, many of the essays expressed a deep desire to not only grow and share flowers but also to share their newfound gardening knowledge with others, especially with children and young adults. 

Peach-colored specialty pumpkinsHere are a few of my very favorite quotes that really sum up the essence of this year’s scholarship applications:  

“I believe flowers are the most valued gift a person can give. They are what we go to to say I love you, to say I am sorry, to say sorry for your loss, and I am thinking of you. Flowers are feelings in a wrap. They say the things we often cannot. And for me and mine, the peace I get from placing bulbs and seeds in the ground and feeling the dirt, and then being able to gift that peace to the community, so they can say the things they may be struggling with, is a fate I am attempting to capture. I grow for healing. For myself and for others.” 

“I wanted to grow enough flowers to create abundance. And then share that abundance with people who are going through a tough time. Flowers can be such a beautiful gift. I feel deeply that if you have the ability and opportunity to create such abundance then you should share it with those who don’t have the chance or the means to have such beauty in their life. Gratitude and helping others is such a rewarding circle.”  

“Giving back to the community and especially children through knowledge, mentorship, and experience is where I personally want to take my flower journey. The ability to teach others no matter what their situation and background maybe is the greatest aspiration.”

“Gardening for me has been therapy, grounding me when the world around me was too much.” 

Field of dahlias at FloretReading the winners’ excited and grateful responses has been the highlight of our week and I am so excited to introduce you to them. 

Please join me in congratulating the 2023 recipients by leaving a comment at the bottom of this post.

Collage photo of three 2023 Floret Scholarship winners

Reid Andrew, No Flowers Here, Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States

At 14 years old, Reid watched Growing Floret and “for the first time in years … felt a joy that was missing in life.” They asked their parents if they could dig up their backyard and turn it into a flower garden and to their surprise, they said yes! They worked hard to save up the money they needed for supplies and now have 400 sq ft filled with flowers. Reid wants to be able to produce enough flowers to give to the people they love, and also “people who just need something beautiful in their day.”

Sallyann Burtenshaw, Little Paddocks Tea House and Small Stores, Mongo, NSW, Australia

Sallyann and her son dreamed of opening a tea house and garden, Little Paddocks Tea House and Small Stories, but he passed away from cancer before they were able to make their dream a reality. Sallyann has continued on with Little Paddocks, but bushfires and floods have set back her progress. She and her son were “big believers in paying it forward” and she plans to expand the garden at Little Paddocks so that she can support youth in her local Indigenous community.

Stephanie Davie, Hope Blooms, Delta, British Columbia, Canada

Stephanie and her family have a small dairy farm in British Columbia. Her son was born with serious health issues and over time she lost herself as she devoted herself to caring for him. One day she brought a bouquet to her son’s hospice nurses and a passion for flowers was ignited. She’s since gone on to grow and sell flowers to raise money for others suffering from loss, including $31,000 for her son’s hospice center.

Collage photo of three 2023 Floret Scholarship winners

Rebecca Drennen, Norwalk, Ohio, United States

In 2021, Rebecca planted her first cutting garden and shortly thereafter tragically lost her 10-year-old son, Micaiah, in a fire that destroyed her home. After having lost so much, Rebecca was given a gift of blooms that summer—her “dahlias, zinnias, sweet peas, snapdragons, and cosmos were growing with ferocity.” She “would like to create a small farm where families could come to cut their own blooms. Invite them to also enjoy the buzzing of the bees and the earth beneath their feet, just like Micaiah did.”

Rae Ehrlund, Star Seed Garden, Troutville, Virginia, United States

Rae is a Cherokee Nation tribal member and mother of three who was injured in a car accident just after deciding to begin flower farming. She “pushed through the pain, dizziness, and multiple physical therapy appointments each week and achieved more than I could have dreamed.” She has been involved in the local organic food and flower movement and has been “asked by the local library to host classes … on growing cut flowers and arranging, which are free to the community.”

Jordan Goldsmith, Moonrose Farm, Rehoboth, Massachusetts, United States

Moonrose Farm is a diversified farm offering vegetables for a CSA, a farm stand, and a flower program. Jordan has been able to grow the flower program to account for over 50% of their income. Community is extremely important to Jordan and the work-share program at Moonrose is “a hands-on learning experience where we share our farming knowledge while providing a safe, affirming community for all, especially LGBTQ+ and BIPOC. As a queer lesbian myself, I had a hard time finding mentors that would not treat me differently based on my gender & queerness when I wanted to learn about things like building and tractors, so providing this space for others is important to me.

Collage photo of three 2023 Floret Scholarship winners

Vanessa Hall, Feather and Tendril Farmstead, Lakefield, Ontario, Canada

Ness just finished her fifth season growing using no-till methods on her 3,000-sq-ft plot. She has a genetic condition called Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and has to manage her farm tasks around pain flares and other symptoms. She wants to “create a thriving business for myself that can support my family, and allow for my bodily autonomy” and believes that the Floret Online Workshop “will really assist me in honing in on the specific skills and key activities that are needed to grow a consistent volume of flowers, and market them appropriately to move them from field to tables.”

Mara Healy, Burfoot Flowers, Olympia, Washington, United States

Mara began growing flowers after losing her mom, who always had a garden bursting with color. “In the untethered space of loss, growing flowers connected me—to her, to the earth, and to my purpose.” She is driven by “principles of stewardship, equal access to natural beauty, and community,” which have helped shape her business Burfoot Flowers. She “started building an amazing CSA membership of flower friends who share my beliefs” and plans to “continue to share with my community, both through CSA and pay-what-you-can opportunities for anyone with a financial barrier to accessing the powerful connection to the natural beauty that fresh flowers provide.” 

Aadila Kadwa, Newcastle, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Aadila grows flowers in her garden while also working part-time in her family business and raising her three sons. She has been selling edible flowers for the past 2 years, which earns her “a tiny income … [of] buckets in happiness.” She is serious about expanding into cut flowers and has begun experimenting with different varieties to see how they grow in her climate. By participating in the Floret Online Workshop, she is hoping to “learn how to run a small-scale farm efficiently and sustainably, which can then further enable me to branch out into a large-scale farm.”

Collage photo of three 2023 Floret Scholarship winners

Crispin Korschen, The Joyful Flowery, Paihia, the Bay of Islands, Northland, New Zealand

Crispin has gardened her entire life and dreamt of establishing a large cutting garden, but wasn’t able to afford the land. Last year, however, a dear friend gifted her a plot to use however she wished. Crispin has faced some health challenges and has found that “[b]eing on the land, growing, and focusing on daily changes is such a beautiful way to maintain” the joy of her everyday life. “It is such a fulfilling way to live, and when you are faced with the choice, as we all are, of how you want to live your life, I have found that this is what I want to do. To cultivate abundance that I can gift to others.”

Karina Królak, Good Farm, Wilków nad Wisłą, Masovian District, Poland

Karina has a small urban garden in Warsaw where she shares crops with friends in need. She calls it “the secret task of my garden. They can’t know that I grow food specially for them.” Growing flowers has helped her “during the pandemic and since the outbreak of war in Ukraine (our neighboring country) [when] fear here was indescribable.” Karina dreams of having a little flower farm where she can “host classes with children and people who want a break from the city.”

Connie Johnson, Freedom Acres SD, Brandt, South Dakota, United States

Connie is a military combat veteran who served in Iraq and began growing flowers as a form of therapy for herself. She considers growing flowers a blessing “because I love it so much and I want to share the gift of flowers with others.” “This online workshop will be invaluable to me because it will give me guidance on how to achieve my dreams of healing others thru flowers.” She wants to “be the best flower farmer I can be, not just for me but for those that are having difficulty finding the words in times of distress.”

Collage photo of three 2023 Floret Scholarship winners

Maria Laughlin, Special Growers, Maryville, Tennessee, United States

Special Growers is a nonprofit herb and flower farm whose staff is primarily made up of disabled young adults. “A safe and inclusive work environment is provided where our staff can learn job skills and gain confidence for future careers.” Special Growers also offers a school work-study program for local special education students that offers them employment after graduation. Maria plans to use the Floret Online Workshop to further her legacy at Special Growers. “As one of two individuals in our organization with the intellectual knowledge of flower growing, I feel a great responsibility to carry on this legacy long after I retire.”  

KayTrenia Lee, Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States

KayTrenia is a single mother of two and has been teaching for the past 29 years. She loves “learning and telling others about flowers, and teaching children at my school how to grow flowers in our gardening club.” In 2020, a tornado destroyed her school and the gardens that she and her students had established. They “are currently rebuilding our entire school … One of the main features of the new school will be a rooftop garden and raised beds to be used for learning purposes as well as campus beautification” and KayTrenia gets “to be a part of the whole process!” 

Kara Macy, Bountifully, Mission, Kansas, United States

Kara is the grower-potter behind Bountifully, LLC. As she shares, “According to Harvesters, a local food pantry, one in 10 people in my community don’t know where their next meal will come from, which leaves families struggling to put food on the table, let alone flowers in pretty vases. This reality is heartbreaking and I’ve longed to do more. Since day one, Bountifully has proudly given back 10% of proceeds to local food banks and community garden programs.” Kara hopes that the Floret Online Workshop will allow her to continue to reinvest in her community by “providing employment opportunities, empowering hurting families, creating joy through beauty, and inspiring others to use their gifts bountifully.” 

Collage photo of three 2023 Floret Scholarship winners

Caroline Michniak, Jaro Farm, Detroit, Michigan, United States

Caroline and her partner Jared, who uses a wheelchair, run an urban flower farm from their home in Detroit, Michigan. They are “dedicated to creating accessible growing spaces where accessibility includes people with disabilities and different levels of mobility. Our space uses hacks like elevated seedling tables, raised beds, and even an electric assist wheelbarrow so that my partner can be as involved in the growing process as possible.” They “used the Floret books as our flower-growing bibles and [are] so ecstatic to be a part of the” Floret Online Workshop.

Sergii Molchanov, Florest Farm, Bohdanivka, Kyiv Region, Ukraine

Sergii and his partner began growing flowers 4 years ago. In their most recent season, they started planting their ranunculus on February 24, the same day that Russia attacked Ukraine. At first, he wondered what he was doing planting flowers in the midst of an invasion, but he soon began receiving messages on social media thanking him for his work and letting him know that his flowers helped people feel that life would still go on. For Sergii, “it was a huge impulse to … not give up. And we did not.” He believes that the Floret Online Workshop “will change my life forever and help to make my farm more blooming for every season.”

Amy Morrison, The Farmer’s Daughter, Mount Vernon, Washington, United States

Amy teaches horticulture and floral design in Mount Vernon, Washington, and has her own business, The Farmer’s Daughter. She has run a successful bouquet subscription program and had her first seed and tuber sale this year. The “small successes from trying things” in her own garden have “spilled into my classroom and invigorated my students.” Amy shares, “our younger generation is excited and eager to learn about plants and how to make a living working in this industry. I’ve already learned so much from Floret through the books, blogs, and online resources, but this workshop [will] make me a better teacher by expanding my knowledge so much deeper.” 

Collage photo of three 2023 Floret Scholarship winners

Anatasia Murdoch, Cudgen Flower Farm, Duranbah, NSW, Australia

Anatasia is an active member of the Queensland Dahlia Society and is locally known as the “dahlia lady.” She often hosts local events for new flower farmers. She is “willing to teach and spread the knowledge within [her] local community” and feels “that the Floret course will give me extra invaluable information to be able to better help not only myself but other local start-up businesses.” Dahlias are currently her main crop and she hopes to be able to add “other revenues of income and learn to start my own seeds and master cuttings to be able to expand without any more major investments into the farm.”

Svetlana Rodina, California, United States

Svetlana spent every summer farming with her grandmother in Russia. She dreamt of having a small plant workshop but was forced to leave Russia. The transition has been challenging—“This difficult road lacks beauty and wonder.” She plans to sell flowers to help provide for her family and will also donate bouquets to “refugees, like us. I will pay special attention to mothers because I know how hard and difficult it is.”

Ethan Roe, Legacy Farms, Leesburg, Virginia, United States

Ethan works at Legacy Farms, a nonprofit organization that provides on-the-job mentorship and coaching for neurodiverse individuals after high school and beyond. They grow flowers that they currently sell through a CSA program. They hope to be able to expand “to become self-sustaining and to have the ability to offer full-time positions, more paid apprenticeships, and educational training. We plan to acquire more land to grow more volume, thereby allowing us to sell more shares, wholesale flowers, and individual bouquets.” Ethan believes that the Floret Online Workshop will be a huge help to him in addressing the new challenges that Legacy Farms faces as they expand.

Collage photo of two 2023 Floret Scholarship winners

Dejh Salyers, Tumwater, Washington, United States

Dejh shares, “[m]y story is the story of so many children … Poverty, abuse, and internalized inferiority led me to seek out ‘safety’ in a life and career where I was completely disconnected from myself. And then, flowers called to me.” Working in her garden has helped her to find a path back to herself and her “mission is to help urban folks reconnect with the land—and in doing so with themselves—by mimicking nature’s abundant generosity.” She has a small flower stand where she shares free flowers with her neighbors that has “become a powerful reconnection to the interdependence that is critical to our mental health.”

Yulia Zavalniuk, Villa Verde Farm, Kyiv, Ukraine

In February, Yulia left her home in Ukraine to attend a flower and garden exhibition in Italy only to wake up one morning and learn that her home had been attacked by Russia. She was determined to get back to her farm to take care of the seeds she’d just planted, but her greenhouses were cut off from electricity and water and the seedlings died. When she returned home in April she found a “burned down building with equipment and tools and flower beds full of weeds.” Instead of feeling sorry for herself, she realized “that I have a lot of work to do this season and sooo much motivation, that you would not believe!”

Timmy the cat walking through a row of Flowering TobaccoPlease join me in congratulating the 2023 Floret Scholarship Winners by leaving a comment below. The team and I are thrilled to have this amazing group join us for our upcoming workshop.

If you’d like to learn more about the Floret Online Workshop be sure to visit our workshop page.


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    Keep doing all the beautiful things…. and remember that each day you create a little bit more joy that spreads to all :-) xo

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    You reach so far and wide Erin. Thank you.

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  138. Tracy Shelton on

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  141. Tracey Brookshier on

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  142. Christine Kilgore on

    As I read through each profile, a theme emerged: growth and healing. These are really challenging times for all- due to war, economic stressors, personal health struggles and loss etc… But despite these challenges (or perhaps inspired by!) amazingly each recipient strives to dig deep, nurture their souls and those of others- by sharing knowledge, time, and the bounty of their harvest. To do so requires skill, motivation, and business acumen. What inspiration!!!!
    Floret offers the inspiration, knowledge, and most importantly, the heart and soul of the grower’s provenance. Congrats to all and sending love for your journey!!

    Mystic Willow Farm

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  146. Kim Mowers on

    Hi, Erin:

    Thank you for introducing your scholarship winners. Their stories are so inspirational and heartwarming. I have been a follower of yours for years and I just gave all three of you books, as a closing present, to a clients who’s house I just sold. They are building a new home on several acres of land that they purchased to grow a cutting garden. The gift was received with such awe, and her comment was, “Thank you so much, Erin is the rock star of growers”. On another note, I live in Medina, Ohio that is not far from Norwalk. I have a 3-tier stack-n-grow lights system and growing trays from Gardener’s Supply Company that I would like to donate to Rebecca to help her along on her flower journey. Silly, me! I purchased them during the pandemic wanting to grow my own vegetables, but I live in a condo and do not have the room to plant what I grow. I would appreciate you contacting her to see if these are items that she might want.

  147. Gerry Betz on

    This is such a wonderful thing you do for people. You should be proud of the help and knowledge this will provide the recipients. I am so happy to have Florette in our back yard here in Western Washington. Your selection is such a inclusive group of people, you chose well.

  148. Sarah Kass on

    Each of these recipients has a story of uplift and inspiration. We are ALL (regardless of stage or station in life, present struggles, or circumstances) that there is hope and resilience in connecting with and caring for the earth and others!! Their stories are uniquely remarkable. Floret has a reach that is beautifully far and diverse. Good on Floret and each of these deserving recipients!!
    Fair winds…

  149. Lori on

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  151. Darlene MacDonald on

    Congratulation to the 2023 recipients! Thank you for making the world a beautiful place; one stem at a time!
    Also, thank you to Erin & her team @ Floret for providing this opportunity & for sharing your knowledge & expertise! “Pay It Forward” is a beautiful gift! Thank you!

  152. Cathy Kerr on

    Reading each of these stories is so inspiring! I recently learned that what I call my street garden ( about 12’ x 40’ between the sidewalk and the curb) is being used by a neighborhood therapist with her patients. These stories are further testament of the healing power of sharing our gardens. Congratulations all!

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  158. Mariana Menezes on

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    I am a huge fan and your work has inspired me for years. I wish some day i can take the course and will continue to try for the scholarship. I think that the recipients are beautifully chosen but i would like to suggest to include also more recipients from South America, Africa, and less developed countries. Usually there is a high concentration on the US, Australia and New Zealand and other developed countries.The impact on small business in countries such as my own Brazil offers a huge potential to be replicated. Also access to high quality training and information is more limited considering exchange rates.
    Love the pumpkin guide and truly, a huge fan and admirer.

  159. beth quigley on

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    Thank you, Erin and team for helping them to beautify the world!

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  165. Paul on

    Dear Erin,

    You are truly a wonderful person.
    I thought about applying for a scholarship but got busy with life…mostly a Sweet Girl named Artemis. She is my 11th grandbabe and 11months old this week. I get to babysit her more than I did any of my 6 six children and 10 grandkids because I am mostly retired now.
    When I got this email and started looking at and reading about all the pepes who got scholarships, I realized what a sweet and caring you are.

    Truly touched my heart.

    I was stationed over on Whidbey Island when I was in the Marines back in the 70’s and remember the first time I saw the tulips fields of Skagit Valley.

    Would love to come up for Tulip Fest I. 2023 and maybe visit your farm.

    Peace and Love to You and Yours


  166. Mara on

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  177. Katherine Hogan on

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  178. A Little Flùr Farm on

    Congratulations to those who received a scholarship. Your stories and dreams are inspiring. For the many that didn’t, keep going, keep moving forward, take the steps, use the resources available, and complete the goals to make your dreams happen anyway! You can do this, and you are deserving too. All the best to all!

  179. Idaho flower Power on

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  182. marie claire moncorgé on

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  183. Carin Moolman on

    Congratulations to all the winners! I feel blessed to have become part of the global flower community. There can never be too much joy, healing, helping, inspiring, teaching, learning, kindness and love. The world need us. Floret, your vision of sharing and paying it forward are wonderful!

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  186. Cheryl - Dragonfly Farm Design on

    We have all felt the tug you feel, to align and immerse yourself in growing flowers. No matter what the inspiration was, ( career change, empowerment , empty nesting, a family member, hardship, loss, search for joy) you have positioned yourselves to take the next step. Congratulations and we wish you happiness, health and success. !!!

  187. Annie on

    To each and everyone of you a big heartfelt congratulations. It touched me reading your motivation to give and receive healing for those hurting through experiences and broken from life circumstances. Flowers speak a language of beauty, hope and healing. Please, if you can , share your journey through what you’re learning . Congratulations 👏🎉♥️🎈

  188. Theresa on

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    So happy to see a fellow South African in the group!

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    I hope you all achieve your dreams and goals and continue to persevere. Kudos to you all and a huge thank you to Floret for your passion.

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    Flowers and gardening is life, what I love most is the life that comes alive when I am in my garden. I call it my daily chores in heaven. ENJOY this wonderful experience and CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  197. Kitty Young on

    Congratulations to all the winners of Floret’s Scholarships. I can’t wait to see how this not only beautifies our earth, but enriches the souls of the gardeners and all the recipients from the fruits of their labor. Such a wonderful positive opportunity.

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    God Bless.

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    I was not selected to be a recipient, but I am overjoyed to read the stories of each scholarship person. I am beyond touched by the resilience and passion they have. They have inspired me to be better person, better flower farmer and give more to my community and to myself. I wish everyone who plants a seed and picks a flower and uses it for goodness the very best! -angie

  220. Freya on

    I am also happy to see Villa Verde Farm on the list. Follow them from March.

  221. Joanne Harrelson on

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    Congratulations to all & it’s wonderful that you spread the love of gardening & flowers😊

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    Joy in Hand Flower Farm

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    Your stories are inspirational and I can’t wait to be part of your dreams. Thank you Erin and the Floret Team and everyone who has left a message. I will most certainly pass on the love. I hope to see you all at Little Paddocks Mogo one day.

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    My heartfelt thanks to you Erin & Team Floret always. I’ll be showing you my garden soon🌻

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