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February 18th 2016

#Growfloret goody bag give-away

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Oh goodness–scrolling through all of the photos on Instagram of your Floret Seeds inspiration makes me so happy on this gray winter day.  Keep em’ coming!   I thought I’d take a moment to share a few of the recent posts that caught my eye.

Just some color and things that I felt inspired by today. Little snippets of #dustymiller #rosemary of which I received in a pot from my uncle last night. I just finished transplanting it in my garden this morning. Its leaves were in rough shape, hopefully it’ll do well in our rich Hawaiian soil. I’m trying to get as many mosquito repelling herbs and plants in our yard. I’m also trying to catch up with #valentines #mail. Speaking of mail, I’m still admiring my pretty #floretseeds that I received in my order from @floretflower ?one day I’d love to attend a Floret workshop and immerse myself in flowers? As my aunt says..put it on my vision board??? #flatlay #vsco #vscofilm #kraft #beige #white #rusticstyle #rubberstamps #inspiredbynature #styled #stylingtheseasons #arranged #thatauthenticfeeling #liveauthentic #gatheredstyle #inspiration #jetaime #lovelife   A photo posted by Merissa Revestir (@merissa_cherie) on

I just adore all the beautiful styled vignettes featuring our seed packets along with vintage-inspired valentines, plants, pets, little people and more (see them all here). Please, oh please, keep sharing photos of your seed packets and baby plants!  I love the community that is being built of fellow farmer-florists and gardeners sharing what they are planting, growing, harvesting & designing.

To keep the momentum going as we move into “seed starting season,” I want to kick off a little #GrowFloret (#FloretSeeds, #FloretBulbs & #FloretDahlia) campaign today along with a goody bag giveaway full of Floret Seeds.  There are a couple ways to enter:

1) Share a photo of your seed packets, seed starts or baby plants on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, tagging it with #FloretSeeds or #GrowFloret    And please be sure to tell us where you are located and/or the name of your farm so we can connect you with growers, florists, and customers interested in Floret Seeds in your area. 

Haven’t purchased any of our seeds? Not a problem!

2) Leave a comment here on the blog. In your comment, feel free to pose any questions you might have that I have not answered yet in one of the February “blog blizzard” posts. 

Our first #GrowFloret winners will be announced at the bottom of this post next Monday.  NOTE: This giveaway is open to residents of the United States and Canada.  


 plus blog entrants:  whenrichs5, Katherine Polhemus  and Sara Monroe! We will be in contact with you to get your addresses to send you your goody bags.  Thanks for playing along!

Our #GrowFloret (#FloretSeeds, #FloretBulbs & #FloretDahlia) campaign will continue throughout the growing season, with lots of fun giveaways, helpful grower tips and support when you need it!  It’s our little way to thank everyone that has purchased Floret Seeds, plus continue to share some growing advice that will help you have a bountiful harvest this season.


  1. Maegan Williams on

    did i really win something? that is so exciting! i never win anything (:

  2. disneylee000 on

    Very nice blog. Beautiful collection.Thanks for this sharing.

  3. Ally on

    I’m trying to sort out how to harvest seeds to save for next year. Is this doable for most commercially bought seeds at this point in time?

  4. Jody on

    I just received my order on Saturday! So excited to get them planted. I had read in your earlier blog post on how you applied for grants to get your greenhouse? Just wondering if you had any advice on where to get started . Thanks!

  5. Stefanie H. on

    I struggle with pricing. It is challenging if you don’t know wholesale floral prices and you want to sell to florist (intimidating + you work so hard and want a fair price)
    It would be nice to collaborate across the US on standard pricing for spacific regions. Thanks!

  6. Kate VanCantfort-Zimmerman on

    I know this is a leap….but would you consider my selling some of your seeds. In my new little homestead store in central Kansas? I am a huge fan of yours and have been growing veggies and flowers as a hobby. And now I want to help others do more!

    • Floret on

      I will forward your request to our office manager right now!

  7. Natalie Jones on

    I will be purchasing seeds and bulbs from you. But haven’t yet. I am very interested in your day to day opporations. Pest control, plant support systems and so on. I love your planning metgods. I’m in the mountains of North Carolina.

  8. Mich on

    So happy to have found your blog & your amazing Instagram photos!! I look forward to learning more about growing beautiful things.

  9. Carrie on

    Thank you again for all your info!!! I am embarking upon my first year growing for market, so this information has been gold. I have bought your seeds 3 times! I just keep coming back for more! I would like to see more about the marketing of flowers. How do you approach florists or grocery stores? HOW DO YOU KNOW HOW TO PRICE YOUR FLOWERS? This gives me great anxiety, especially as beginner! Also, what’s the deal with poppies? I sewed your Iceland/champagne poppies, along with some others I picked up at the farm store. Most of the Floret seeds came up and then wilted over, while the other brand is growing pretty well. And all the growing information out there says poppies hate to be transplanted. Is there a secret do transplanting these fragile babies? So these are just a few random questions. Thank you again for all your knowledge and inspiration!!!

  10. Jillian on

    I am loving all the seed packets I ordered; but I’m not so good at taking pictures & posting! Love this community you are creating!

  11. Kathleen on

    I’m wondering about pests and disease…new to the idea of flower farming and wondering what you combat, how you combat, and how done organically. Thanks!

  12. whenrichs5 on

    Erin, you are talented in so many ways… your gorgeous flowers, your tireless talents at connecting with the world with your amazing blog and website, and your clear style of writing. How do you do it all?! I received my first seed purchase from you TODAY, but am lame at taking photos and posting on FB, so I thought I would just leave a note here. My question would be… I want cut flowers filling my home as beautiful as yours, but I’m afraid to cut them. I’m afraid to take them away from the bees and butterflies in our very short Iowa growing season. How can I get over this? Thank you for your GENEROSITY of knowledge for all who are looking for answers and inspiration. I can’t wait to plant my new seeds indoors in the coming month. Wendy

  13. Ginger Song on

    Thank you Erin for your tremendous contribution to creating a different world!!! I would have loved to order some dahlias from you if they were still available. I have one small suggestion: Can you show availability of each product on the listing, so we don’t need to go into the detail page of each product to find out? For me that would make the shopping process more convenient. Best of luck for 2016, I am sending you best wishes ‘cus I can’t wait to hear about all the new stories you will have to share on the other end of the season. ; ) Love, Ginger

    • Floret on

      Good suggestion, Ginger. I will look into that. Thanks for your feedback. Sorry you missed out on the dahlias–they sold out fast!

  14. Sara on

    I don’t have any great pics or seeds, :( I am on crutches for 2 more weeks. I had surgery in December and am recovering well! But this early warm weather is driving me crazy!!! I want to be out in the garden but must just look out the window! Feeling the dirt calling me and unable to answer!! I love you and all you share! Some seeds would definitely brighten my world!! Wishing you the best!

  15. Angela on

    Our growing season is here and will be big time soon! I have learned so many things from your blogs, FB Page, and other things you have written. I just want to Thank You so much for sharing all your tips with everyone. Lots of people would not think about sharing how they grow things. Some people don’t want you to succeed. Thank You for all you do!

  16. Anna on

    Ooh! So fun! I’d love to know your tips on time management especially as a mom!

  17. Mona on


    I just love your blog and am so thankful for all the information you are sharing here. I have followed you on IG for quite some time now and enjoy your flowers immensely.
    I would surely love, love, love to win some of your seeds…..

  18. Sherry on

    What I am most excited about this spring is planting nasturtiums. Last year our tomatoes produced almost nothing. So in addition to helping out our soil this year I wanted to companion plant nasturtiums with the tomatoes. And then I found a DIY arbor online that is made by simply forming a hoop from a cattle panel and staking each side into the ground. I kept thinking I needed to keep it simple and just stick to planting my zinnia’s.But when you asked for comments telling what we were most excited about I had to order two packs of your beautiful nasturtium seeds. I am almost bursting with anticipation to think I may have an arbor covered in beautiful nasturtium blooms this Summer.

  19. Jane on

    I just recently stumbled across your blog and love it! I love flowers. I have recently spent time getting my perennial gardens going good. But I remember how my grandma always had fresh cut flowers as annuals too. I visited a cut flower hobby acreage and got the bug! I would love to start small at first with my own cut flower garden. I live in Iowa. What flowers should I start with as a beginner to this?

  20. Kathy on

    I’ve so enjoyed this series of posts. You are generous with your knowledge and experience and even a plain old yard gardener like me can incorporate bits of wisdom as I work on making our patch of earth more beautiful every year. THANK YOU!!

    One question I have… seem to remember something from a little while back that you were starting to grow some of the English roses. Just curious how you manage them for max. flower production (spacing, pruning, feeding, etc.) and which varieties you have found to last best in the vase?

  21. Kate on

    I just started reading this blog about a week ago, but it’s now the first thing I check every morning. My first order of your seeds should be delivered today! I’ve dreamed for a while of leaving the 9-5 behind and starting a micro-farm, but your blog really makes me think I could do it. Going to put a lot of energy into my flowers this year and see what comes of it. Thanks so much for your detailed posts and your incredible willingness to share information. I think several other people have mentioned it, but I would love to know about what you do with the flowers after you harvest them—do you have a big cooler, how long do you store them, how do you transport them? Thanks again and have a wonderful day!

  22. Raeann D. on

    New to your website. I am just beginning to think of selling at farmers market or roadside stand here in Washington state.
    I have planted sweet pleas with success in the past, but the last couple of years have been a complete disaster!
    My biggest problem gardening is deer! Do you have any suggestions for deer proof plants?
    Thank you!?

  23. Megan on

    Erin, and the Floret Team, you are an inspiration! (and an enabler, because I’ve already got a wishlist going for next season) I’d like to hear more about cuts from shrubs and bushes. Specifically, it would be really cool to read some thoughts on how to decide what (and how much) to invest in. How do you pick when there are so many cool options?

  24. Pat Hayes The Master's Design on

    Started planting some seeds indoors two weeks ago and love seeing the plants peak out from the dirt to say hello ! Looking forward to the harvest! You can see my post showcasing your seed packets under watusiwomen???

  25. Tammy Rodgers on

    I planted sweet peas in pots and in my garden last year with no success. (seeds bought at superstore) After a very disappointing production I have decided this year to grow with YOUR seeds and follow your instructions. Can you please give this midwest gardner the most important key element to producing sweet peas? I had lots of green on my plants but no flowers at all. ugh

  26. Kerri on

    I’m just starting to grow flowers from seeds…I have grown vegetables many years now but would love to have a small flower farm just as Floret! I live in Louisiana and I’m interested in your set up for growing flowers from seeds…maybe I missed a blog pertaining to this? I started zinnias a few weeks ago, they have sprouted and I have them under a grow light but they are still getting a little leggy. Is there anyway to fix this problem such as planting deeper?

  27. Kathy on

    Do you plant 2 sweet peas per pot in case 1 doesn’t germinate? And if they both germinate and look healthy, do you leave them both in the pot and plant that way, or do you snip one off? Thank you for your inspiration and guidance!

  28. Barbara D on

    Loving everyday of February thanks to your blog blitz. Too cold and damp to do anything in the garden so your beautiful and information packed blogs are getting me thru February. Would love info on post harvest care. And would love to win the give away!

  29. Emily @ The Honey Bee & the Hound on

    Your blog has been my inspiration to start my flower farm! I am in Corpus Christi, Texas where the droughts, winds, rains and heat are a challenge for growing anything. I would love to hear what your suggestions to grow would be (other than zinnias!) Thank you for sharing so much knowledge and inspiration!

  30. Andrew on

    I’m on my second seed order, and I can’t wait to start putting dahlias in the ground! Speaking of which, how did it work for you guys to leave some dahlias in the ground over winter?? I remember a post mentioning that you were going to try but I never remember hearing the results. Other questions would be, how do YOU make a basic bouquet, drip irrigation setup, and post-harvest storage. As always, thank you!

  31. Christina Lueking on

    So excited to receive all of my seed varieties and bulbs….love love the growing tips Erin…that helps give me a boost to answering some of the questions I might have. So excited that you offered the seeds this season. .Thanks so much for this opportunity to grow my Love of flowers and bouquets.

  32. Alex on

    thank you for being such an inspiration and sharing your knowledge with us! I would also greatly look forward to a post about post-harvest. But a quick question: on cut and come again varieties, how have you learned to judge how much you can harvest without setting the plant back? Is it different than growing produce since you are trying to push the plant to flower? Thank you!! Best of luck this season :)

  33. Audrey on

    I also would like to know about post harvest care and when to know the flowers are ready to pick. This blog is the first thing I check in the morning. Thanks for all of your insight!

  34. Penelope on

    looking forward most to shedding my fear of growing flowers…in other words having confidence to do it! I feel sometimes like I have black thumbs…this is the season to green them!

  35. Donna on

    What gorgeous photos! I guess I’ll have to get on Instagram! What a nice community of flower growers!

    Erin, thanks for the wonderful opportunity. My seeds are purchased and I started my sweet peas on Valentines Day. You and others have really inspired me.

  36. Sharon D. on

    Thank you for this opportunity!!! I am so excited to try growing flowers from seed and am getting ready to place an order here. Like Carrie above, I live in CO, not the high Rockies (SW) but we have a very short growing season. Recommendations would be wonderful! I am so glad that I have found your blog/faecbook page. You have stirred up a passion of mine with floral design and I hope to pursue it more :)

  37. Ginger on

    Erin, After drooling and trying to be realistic about my time and garden space, I finally ordered seeds today!!
    Thank you for sharing all your wisdom. Since I’m still feverishly trying to read older blog posts, I’d love to know about the mesh you seem to put over the flowers for support?…when do you install it, which plants need it? And also about your hoops and fabric. Thanks for giving us newbies hope that this really could work!

  38. Julio on

    My seeds are on their way! Should be here Saturday!

    My question is really what overwhelms me! I know you always talk about a good, balanced fertilizer. But, is there a general rule (or rules) across the board, that we could use as a guide to treat plant deficiencies? Plant performance has to do with a lot of different factors, e.g., exposure to sunlight, amount of water receiving (sometimes too much, sometimes not enough), etc… but then, there are those times when the plant just needs some NPK, and when it gets to that point, how much N, P and K?

    I hope I’m making sense!

    Thank you Erin!

  39. Laura @ Bluebell Florals on

    I cannot thank you enough for the wealth of knowledge you are pouring out to all of us newbie flower growers!!! Thank you thank you thank you!! If you have any recommendations for cutting flowers that thrive in warmer climates, or know of a resource where I can find that info, I’d love to know!! I have loved watching my little seeds sprout, and here’s hoping I’ll be able to use some of my home grown lovely blooms in my designs this season. I’ll make sure to post pics along the way! Thank you again!

  40. Carrie on

    I can’t wait to start my first real attempt at sweet peas! I am one of those over-zealous, passionate freaks who also hopes to attend our small local farmer’s market with a few jars of them just to see what happens. :)

    In addition, I live in the high Rockies of Colorado where it’s predominantly winter all the time. Is it crazy to dream of a very small commercial operation?

  41. Ti on

    Love the line, love the info most… (searching and reading like crazy to get ready to start the largest plantings ever and want to do them right…THANKS for sharing so much tried and true knowledge!) have followed you for years … so wish that I wasn’t afraid to take the LEAP… and just trust in Him to make the things I love, my work, my paycheck!
    So, how did u find the faith and money, to do so?

    • ti on

      I thought of 2 very big questions that I wanted to know from you, and think others would as well.
      You grow organically, but how do you take 2 acres of grass and these nasty perennial weeds and annuals that have spread their seed, like crabgrass, wild onions… and will soon smother the property??? It is impossible with this size to dig out and keep weeds and grass from growing here… esp when working full time else where. Please share how you made that happen???
      And secondly, you mention repeatedly using flower feed/preservative for flowers in water after cut… but what organic way or one are you using please???
      thanks so much!

  42. Rebecca Pineau on

    How do you know how much of any paticular plant to grow. I am trying to build a U pick garden and flower stand, but im struggling knowing how much to plant. Thanks.

  43. Kim on

    You must be so proud of your seed/bulb line!!! I am for you.
    I am excited to work with brides this summer who are willing to allow me to use some of what I grow!!!
    Thank you for being an inspiration from my first inbox question.

  44. Angela on

    Hi Erin. You’ve inspired so much. I’m really enjoying your daily blog posts. I put an order in my cart the first day you released your line. I was determined to win that beautiful calendar! But I didn’t go through with it. I am just starting out and promised myself I’d only invest my gardening business money in my gardening business. I am fortunate to have a great, local seed company in my town and picked up a few others seed packets for about $8.00. I so wanted to buy from you and support your new adventure. I fell madley in love with those Chantilly Snapdragons. But I know this is a new beginning for both of us. I’ve planned to set aside some money from this season for next season’s seed and dahlia purchases. Thank you for considering me for your giveaway even though I didn’t buy anything. And thank you for encouraging me to live my dream.

  45. marybeth on

    oh, how I love your blog! I haven’t purchased your seeds yet, but have followed your guidance and purchased some from Johnny’s Select Seeds. I’m starting small this year, and if my one little packet of sweet peas does well, then I hope to purchase one of your collections next year. Sweet peas seem to be an anomaly here, so I’m going to give them a try – I may be the only one growing them! Looking forward to seeing what spring brings!

  46. Bethany Joy on

    I have absolutely loved reading all of your blog posts this month (and always!) and have soaked up so much amazing information! I am an artist and paint flowers all the time and am dreaming of becoming a florist and flower farmer too! I grew and arranged the flowers for my wedding last October (sunflowers, dahlias, cosmos, and zinnias) and absolutely fell in love with the entire process. I’ll definitely be purchasing some seeds soon but just wanted to let you know how much of an inspiration you are to me! Thank you for adding even more sparkle to my dreams and helping me bloom!

  47. Stephanie on

    You talked about your first commercial year in the first February post, but tell us how you got your first customer! Or even how the decision process went between growing your sweet peas for neighbors and planning an acre of flowers. Or were you already growing an acre? It’s the leap from gardener to farmer that is so mystical to me.

    And I love your growing guides. They are amazing!

  48. Linda Q on

    I am just starting to ‘get ready’ for my seed starting season here in Connecticut. While reading the instructions on the seed packets I discovered that ‘Bell of Ireland’ have a better germination rate if you put them in the freezer for 2 weeks. What other cut flower seeds benefit from a pre-planting technique and will you be doing a focus on ‘tips for germinating seeds’ for the various species of cut flowers? Thanks again for sharing all of your experience!

  49. lindsey0009 on

    Yay can’t wait for my Dahlia’s! Just wondering when starting out how many different flowers did you grow? Would you recommend doing multiple different flowers or stick to a handful of tried and true? Thank you for all you do and share with the world!

  50. Lynn on

    I’m with Heidi, I’d love to have a post on what to do after harvesting. I’m new to selling, instead of keeping them for myself, and feel kind of baffled. Also, I’m re-reading your book “Fresh from the field Wedding Flowers”, and would love to know, when you have all of your flowers/materials laid out for a bouquet or arrangement, how do you know when you put them back in water they’ll start taking up water again? Unless you cut off quite a bit of stem?

  51. Heidi @ Willow Lane Flower Farm on

    I think I’d love to know more about post-harvest care. I’d also love to see your cooler space. Once we all get these lovely plants grown, then what? How do we make sure they are at their peak when delivered to florists and customers?


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