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June 28th 2014

Green Weddings

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A bride and bridesmaids holding bouquets

A bride holding a bouquet

A bride and groom embracing in a forest
Over the years we’ve arranged flowers for many weddings and events but have always kept that part of the business in the shadows, putting more emphasis on the wholesale end of things. The kids were small, we were learning how to grow beautiful flowers consistently and the timing just never lined up. Well, I can happily announce that’s changing as we go forward!



There’s nothing more special than combining the best of what the garden has to offer with material from other local growers, a few specialty things ordered in and the brides unique vision. Creating the flowers for a wedding is one of my very favorite things to do. With the addition of some wonderful new members of our extended family we can now dive head first into wedding and event flowers the way I’ve always longed to.

© Carly Bish Photography,

© Carly Bish Photography,

© Carly Bish Photography,

If you pop on over to the Weddings section you can take a peek at a handful of our favorite past events, peruse a seasonal flower gallery that’s loaded with locally grown bouquets and then read about our offerings for PNW brides. I’m beyond excited about this new direction and can’t wait for all of the beauty that’s going to be created as we move forward!





Next week on the blog:

Monday morning bright and early I’m going to be sharing all of the details about our exciting new late summer-early fall workshops planned here on the farm!!! Then Tuesday I’ll kick off a new series of The Farmer and the Florist Interviews, beginning with the one and only Ariella Chezar. Wednesday I’ll take you on an evening stroll through the flower fields for a peek into what’s happening right now on the farm. Then Thursday the latest installment of The Seasonal Flower Alliance and we’ll wrap things up with a favorite moment from the week on Friday.

So, stay tuned. Next week’s going to be a really great one here on the blog!!!

Oh and P.S.—-> you guys totally ROCK! Thank you for all of the wonderful emails, amazing feedback and generous comments. I’m thrilled you like the new site and can’t wait to dive even deeper into this flower adventure together.


  1. Viv on

    AWESOME job, Erin!! I found Floret one year ago. I spent the rest of the winter pouring through your flower farm blog. All of the inspiration and beauty, and flower love, jumped off the pages as I read. Thanks for all the sharing, and info. You’ve made a place for local flowers.

  2. Terri Bowlby-Chiasson on

    Erin, you are one inspiring lady! Love the new site and the resourses…and, well, everything! God bless you, girl!

  3. Kirsten on

    I read this quote on Pinterest the other day:

    Once you figure out who you are and what you love about yourself, I think it all kinda falls into place. -Jennifer Aniston

    That sentiment is what comes up again and again reading your posts and watching you (and your business) grow. It’s where I am now, and it’s awesome!

    Congratulations on being you. You are an inspiration.

  4. Mel on

    Love everything going on here. The resources pages are amazing I have my list of biennials ready to go. Great inspiration.

  5. Leslie Emanuels on

    What vitamins are you taking! I think I need some. I can’t wait for next weeks interview and everything else.
    You are amzing Erin. Thank you.

  6. Allison on

    Love all of it!! Keep up the amazing-ness!!!

  7. Lillian on

    Loving all of this so so much!


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