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May 18th 2011

Good Luck

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Crawling down the rows, laying clump after clump of Dahlia tubers into the soil I had the panicked thought, “how on earth am I going to get all of this finished by Friday?” Seriously, not five minutes later two tiny Mexican angels walk into my field and offered to help. These amazing little men were finished with ALL of the tubers by 11:00 this morning! I still cant believe my luck. Truly amazing.
Isn’t it the best when things come together so seamlessly and so out of the blue?

I hope you are having some lucky gifts this week too!


  1. VillageRat on

    As a kid who grew up on a farm in an Oregon valley, with hired help off and on for decades, we definitely had angels many times. We did not care about color, nationality, languages spoken, just their offers to help.

    We worked with a number of great people over the years and I still keep them in mind many times since then!!

    It is now many years past this time of your’s but hope you continue to have angels there to help you in times like this!!

  2. on

    That's GREAT Erin! I'm hosting a garden tour this weekend with an expected 600 guests (for a school fund-raiser). I need some garden angels too! (I can so relate to crawling down the rows!)


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