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May 29th 2012

from my garden memorial day weekend

Written by
The garden is on the verge of hitting its prettiest window of the entire season.
Roses, sweet peas, perennials, herbs in mass. Lots of delicate beauty and fragrance will be pouring from the greenhouses and garden beds here any day now.






  1. Becca on

    Oh Erin- its too f*ing good. Really.

  2. Deborah Jean at Dandelion House on

    Just beautiful Erin! I'm on my way in my little backyard flower farm! Come by the MJF Beach farmgirl blog
    ( and Dandelion House ) to catch up with my progress… I also just received my first copy of GFM. I loved all of the articles and yours was especially timely as I am beginning to think about labels for my flower farm and envelopes as well! Thank you so much!
    Happy Farming!


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