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June 6th 2012

food for my soul

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We took a little time over the weekend to work in our new vegetable garden. I had no idea that this little plot would bring me so much joy and grounding.
Everything is starting to really take off now. So much so that we harvested our first salad this afternoon and tonight’s salsa will include homegrown cilantro and green onions!!! Chris is over the moon about it all and I can’t quit smiling.

It is such a treat to have this tiny sanctuary just outside of our backdoor. So full of promise and love. Just what our little family needed heading into another wild, flower filled summer.










  1. Julie on

    There's something so wonderful about growing your own food. I harvested our first heirloom cherry tomatoes yesterday, the peas and strawberries are almost over, but the summer veggies are coming along. This afternoon, my daughter and I harvested our first decent batch of raspberries. Tonight, organic vanilla ice cream with sweet bursts of berries–yum! (BUT–I don't know when you find the time for the veggie garden with everything else you do! You have amazing energy!) Enjoy!

  2. Vasi on

    You have a blog so nice, that I can not take my eyes off him.
    You have a beautiful garden and your photos are done with your soul.
    This post is very nice.
    I follow with pleasure every day and really is a food for my soul.
    Have a good day!

  3. Lotta on

    Just lovely!!!!!
    Have a nice day!


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