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June 6th 2012

a few snippets from my days

Written by

 breaking records (64 an hour!)


 the view from my back porch


 christmas for a grower


 zinnia overload

 two little scientists

 fairy infused columbine

 the keys to my heart

for all the mama’s



  1. Brooke Howsley on

    I think Instagram is a perfect fit for you guys! Some of the most poetic images I've seen. Seems like your fingers are flying these days :).

  2. bloemenwinkle on

    Sometimes I just wished I stayed in 4 season countries, wonderful pictures and beautiful flowers :)

  3. Linadlou on

    Loving every picture, especially the prayer flags flying from a hoop house. I have several strands around my porch, and tied under the umbrella where I too have "Flowers For Sale". …64 an hour??!! inspiring!

  4. Kimberly Peck Photography on

    oh wow…i am in awe of your hard work. what wonderful gifts of beauty you send out into the world (flowers and children). thanks so much for sharing ~ your images have made my day!

  5. Lisa P from The Hollyhock Wall on

    The small scale growing that I am undertaking pales in insignificance, the joy and satisfaction we both treasure and share amounts to total inspirational determination. I feel like I am there!

  6. Floret on

    that warms my heart so much to hear!

  7. tatianaalida on

    I fully recognize the back breaking exhaustion that these days include, but I am still insanely jealous as I sit in my stark office, staring at the computer, waiting for the weekend when I can play with flowers! You are beautiful and your life reflects it! Thanks for sharing it!!!


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