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October 2nd 2015

Floret’s favorites: Tulips

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This week on the blog, I’m launching a little three-part blog series focused on some of my favorite bulbs to plant in the fall. Yesterday’s post focused on my favorite narcissus varieties and three lucky readers won a collection of my favorite bulbs: Jason B., Linda Q. and Jessica Powers.

Today, I’m tackling another big ticket item in my fall bulb ordering extravaganza: Tulips. Like narcissus, I try to grow flower varieties that you can’t get just anywhere.  This is particularly important given the fact that our farm is surrounded by plantation-sized tulip farms that mass-produce inexpensive common tulips.  Even though Floret is a tiny fish in a big sea of flowers in the Skagit Valley, we’re able to compete–and get better prices–because we grow tulips that are totally different than the kind available in the mass market.

Standard tulip shapes are boring, at least for me.  I’m much more drawn to the peony-flowered doubles, Parrot tulips, and French-style fringed varieties. I crave the exotic, unusual and showy types that really make a bouquet stand out. I especially love tulips that, well, actually don’t look like tulips.

Tulips Professor Rongren and Apricot Parrot
Pictured above: Tulips ‘Professor Rontgen’ and ‘Apricot Parrot’

Pictured below: My mom helping bring in the harvest

I’ve experimented with dozens of different varieties over the years, but here are a few that make the cut and are welcomed into our garden each year:

Apricot Parrot:  I love the complexity of the colors in this big, blousey bloom.  As if straight out of a Dutch painting, a subtle brushstroke of soft green flares out from the center of the petals and evolves into a soft shades of peach and apricot along the scalloped edge.

Black Hero: This unique, fully double black variety is a sport of Queen of the Night. Its tall, strong stems and dark coloring make it an awesome addition to large scale, dramatic arrangements.

Charming Beauty: The name couldn’t be more true, this farm-fresh egg yolk yellow double flowered variety is an excellent addition to spring arrangements. It’s tricky to find good yellow blooms, and the soft, glowing petals of this unique variety make it a must-grow.

Greenland: One of the tallest varieties and also earliest to flower, this attention getting green and pink striped variety is loved by florists and flower enthusiasts alike. Pictured above, this gem looks incredible in large scale spring arrangements and last very well in the vase.

La Belle Epoque:  I confess I have a soft spot in my heart for the apricot hued blooms, so predictably this pretty double tulip also makes my top favorites list. The base of these full blooms start out as a smokey-mauve which becomes more apricot along the edges and as it ages, making it even more interesting and exotic. Some of our customers say it resembles the color of skin, and I kind of agree. It can be mixed with many different hues and is greedily snatched up by designers with an eye for the unique. Pictured at the end of this post.

Renown Unique: The very last variety to bloom in our garden, this peony flowered beauty is the top requested variety we grow. Each massive stem is topped with a fully ruffled, watermelon colored flower that is commonly mistaken for a peony. Be sure to harvest after the flowers have started to open, otherwise it won’t be as richly colored.

Professor Rontgen: The largest flowered parrot variety I’ve ever grown, this beast is a real show stopper. Fist sized buds open to huge, vivid tangerine-toned flowers that look amazing en mass or mixed into Dutch still life inspired bouquets. If you can only grow one parrot, make this one it!

Pictured above bundles of mixed parrot tulips including: Professor Rontgen, Salmon Parrot and Apricot Parrot. Pictured below: Tulip bulbs planted like eggs in a carton

tulips planted like eggs in a carton
Plant bulbs in freely draining soil. If ground becomes waterlogged it will cause bulbs to rot. Choose a sunny spot and plant bulbs three times as deep as they are tall. We plant thousands of tulips every year in our unheated hoop houses utilizing a technique that involves digging out a 3ft. wide, 6″ deep trench. We set the bulbs in very close together, but not actually touching–sort of  like eggs in an egg carton. This allows us to fit an enormous amount of flowers in a very tiny space!

Flower farmers typically approach tulip production very differently than gardeners because we treat tulips essentially as an annual. (Pictured above: an armload of Professor Rontgen). In the spring, we harvest the tulip–bulb and all– for maximum stem length, storage and vase life. That means we need to re-plant new bulbs each fall in order to have consistent high quality blooms. If the flower is harvested but the bulb is left in the ground, the tulip *may* bloom in subsequent years but it is typically of diminished quality, which unfortunately just doesn’t cut it for commercial production.

IMG_7019Pictured above: Tulip La Belle Epoque

For all of our bulbs, we first have to pull out all the spent summer crops, irrigation lines and landscape fabric before we even get started. Then then we’ll add compost, fertilizer, till it all in and only then do we begin planting the bulbs. It is a bit of a process, but totally worth the extra effort, as we’ll then have healthy, long-stemmed blooms that make our customers swoon come springtime.

IMG_4850Today I’m thrilled to be giving away 5 collections of some of my favorite varieties (5 bulbs of 5 varieties, for each winner, shipped out mid-October).  Because of export restrictions, this giveaway is only open to U.S. residents. To enter, simply add a comment below and answer one of the following questions: What kinds of tulips do you have in your garden? (or)  Any new ones you’re planting this year?

UPDATE:  Submissions now closed. Congratulations to Chris McLaughlin, Graham R. Spearman, Stephen Yates, KaCee Shepherd and Karen Lee — we’ll get your tulips off to you shortly.


  1. AP Setup on

    Kudos to the author for the excellent content

  2. Claire Mullen on

    Hi Erin, We’d like to grow tulips in our high tunnel in raised beds. What would you use as a preferred growing medium? And any advice on timing? We live in zone 6a, and I’m shootin’ for a May 13 wedding😍. Thanks, in advance!

  3. Ruth Wright on

    Great article. I would love to be on your list. Thanks

  4. Iva White on


    Now I will explain to my customers more about tulips, I a growing Holland style that are a little bit as if ripped on the edges – very beautiful!

  5. Rowena McDermott on

    Thank you for your wonderful blogs, but could you clarify that you purchased new bulbs each year, and throw away the previous?

    • Team Floret on

      Hi Rowena,

      Yes, here on the farm we grow tulips as annuals. Hope this helps!

  6. Gail Moriarty on

    I am planning centerpieces for a wedding. Three tulips to a cylinder vases. Would you suggest French tulips or standard tulips. Thank you

  7. Christine del Monte on

    Hello I just bought some parrot tulips yesterday they were yellow with tinges of orange and today they are just orange! Can you tell me why or what happened? Thank you!

  8. Bulbs, Corms, and Beautiful Days.. on

    […] of mixed parrot tulips including: Professor Roentgen, Salmon Parrot and Apricot Parrot, from Floret . (Their site is dangerously inspirational and made me want to leap up right away and order one […]

  9. Christi Davis on

    I love the finola tulips. I’m getting married in Early April. I have this vision of growing my own flowers for my wedding. Please let me know if I’m nuts or please give me encouraging words! Wedding and reception will be very simple.

    • Shayna Hobbs on

      Go for it! Im doing the same with a lot of help from my mother in law. :) just do your research and be realistic.

  10. Jennifer Zissou on

    I would love to know how you dig that trench. Please tell me you don’t do it by hand!! Which tractor attachments do you use?

  11. Rosie Owen on

    This plant is slow in blooming, wherever I plant tulips, the green leaves come up around February time, the flowers mid-late April, and the blooms are all done by June at the latest.

  12. Catrinel on

    Hi Erin, having grown tulips for over 10 years for cut flowers, here are some favourites : Jan Reus, beautiful dark red, excellent vase life; Exotic Emperor, relatively early white with some green mixed in; Apricot Parrot, love the colours, the best Parrot in my opinion; White Trimphator, really elegant white; Ballerina, very pretty orange lily flowered tulip; Dordogne, although traditional shape, it is a giant of a tulip and the colours change as it ages, excellent vase life; Green Wave, pink and green Parrot that lasts forever and is quite perennial; Flaming Parrot, this is like raspberry ripple through pale yellow, very dramatic colours that intensify as it ages, it is the last to flower and has excellent vase life.

  13. Ann H on

    I plant mixed pastel tulips every year in my cutting garden, growing them just like you do (on a much, much smaller scale!) All that hard work in the fall pays off beautifully in the spring.

  14. Chris McLaughlin on

    This will be my first year growing tulips. It’ll be interesting considering g I am planting them for my son & future daughter-in-laws wedding in May!

  15. Melissa M on

    No tulips in my yard this year since we are renting and moving before they would bloom. I can’t wait to grow tulips again!

  16. krystal on

    the only tulips i have in my garden are what previous owners planted. tall and red. i would love a dark purple and i also tend to love apricot or peach blooms so i would love many of your favorites also. thanks for sharing these!

  17. Kathy on

    I loved my apricot parrot tulips for two years and then most of them didn’t come up… am planning to re-plant some soon… maybe a bit deeper. I also have some white and green ones whose name I forget and some double pink and burgundy that bring great joy in spring. Thanks for your interesting post!

  18. Lori Walker on

    I absolutely adore the parrot tulips- they remind me of a tulip farm in Hillsboro, OR I visited regularly. I have a basic red tulip now mixied with grape hyacinth. I’d love to change it up a bit next year!

  19. Jennifer on

    I just bought a house not to long ago and I can’t wait to start growing my own flowers. Your blog is giving me great inspiration and exposure to new varieties. I love the parrot tulips.

    Really any cut flower on my kitchen table makes me happy. Knowing the cut flowers came from my garden will give me an extra dose of pride every time I see them!

  20. Krystal Kerns on

    Loved discovering these exotic varieties of tulips! Hope to plant my very first tulips soon! Thank you for sharing, Floret! <3

  21. Gretchen P on

    I’ve got mini orange tulips that come up in my yard, but I found yellow and red ones growing back in a rubbish heap!

  22. Karen Cherry on

    I was so disappointed that I couldn’t suggest to my sweet hubby that he acquisition a bouquet of one of my favorite Tulips (one of yours also) ‘Apricot Parrot’ for my Wedding Anniversary last February, (they were unavailable in my area). At that moment I promised myself I’d buy some bulbs in the fall and grow my own. I’ve grown spring flowering bulbs in my Zone 5 central Illinois, insulated but unheated garage with great success in the past.
    The first time I tried Tulips I planted 60 bulbs in the garden. Only one tiny Tulip tarda bloomed, the other 59 provided fodder for the local fauna. I’ve since planted many Narcissus with much more success. Your inspiring blog has encouraged me to follow through with my promise to myself and try tulips again. Some other favorite Tulips of mine are ‘Angelique’, ‘Rococo’ and ‘Rembrandt’s Favorite’ have you tried any of those? Some of my favorite Narcissus are ‘Apricot Whirl’ for it’s great color and unique form, ‘Rijnveld’s Early Sensation’ for its early bloom, and ‘Trevithian’ for its fantastic fragrance. Thanks for the incentive.

  23. Jennifer- Sweet Posy on

    Oh gosh, I’m late! I was preparing for photoshoot over the weekend!
    I don’t know how you do it all Erin. You are such a huge inspiration and you keep me striving to do more and create more!
    I have not planted the beauteous varieties of tulips that you have, but certainly need to up my game. I’ve always admired the more unusual or untamed tulips.
    So glad I found you and Floret, I owe so much gratitude to you for guiding and encouraging me to pursue my little dream.

  24. Lena on

    I’m excited to try out the parrot varieties! I’ve always stopped at stores and drooled over their beauty and am so excited to try them out this year!

  25. KRISTEEN on

    Thanks so much for the suggestions, Erin. I feel fortunate to live in the PNW where we can have a bounty of spring bulbs flowering for months. Even though I adore the showy parrots (and Professor Roentgen is on my list thanks to your suggestion), I am adding Moulin Rouge this year because of the way they change in color as they mature (from ruby edged white to full on cherry pink to crimson). It’s our first year growing them so I’m interested to see what they are like next Spring.

  26. Bonnie Janse van Rensburg on

    Tulips are my favorite. Thank you for sharing. I would love the
    Black hero, Charming beauty, and the Apricot parrot.
    Planted the Flaming Parrot last year.

  27. Erin on

    I just planted my first tulip bulbs yesterday! Nothing fancy, a simple mixed variety of sorts. Would love to add those beauties to the garden as well!

  28. H. Trees on

    So happy I found your blog! I’m kind of new to gardening, making lots of rookie mistakes and overcome with joy over small victories but I love it all. I’m going to plant some Angelique tulips this week. Keeping my finger crossed they actually come up in the spring.

  29. Darlanna Besecker on

    Love you blog and your very help advise. I hope to be growing a lot more tulips this spring but haven’t order them yet. Now I know some that I would like to try.

  30. Annette on

    I love the tulips that grow in my garden. Wish I knew their names!

  31. Graham R. Spearman on

    We planted a crazy variety last year and the winner this spring was without a doubt Black Hero…and then I waited too long to put our order in for this fall and they were all gone! Very sad.

  32. Karen H. on

    We have some orange tulips that came already planted in the house. I’d love to plant the parrot ones this year!

  33. Aundrea Shafer on

    I would love to plant some of the tulip varieties you have talked about here. They are so beautiful!

  34. Diane on

    After years of living in a condominium with no patch of earth to plant I just bought a house and have a half acre to really get my hands in the dirt. The work to be done is a bit overwhelming but I would LOVE to be able to start by planting these beautiful bulbs to greet me this spring.

  35. Susan on

    I, like you prefer the unusual tulips. I too have used the word “boring” when speaking of tulips. I have never been able to have success with bulbs due to excessively wet soil, it is quite boggy here in the winter. Next year I am starting out on my new venture as a farmer/florist (large cutting garden size). All of my beds will be raised and I would love to add these to my tulip collection. Thank you for considering me and I truly hope to get to one of your workshops next year! p.s. what do you do with the spent bulbs? do you dig up and replant, sell them or toss them?

  36. Julio from MT on

    We’re pretty stoked about apricot parrot, Irene parrot, ego parrot, vaya con dies double fringed(!!!!), and curly sue fringed!

  37. Jo Birns on

    2016 will be my 2nd year growing flowers and I’m so excited to plant tulips. I love! parrot tulips – now excited for some Apricot Parrots and Professor Rowentgen. Thanks for the post!

  38. Charlotte @Floraloreflowers on

    Thank you for this post!!! I would love to plant all of the bulbs you have listed above…..especially “La Belle Epoche” as I love the apricot blooms as well!!!

  39. Jennifer Bingham on

    I am trying quite a few more parrot varieties this year. Last year’s Black Hero were my biggest seller to florists, particularly for the anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing. I loved their long stems, and huge almost black double, and fragrant flowers. They were glorious!

  40. Mimi Poon on

    My favorite tulips are parrot tulips. They grace the corner of my garden and every spring they are a delight to see.

  41. Tamara DeLong on

    I am so excited to have found your blog this morning. I stumbled across it looking for information on what varieties of sweet peas I should grow. After reading several of your posts, I spent most of this morning ordering tulips you had recommended and redesigning my garden beds. I have never grown tulips, but I would just love to have La Belle Époque and just can’t seem to find it anywhere still in stock.

  42. Krista on

    We have some beautiful red and yellow tulips that pop up every year. This year was the first year I truly fell in love with them- something about a tulip looks beautiful in the ground, but sings to its full potential in a vase. As for my list to plant this year, I always look at your recommendations before I buy anything! You have an eye for flowers!!!

  43. Megan on

    I often plant the Impression series, especially Pink Impression because they return more reliably for multiple years than other varieties

  44. Katy R on

    I have always loved white tulips, but as I age I cannot get enough of the different colors and varieties. Starting to plan my first flower farming adventure in spring of 2016.

  45. deb voorhorst on

    Tulips in the garden
    Tulips in the park
    Those are very pretty
    But i like two lips in the dark!

    But ibwould just love to plant some tulips inmy garden as well!

  46. Todd on

    Enjoy tulips as a cut for the local cafe. Like T. Daydream and the variation of the color as it ages.

  47. CEDAR FARM on

    thanks for sharing. always great to hear what other people have tried and had success with.
    my sister and i only have room for about 6,000 tulips , so can’t do everything we love. have you tried ” texas flame parrot ” one of our favorites ! huge blooms ! much better than the ” flaming parrot” commercially grown. another beauty is ” lucky parrot”… a coral/barn red with creamy edges. the color always takes your breath away. happy planting !

  48. anonymouse on

    I don’t usually plant tulips because so many of them are not perennial. When I do splurge, I plant white or green and white parrot tulips.

  49. Betina on

    Do you grow species tulips?

    I have Apricot Beauties that have bloomed for at least 5 years.

  50. Tamara DeLong on

    I just stumbled across your blog this morning and just love it! I have never grown tulips and would like to plant them in my garden this fall. Can you tell me where you buy your bulbs from?

  51. Naly Jasengnou on

    Looking forward to plant some parrots in mine this year.

  52. Christa Mannisto on

    I have to admit tulips were not on my list of favorites. A bit boring, but I changed my mind when helping a friend create her wedding this past spring. Not only did I use tulips but now one of my favorites are parrot tulips. I used a peach pink and green white in her bouquet and I couldn’t believe the beauty. I would LOVE to plant some beautiful parrot tulips in my yard. Oh how would I! I currently only have summer flowers no spring flowers except for some mascari and a daffodil (seriously just one). I need more…only after your post on dahlias did I try for the first time this year.

  53. Alison Bockelie on

    My husband and I plant tulip bulbs every year all from the Skagit valley! A couple of my favorites are Angelique, Finola and Flaming Parrot they are all so beautiful and bring our garden so much wonderful color! I love fall but also can’t wait for spring! Your giveaways are awesome!

  54. Lindsay hagerty on

    I’m getting a pack of 50 Pittsburgh tulips this year since I live in Pittsburgh! It’s apparently a showstopper, so I hope it lives up to its reputation.

  55. Shannon Case on

    I’m new to growing tulips and am starting out with simple Queen of the Night and a variety of others. I’d love to grow some fancier types!

  56. Erin Ellis on

    I have red, pink, and white. I LOVE tulips! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.
    ErinLoves2Run at gmail dot com

  57. DaNae Smith on

    As a retail and event forist for over 25 years (in the beginning stages of becoming a flower farmer) I have used double and peony type tulips over the years and have found that many varieties to not be able to support their heads well. Would love to see how your favorites tally up in the strong stem area. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  58. Jan D. on

    I can never make up my mind which ones to order. I am drawn to pinks and apricots, but then the more unusal ones grab me. How to choose? Looks like you have done a lovely job! I would love to have any of these in my yard.

  59. Cara on

    We’ve been anticipating this blog all week! We can’t wait to try out all the varieties you mentioned! Ordering 2,000 this week!

  60. Martha Reed on

    I am waiting for my parrot tulips to be delivered!

  61. Becky Pineau on

    My first bed of tulips was for my friends wedding. We planted Parrot doubles and lots of standard. I have been reading and learning since and realized all the mistakes I made. I am so grateful we got any at all considering my learning curve. I love this article, i feel better equipped for this fall. I would be so grateful for some new and interesting varieties. Thanks for all you do to encourage and inspire..

  62. Marla on

    I really like the double tulips! Planting some apricot colored and soft pastels this coming year. I had the branching tulips last year and those were really unique to me.

  63. Jane on

    So excited to grow for flower production, and we’re even going to try to propogate the bulbs! Maybe like growing garlic?
    Thank you for all of your information, about EVERYTHING!

  64. Karen on

    Haven’t bought tulips for a number of years so I only have stragglers left. Would love to experiment with parrots and other wild kinds.

  65. Rachelle Clark on

    We moved last fall, so this is the first year that I will be able to put some bulbs in. I love your suggestions and will be adding them to my list! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  66. Alyssa on

    Love those collection and this year, I planted some in a border near daffodils, some in hanging baskets and I had a spare bit of space there. I was searching some information like what time of year to plant them, what shade/sun is required, and how deep to plant the bulbs?

  67. Jacquie Marques on

    I usually plant Angelique tulips. This year I will plant as many varieties as I can in memory of my dearest friend who past away. We shared a love for tulips. For her 50th birthday I gave her 50 blooming tulips and 50 bulbs to plant. I need to get them soon so I can “chill” them in the refrigerator before planting them

  68. Rose on

    Your tulips are so gorgeous! Every year my daughter and I plant parrot tulips.

  69. VillageKid on

    We are hoping to try a small plot tulips this year. A black one, a few parrot and one other. Am hoping we will br successful

  70. Brandon McLean on

    My favorite from last spring was “Blumex.” It opened looking very similar to Professor Roentgen (which I am very excited to try) and ended in the most beautiful shades, just glowing this coppery bronze with a few streaks of green patina. This fall I’ve already added Orange Angelique, Maureen, and Apricot Parrot which I was so excited to see on your list! Definitely made me feel I’m on the right track.

  71. Jenny on

    Every year I plant my favorite Parrot tulip, Estella Rijnveld, and I love Greenland. Looking at your selections, I want to try Renown Unique. Looks beautiful!

  72. Kristen L on

    Planted Queen of Night last year, but trying some Black Hero this year! Can’t wait for spring already.

  73. Tassia on

    We are in a new house this year so I’m shopping for spring bulbs this week! I’m adding Renown Unique and Professor Roentgen to the list! I would love the chance to grow some of these beauties!

  74. Maya on

    Trying a bunch of tulips and other fall planted bulbs this year. Can’t wait to see how it goes!

  75. Danette on

    Just getting started and love the ideas you give.

  76. Sonya on

    Just moved, I have a blank slate! Excited to fill it in!!!! There is nothing here except some goldenrod that I worked into some bouquets and Zinnas I grew in pots from seed then moved over:) Your tulips inspire me, have the compost, have the dairy doo… Just need the bulbs! Love the double tulips, just stunning!

  77. Zane on

    We have some lovely orange and deep purple tulips in our garden, but I’ve wanted to try some more expressive varieties for a few years now. We’re expecting a baby in a few weeks and so now is the time for me to get some blubs in the soil so they will greet us in the spring! :) Thanks for your tips and suggestions. Your tulips are stunning!

  78. Jennifer on

    Love the tulip varieties, excited to try.

  79. Laura Vollset on

    I have none! But I love the more unusual kinds and really want to test out their edibility. The farm I work at provides a local restaurant with edible blooms and I would love to have some gorgeous spring tulips for them to use on their menu :)

  80. Chris G on

    I don’t have any tulips currently, but those apricot parrots are AMAZING! Think I’ll need to add those to my bulb garden this year.

  81. stacey cross on

    Loove the peaches and apricot colors in tulips. But grow angelique simply because she is so gorgeous. Also lots of apricot beauty. Some unkown variety that is deep red and gorgeous. Really when I think about it lots of colors.??

  82. Erin Leigh on

    I have a”moom garden” filled with dark purple and white tulips. Once they are all in bloom it looks amazing!

  83. Barbara Dahlstedt on

    I just moved and need to create my new soul refreshing space!!! I’ve always loved Angelique

  84. Angela on

    We just bought two acres to build a house on so, I have NO tulips right now! I’d be THRILLED to win! We’re starting from scratch with our land and I can use all the flowers I can get! -Angela

  85. Carolyn Guth on

    Living in Holland MI, I like to add more tulips to our landscape each year. We used to live on Whidbey Island and would love to turn back the clock and come see your wonderful flower farm. I just love to bask in your website and blogs — it’s like taking a bath in beauty! I’m especially drawn to the peachy, apricot colors this year so would love to win some of your favorites!

  86. Stefanie H. on

    I’m think apricot parrot is beautiful! Can’t wait til next season!!!

  87. Carolyn Q. on

    I’ve always been afraid to plant tulips because of the moles and voles but am going to try the method you suggest. Thanks for the blog!

  88. Stefanie H. on

    I’m loving the apricot parrot tulips! Can’t wait til next season!!!

  89. Amber Ogden on

    I hadn’t put much thought into tulips because they are so traditional, until I saw these beautiful varieties! Thanks for sharing, I may throw some parrot tulips in the mix.

  90. Krystn on

    Always, always err on the side of exotic and less common –
    This is why we love you!

  91. Ashley S. on

    So far I have only the run of the millast kind of tulips and would LOVE to throw in more interestingly shaped and colored tulips this year! <3

  92. Lena Wittrock on

    I like apricot parrot a lot… So far I only have basic red, yellows and whites…

  93. Annette Crawford on

    Thank you so much Erin for the primer on how to plant tulips and I assume narcissus as well! You tulips are beautiful and the stems are incredibly long! Very excited to plant my tulips when they arrive!

  94. Elizabeth O. on

    Last year I planted tulips for the first time, and they were peachy in color and stood so tall and timeless. This year I would love to add some La Belle Époque or parrots!

  95. Sarah on

    I love tulips! I’m looking to plant some black parrots.

  96. Jillian on

    Thanks for sharing. I have a limited amount of space right now, but am working on the soil so I can have as many flowers as I want. I’ll put these on my list.

  97. Janice Travis on

    Some of my favorite tulips are Angelique the Peony tulip – the Parrots and Rembrandt tulips! Your website, blog and flowers have inspired me this year! Hope you pick me to win! :-)

  98. Zandy on

    Love the parrot style and Rembrandt . I love your web site. Thanks for sharing so much valuable information.

  99. Sandy on

    I have planted Queen of the Night and Angelique and plan to try Greenland for sure this year!
    Love that you share planting tips and info…so helpful!!

  100. Breanne Shank on

    I have a brand new flower garden since we recently moved out to the country and built our little farm. I only have native wild flowers so far, but would love to add tulips. Hopefully I will be fortunate enough to add a few of your favorites!

  101. Verana Barron on

    I love tulips but usually never get around to planting. It is such a busy time of year! Maybe this year before the ground freezes…

  102. Sandy on

    How motivating to read your blogs! I have recently started a cutting garden ( have to work
    on those weeds!) and am now inspired to add tulips. Love the pastels, fringed, and unusual!

  103. Chelsea Forrer on

    I would love to try Renown Unique! It’s just too hot to grow peonys (which are my absolute favorite) here in Arizona. I’d love to give these a try!

  104. Mary from Virginia on

    I have no tulips in my garden! Your blog post is right on time because I had been planning what to plant this fall. These tulips would be so exciting to have!

    I have a small floral studio in my home where I make wedding flowers. Because I am so small, it is really hard to get all the lovely flowers you grow on the west coast.
    So many of my brides want the Peony look for their bouquets and we are limited in my area of the world with a small business. My brides would be thrilled to have a few of these lovely flowers-so would I. :-)

    Thank you for the opportunity to win, but mostly thank you for the great education on narcissus and tulips! I have learned a lot!

  105. Whitney O on

    Yesssss. This is the one I want to win. :)

  106. Katy on

    Oh my! The only tulips I have in the ground right now are red ones we inherited when we bought our house! They were a nice surprise when they popped up our first spring.
    I *adore* orange parrot tulips!
    Keep up the beautiful, inspiring work you do!

  107. Courtney R on

    Beautiful! No tulips in my garden currently – actually, not much of anything but I’ve been loving your IG and you’ve inspired me to start plotting! Especially loved yesterday’s daffys – keep it up Floret! ❤️

  108. Jamie on

    I am planting a variety this year. Trying some parrots for the first time and some of the double peony tulips. Excited to see them for the first time this spring. Would love more interesting varieties to add to the collection.

  109. thochem on

    A few years ago I bought a bulb shovel and attempted to plant some bulbs. Can’t even remember the variety name; yellow and reddish orange. Needless to say, I did it incorrectly and saw a bit of stem and leaf, but never a bulb. Reading your article, I see two things (at least!) I did incorrectly. I will try the 3′ wide row with 6″ deep holes nestling the bulbs together and see what happens. Thank you for the tips!!

  110. Jo on

    I am planting Greenland this year. I have yellow and red tulips, don’t know the names. It’s time for a change.

  111. Meg on

    I’m planting parrot tulips for the first time this year!

  112. Margo Herndon on

    I planted a mix of purple and white tulips, not sure of their names. Would love to add some frilly parrot tulips to the mix. Thank you for such beautiful photos, I never get tired of looking at beautiful flowers.

  113. Katie on

    I am planting “Queen of Night” and love all of the multi-hues!

  114. Evan Neal on

    I’ll be planting a “Jungle” Parrot Mix, Fantasy Parrot and Apricot Parrot Tulips + some mystery bulbs at my urban farm plot in Atlanta but I would just LOVE to meet Professor Roentgen! Thanks Erin!

  115. Sybil H.Skinne on

    I have not had much luck with tulips but have decided to try my hand at them this year…I grow about an acre of flowers and have come to realize that i do not need to grow anything that can be easily obtained through a wholesaler – it seems most of my brides are going for the coral/yellow/blush palette and I love parrots…any will do! Thanks for your blogs – they are truly inspirational to me, Sybil

  116. Gail Wynne on

    I’m planting the French Blend from Colorblends. Would like to add Partrot tulips

  117. Anna Price on

    Gosh I love tulips! I’m playing a whole bunch of Angelique this year, among others.

  118. Mandy Hess on

    I haven’t had the chance to plant anything or “garden” at my place yet. My mom always had and has tons of tulips at her house. I would love to start this as well – they’re my favorite flower!!

  119. Jeanna Norris on

    We have a single Pink tulip that cropped up in our back yard (which is totally shaded) last spring, after we moved into the house. It was such a wonderful sight and surprise! This fall I plan to plant a variety of pink tulips in the sunny front yard. I am leaving the single pink tulip in our shaded back yard because of the joy it brought to us newlyweds.

  120. Emily on

    My garden is made up of a few “garden rooms”. It begins with all cool colors. As far as tulips go, I only have 2 kinds there a white that has a lavender edge and a deep lavender/plum. Beyond that is my white/moonlight garden and I have all white tulips there. In another spot (that you can’t see from the 1st two) is the rose/peony garden where I have many shades of pink David Austin Roses and pale to deep pink peonies. Last year I added some peach, pale peach and blush colored roses and I would love to plant tulips in those colors in between them, (as the roses won’t be blooming until June.) I love the peony looking tulips and think that they would look lovely there.

  121. Meredith on

    I’m pretty sure we’ve got the standard red and yellow ones that were planted before we bought the house — looking to shake it up with some fun new cultivars!

  122. Shannon on

    I have Redwood Tulips (so big and beautiful with mottled leaves) and Angelique. Thanks for the great Tulip tips!

  123. Paula Hettman on

    Like you, I’m partial to apricot or peach colored tulips. I’m thinking I will have to try the ‘La Belle Epoque’ tulips, though ‘Profess Roentgen’ is also appealing. Right now, I want them all!

  124. Maureen on

    They are all so beautiful. I plan on trying all the varieties. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

  125. Stephen Yates on

    I’m with you – the tulips that are not typical tulips like Angelique and the Greenland varieties like ‘Greenland’ Viridiflora (or Green) Tulip.

  126. Chris on

    I haven’t plante tulips for a few years. After seeing your gorgeous pictures I want all the varieties. I love the parrot and have a soft spot for yellow!

  127. Cindy K on

    I’m going to plant La Belle Époque with our black tulips and Princess Irene in a separate area. Love all of your favorites, especially Renown Unique!

  128. Kim Anspach on

    Inspired by your pictures this spring I’ve ordered some parrot varieties and some peony types. I’m excited to see how Rococo performs!

  129. Rebekah sampson on

    I am planning for my first cutting garden and am loving your blog posts. I’ve made not of all of your favorites and have added them to my list of hopefuls! I would love love to introduce parrot tulips to my collection of my already planted purple ones!

  130. Jillian mcfadyen on

    I love tulips and so does my mom! This year I ordered over 150 for me to plant for her that way she can pull them all herself rather than continue to buy them from the store each week! While the regular ones have some georgeous colors I too love the double and fringe varieties. How beautiful they are with so many layers! The parrots are so fun with all the bright colors. This year I ordered some “blue” ones which are a nice rich dark purple/blue…I’ll be excited to see how they truly look in person once they bloom!

  131. Suzanne on

    I think the simple elegant Darwins are my favorite, but I love them all. Parrots are so special and showy so I always plant a few more each year. I’ve a real fondness for the red and yellow parrots. So dramatic!

  132. Kate on

    I have a brand new home, and a brand new yard to fill with brand new flowers – how exciting! I don’t have any tulip bulbs planted yet, but that Professor Roentgen has definitely peaked my interest! Thanks for the wonderful pictures and post.

  133. Stephanie walker on

    Right now, none, which is why I would truly love to win some bulbs!

  134. Carly on

    My son and I lovvvve tulips! We planted lily and parrot type this year. I would love to try more varieties!!!

  135. Mara on

    Got my hands on some La Belle and soooo excited for her this year. Also Apricot Parrot, Black Parrot, and about ten others. Tulips are one of my most favorite flowers.

  136. Jen Zimmerman on

    I am a fairly new gardener, love trying new things every year! An all white garden is on my bucket list. Your tulips look amazing, would be thrilled to try any of them. Thank you for sharing your growing information, so inspiring and helpful!

  137. Natanya on

    I would love to win some of these beauties! I am currently working on getting some double angelique, Maureens, and some pretty yellow ones planted. Would love to add some differentry varieties to my lil flower farm here at Enchanted Oaks! ;) ♡ ♡ ♡

  138. chris bouchard on

    Currently, just clusters of red tulips. I’m finally adding some daffodils this year but these tulips would be a fabulous addition to my gardens!

  139. Karen on

    The tulips in our rural landscape were rescued from a site where deer were ravaging them, and I was invited to dig them up and replant them at our house. I don’t know what kind they are, but they bring pleasure and smiles.

  140. Olen on

    I just love what you’re doing! Such an inspiration. We just bought a new place and only had boring, uber old growth, leggy red tulips. I would love to add some of the Professor Roentgen and Apricot Parrot to my new space. Thanks.

  141. Jill R. on

    I am looking for the perfect varieties of tulips for our spring garden! First year with tulips!

  142. LindaQ on

    I used to have lots of tulips around my yard…but that was before the chipmunks and rabbits moved in! I have tried all sorts of remedies including wrapping bulbs in hardware cloth and would welcome any solutions! Planting in a hoop house would at least keep out the rabbits so maybe I will try that…
    I love the Lily flowered tulips, Angelique & Peach Melba double early tulips. In the landscape I like early flowering tulips so I can enjoy them before I replace them with annual flowers. One year I planted so many bulbs that I had to be treated for ‘tennis elbow’!

  143. Jane on

    The parrot tulips are absolutely amazing!… Thank you!

  144. Missy on

    I love the the old-fashioned, heirloomy-look of all your favorites, especially the La Belle Epoque. I have the tiny Tulip Clusiana planted around the mailbox base. I sure need some of these lovelies, too.

  145. C. Jeanne on

    I have a variety of tulip bulbs chilling in my fridge now. One of my favorites is Moulin Rouge – it starts as a pale yellow with deep rose edging then, as it ages, the rose blends into the yellow. Catalog photos don’t do it justice (and are not very accurate). I also look forward to the blooming pastel parrots, Rembrandt’s and any “black” tulip.

  146. Laura on

    I’m planting Estella Rijnveld beautiful cream and red parrots and Angelique which is the softest pink. I must put Apricot Parrot and Black Hero on my list for next year!

  147. Yuliya B. on

    I don’t have any tulips in my garden right now but I bought a bag of Angelique tulips I am excited about. I would love this collection as well. Thank you!

  148. lyndsey on

    I’d love to try planting some white ones!

  149. KaCee Shepherd on

    Tulips are among my favorite flowers! I am hoping to plant peony and parrot tulips this year!

  150. Kitty Knapp on

    Parrot tulips are my all time favorite, planted under an ancient apple tree they are a fabulous surprise in the spring!??❤️

  151. Ruth Meredith on

    I have peony tulips in my beds. I just love them

  152. Kate on

    I love every kind of tulip possible – especially pink ones. However, my all time favorite tulip is “El Nino”. The foliage is variegated green with deep purple spots. The blooms are elogated french tulips, that change as the tulip ages – from deep golden yellow to orange to deep pink and purple! Striking!!!

  153. jill j. on

    Beautiful! We haven’t had tulips in years because of voles, deer and other varmints. I would love to try planting them in large pots and/or an old trough inside the garden. These are absolutely gorgeous!

  154. Valerie in RVA on

    I’m a pushover for any tulip that comes with a good story! Is it a bulb discovered in the smuggled hull of a trade ship years ago? Is it the mysterious bloom that popped up every year in your great-grandmother’s back yard? Bring them on! A great resource for heirloom tulip (and other) bulbs is Old House Gardens. They offer tulips whose stock they trace back to the 1800’s – gorgeous and amazing.

  155. Sandy on

    I was given some plain white ones (that I planted) a number of years ago, but I also consider their shape boring. I was just recently looking into adding the unique. Thank you for your suggestions and planting tips.

  156. Tonya on

    I actually really like single tulips :/

  157. Valorie on

    I love tulips! All kinds, all varieties and colors. Last year I tried to go with a theme of pinks, oranges and purples. I don’t recall their exact names. I would love to be entered! Thank you so much! You are such an inspiration and a lovely lady.

  158. Liz on

    Hello Tulips! I know, deep in my soul (as winter quickly closes in, here in Vermont), that tulips will be our saving GRACE in the spring. Thanks for sharing your favorites with us.

  159. Ashley E H on

    We have only recently moved to our land and are slowly planting. I haven’t planted tulips yet, but they are on my list. Parrot tulips are stunning!

  160. Julie Adolf on

    Tulips are my favorite flower, and I plant hundreds. Last year, I planted the ‘Impressions’ series, but I think ‘Angelique’ is my favorite. Happy planting!

  161. Gina on

    Waiting on a large order of narcissus bulbs. Thought I’d just stick to one type of bulb this year – my first year flower farming – but what the heck, I’d love to try some tulips! Per usual, your post has me swooning! Hopefully I’ll earn the confidence this year to go all in on a tulip order next year. Fingers crossed!

  162. Jackie - Tierra Blooms on

    This is my first year planting lots of tulips for cut flower production and have about 9 different varieties chosen. Would love to try these that you suggested. Thanks for this post!

  163. Kari on

    Sadly, I don’t have any tulips growing in my garden! ?? but I would love to add some!

  164. Kathleen Murphy on

    Every year I try to order some amazing heirloom varieties from Old House Gardens in Michigan. Not only are the bulbs the highest quality but you can also grow the same varieties grown by kings and queens, poets and artists and learn the fascinating history of each.

  165. Terri M on

    Love the apricot ones especially!

  166. Andrea on

    I haven’t planted tulips, but I’m considering trying them out. I appreciate the tips and varieties you have recommended. Somewhere I’ll find room to squeeze them in!

  167. Kristy on

    I am loving all your recommendations. The new one I found that I am excited about is: Elt ‘Bleu Aimable’ tulip. The blue eye in the photo has me curious. I also picked up some Backpacker tulips. I love the peony/double ones.

  168. Amy F. on

    Tulips are on my list for this year, and Black Hero is one of the varieties I want to try. Glad to see it’s on your list!

  169. Erin Smith on

    I am just starting out with my flowers this year and very much looking forward to the spring. Thank you for some wonderful ideas for planting tulip bulbs. I currently have zero planted but hopefully will have a great crop come Spring.

  170. Liz on

    I have very few tulips in my garden right now so I would love to plant some of these varieties this fall!

  171. Tammy Howard on

    Love the Darwin varieties. I will start treating the tulips as annuals, although the upfront cost for bulbs is tough-I think it will help with my little flower farm. Always do mother’s day tulip bouquets for my flower CSA. Thanks for the variety suggestions!

  172. Linda M on

    I always grow Angelique for my Mother & apricot parrots for me. This season I am also trying some Irene parrots. Thank you for the blog….always learn something new!

  173. Tonya on

    This is my first year to plant tulips in my new place as a flower farmer. I already have ordered several types, including the double flowering. I am thinking of adding a few of the types you suggested. Their all so beautiful; it’s easy to go a little tulip crazy?

  174. Lindsay Falcone on

    Tulips are one of my favorites and I had no idea there were so many different varieties! I love the Apricot Parrot pictured above, truly gorgeous! I was recently married on the 19th, and my husband and I have been in our house for about a year. Sadly I don’t have any bulbs planted in my garden/yard at all yet! I received some for my bridal shower however and they are going in this fall. I love your blog and your Instagram! Always so beautiful and inspirational.

  175. Anna on

    I love tulips but haven’t put much effort into growing them! Would love to try!

  176. Lacy Edwards on

    The only tulips in the garden surrounding my 120 year old farmhouse are a few yellow, gangly leftovers from the previous owner, which makes them at least 15 years old. Even gangly & smallish, I appreciate their simple color & beauty every spring. After years of working on our farmhouse, we are (finally!) working on the gardens surrounding our home. Some beautiful new tulips would be a welcome addition!

  177. Cassie P. on

    Curious to try Professor Roentgen! Growing mostly doubles and parrots for 2016! Can’t wait!

  178. Rachel Costenbader on

    Two of my perennial favorites are Negrita and Red Impression. I also love the species tulips.

  179. Lisa on

    Such beauty! Belle Epoque is just luscious! I am trying Menton and Dordogne for spring, which also look gorgeous. Can’t wait for your book! Thank you.

  180. Nancy Tucker on

    I used to plant parrot tulips at our house, but the deer destroyed them all. Now that I have a plot at the community garden, I can try again!

  181. Becky on

    I love Angelique, parrot, funky and double flowering tulips as well. However, the standard tulips do really well in my roadside stand.

  182. Heidi on

    I am just in the process of purchasing a new home this month.. so I am excited to plant some fresh bulbs! These look just beautiful! Thank you for sharing :)

  183. Laura Fuortes on

    Last year I planted cool crystal, a fringed tulip, and Rococo, a dark parrot tulip, and a ton of Angelique. The anticipation is killer, I love tulips!

  184. Krisztina L. on

    I’ve never grown tulips. I have Irises though :-). Would love to try and grow more unique varieties of different flowers and plants; to help and watch them grow. Thank you for sharing!

  185. Allison on

    Lovely! I’m growing tulips for the first time this year. I am trying uncle tom, apricot beauty, queen of the night, daydream yellow, mount tacoma, and angelique. I am really attracted to the double tulips that don’t look like tulips as well!

  186. Kristin on

    I LOVE Queen of the Night.

  187. Conor on

    My wife and I just have a few standard colors right now. We re-landscaped our front yard this past year and have a few spots we are planning on adding tulips in for next year. Beautiful varieties here. Thank you for the ideas!!

  188. pam on

    Bulb Porn!

  189. Chelsea on

    No tulips yet! I’m a brand new flower farmer this year, having almost completed MSU’s Organic Farmer Training Program where I managed the cut flower field called “Michigan West”. Next season I’ll be on Two Hounds Farm in Milford, MI with my partner, Jason. He currently does diversified veggies for farmers markets and a mini CSA. I’m using half his field next year to grow annuals and 7 dahlia corms. (corns? I forget, anyways the corms are from our OFTP instructor’s grandfather’s farm, we call them Grandpa Burnett’s since we don’t know the varieties) I won’t have bulbs next year, as lack of money persists of course, but I have a plan for them to be included in year two. I am peony crazed, so I will be after those peony like varieties. I also must be a sucker for flower varieties named after Professors, as P. Roentgen looks like it could be a new fav.

  190. Jillian Wing on

    These are lovely!!! We grow some of the standard yellow and red ones, but I love these ideas. These are much more my style!!! Thanks for sharing!

  191. Stacy Robbins on

    Thank you for the informative post…I’ve grown dahlias, zinnias and sunflowers for the 2nd time this year…ready to move on to adding spring bulbs!

  192. May on

    After moving into an old farmhouse four years ago I still haven’t planted any tulips! Hopefully I’ll win and this will get me going

  193. Donna Boucher on

    We planted 100 Big Ups a few years ago- love the color assortment!

  194. laura on

    I’d really like to try the Black Hero and La Belle Epoque. I’m off to search for a good bulb source now.

  195. Kim on

    White triumphator is a long-time favorite!

  196. Lori on

    I’ve only ever had the basic varieties! These are gorgeous!

  197. Shari D on

    I just planted a bunch of Angelique tulips. Now you’re making me think I need more tulips in my garden!

  198. Rochelle Wall on

    While I don’t currently have any tulips planted in my garden, it’s something I miss from my childhood; the first spring blooms, along with daffodils and camellias.

    I would be thrilled to grow some gorgeous tulips for cutting! Thank you for the delightful opportunity!

  199. Colette Nonenmacher on

    I usually plant new tulips every year and get them at Costco this year in particular I wanted to do all-white I have never had the parrot tulips I would love them and especially the apricot and white. I am now a fan of the unique.

  200. Donna Lee on

    I have about 300 tulips, and am planning to plant more in November, along with quite a few crocus. Mine are more Darwin Hybrids, a few Unicum, Cottage, and Single Early. I’m SW of Denver, so I welcome those first signs of spring with the anticipation of a child before Christmas. Even though I love the early bloomers, I’m always thrilled when, after the other tulips have ended their show, the late bloomers arrive for another. I used to have quite a few Parrot, so would love to have the ones you are offering. I love to photograph tulips, even in macro, but it looks like my new favorites are the ones you mentioned, especially La Belle Epoque. I can imagine the variety of images I can create with that beauty.

  201. Elise Luck on

    WOW! These tulips are beautiful. I am excited for fall bulb season and am growing Akebono and Sensual Touch which are new to me.

  202. Meriwether on

    I love Spring Green, which have lasted for years in my garden, Menton, Apricot Beauty and Apricot Parrot.

  203. Delores on

    We just bought three acres so I’m excited about establishing a new big garden. I’m looking forward to planting Parrot tulips and Angelique tulips.

  204. Wendy on

    I really liked the Dordogne this year, those coral tones…so fun to have some brightness after a long winter!

  205. Lynn on

    Oh my gosh!! I’m already seriously thinking about putting in the out of the ordinary parrots in, and yes, here they only last one time blooming, we just dont’t get cold enough long enough for repeat flowers. As the daffodils, I love unusual, and would be so honored to have your bulbs! Thank you for the give-a-way!

  206. Linda Wong Garl on

    Love tulips! Thanks for the great tulip information! I haven’t been planting them deep enough and someone has been eating the bulbs!!! Would love to get started by planting tulips once again!!! Love the peony type flower too!
    Thanks for all you do for us and for all that you share! Happy Fall…one of my favorite seasons…but I guess I love them all for different reasons!

  207. Linda in Arlington on

    I couldn’t be happier this morning! Your blog answered all the questions that were on my mind yesterday. And, you offered more advice about planting. Thank you so much. I will be looking for some of the taller varieties this year. I plant my tulips in planters away from my resident browsing deer. My favorite colors are orange and purple. I don’t order from catalogs (probably a big mistake) relying on my local discount stores to offer the colors/variety I like. Like you, I love the parrot, fringed, and green striped tulips. Next year, I will plan better and order some of your suggested varieties. Living near the foothills, rain is an enemy of open long stem tulips. I noticed you are picking them closed. I will try this next year, too. But, to fully experience the joy of long stem everything, on my bucket list is a hoop house. Thanks, again, for sharing your knowledge.

  208. Kathy on

    Thank you! You have helped me decide what tulips to plant this year. I’d especially love to try the Professor Roentgen and Apricot Parrot tulips, also Greenland. They’re gorgeous!

  209. Ruth Lil. on

    I had a few mixed purple tulips last year, to see how they did in my conditions, and although they’re definitely an annual here, I love to see them, and will definitely be planting more. I love your selections, away from my usual color choices but I think I’m a convert, the future is apricot.

  210. Ellie Just on

    I’m sure many people who tell you this on a daily basis, but you are truly an inspiring woman.
    Anyways, the tulips I have on the list for next spring are Professor Roetgen, Greenland, and Renown Unique.

  211. Annette on

    GORGEOUS! Intrigued by the photo showing you harvesting bulb and all for longer life. I recently moved and have no tulips in my garden.

  212. Katherine Seeburger on

    Thank you for this post! It is wonderful to share this type of info with clients so they have a deeper appreciation, née love, for the flowers they will hold and which will surround their guests!! I currently grow Queen of the Night and Angelique tulips… but it looks like I have a few more varieties that need to find their way into my garden this fall! Thank you so much for the info and inspiration!!

  213. Denise on

    So gorgeous! Looking forward to those beautiful blooms helps get me through winter.

  214. Chrisann McElroy on

    I am a (very) new gardener and have never grown tulips! This post was so helpful in understanding how many different varities there are. I also find the shape of the standard tulip to be rather charmless and love more full, layered, and blousy flowers. I love following your business! Thanks for all of the great information.

  215. Paige I on

    I only have a few plain white tulips! I can’t wait to plant some of these varieties!

  216. Risë on

    My gardens need tulips! There are a few old and tired red ones…would love to plant some new ones!

  217. Mindy Lord on

    You know, I’ve just recently started to grow a liking for tulips. Now that I think about it, it is because I am most familiar with the commercialized Easter tulips around my area. However, your varieties are absolutely beautiful and authentic! If I had to choose, the mixed parrot tulips, salmon in particular, would be my first choice to drop in dirt and reap the beauty in Spring!

  218. Lauren Ketcham on

    Love the look of the peony-type tulips; excited to try this out in the field!

  219. flora on

    You’ve convinced me to grow tulips! Thinking about the frilly and multi-colored ones.

  220. Katie on

    I do not have tulips in the garden yet but I am planting them this fall in a special spot in the garden in honor of our newborn baby girl!

  221. Mary Ann on

    This is my first year planting tulips in my Brooklyn garden. Tulips are such a lovely and welcome surprise in the Spring after a long dreary city winter. They change the entire street! Inspired by some of the gorgeous varieties at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, I am looking at planting Synaeda Blue Triumph Tulip, Hakuun Darwin Hybrid Tulip and Ollioules Darwin hybrid Tulip. I even love Rococo Parrot Tulip. I would love to add more varieties to make my street even more beautiful. Thanks!

  222. Nanc on

    I have one favorite in my garden. I don’t have the name anymore but it has pink and white blooms with a touch of green.

  223. Ashley Eubank on

    For the first time in years I live in a house with a yard. I am so excited to plant pretty everything!! Unfortunately, I don’t have any tulips yet but if I did, it would be Professor Roentgen!!

  224. Rachel on

    I’m so excited about my tulips this year! I’m planting some new varieties this year (many of the ones you listed) and I feel all giddy inside whenever I think about them. But you mentioned a couple that I’ll definitely be adding to my list for next year!!

  225. Karen Lee on

    What lovely tulips! You’re inspiring me to dig out a new patch of garden for some more tulip varieties!

  226. Rebecca on

    I would love to try some of the Black Hero tulips!

  227. Marian Grems on

    It’s been a long time since tulips have graced my garden. This post has been so helpful.
    Apricot Parrot, Renown Unique, and La Belle Epoque are at the top of my list. Thanks for the beautiful photographs ~ it’s easy to be inspired!

    • Lindsay Wasko on

      I’ve never grown tulips before! My mither grew very basi tulips and I nber liked them much. This summer, I started working on a farm in portland Oregon that grows some flowers in addition to produce, and I I’ve become totally enthrall was by florals. You’re Instagram has opened my eyes to so many varieties that I never knew existed! I’d particularly love to grow some of the parrot varieties you’ve mentioned! They have so much movement in their shape, texture, and palate! Thank you for sharing so much of your experience with us!

  228. ang on

    I would love to plant some parrot tulips. Thanks!

    • Cristina on

      Parrot tulips in light pink and peach for my daughter’s wedding.

    • Deirdre Morris on

      exotic emperor- fosteria is a tulip I have in my yard . I would look forward to experimenting with other tulips.

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