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August 4th 2015

Floret made Country Living!

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I am not a patient person by nature. I want everything, yesterday. So waiting an entire year to see this story in print was tough. But holy cow, was it ever worth the wait!


Never in my wildest dreams did I expect that we’d get nine pages. When the writer sent me a screenshot from her iPad last week, my jaw about hit the floor. What an incredible surprise!! A huge thank you to Country Living and writer Christine Chitnis for so beautifully telling our story.

If you want to see the spread for yourself, it just hit newsstands last week.


  1. Stephanie Abernathy on

    I loved the article in County Living. I have read it twice, and put it in my flower articles to save!

  2. Country Living, September Issue | Christine Chitnis on

    […] gorgeous, the pictures by Stephanie Rausser are stunning and it was such a pleasure getting to know Erin of Floret Flower Farm.  All in all, a great win!  I hope you’ll grab a copy of the September issue (on stands […]

  3. Suesen on

    Just recevied my Country Living Magazine ! So impressed with your 9 page write up! I would love to attend a upcoming workshop! Now semi retired and wanting to follow my heart in farming /flowers . Currently living in Southern California in Idyllwild Ca . On 5acs with lots of Jeffery Pines ! So if your planning on a workshop in my area that would be great if I could attend or I can travel to another as well ! Looking forward to my new creative small flower farm . Congrats to you and your family .

  4. Marla C. on

    ….one day classes….hooray! Please say you are coming to the Midwest….would love to attend one of these classes and help me kickstart my “mid-life” endeavor!

  5. Gillian McCulloch on

    Congratulations to you Erin. You must be thrilled to bits. I’ve just put a link to your site on my blog so that other gardeners, florists, and growers in the UK can find you. Please could you take a quick look to see if this is acceptable to you? Thanks for sharing what you have learned about growing beautiful flowers. Gillian

  6. Penelope on

    What a beautiful article! Congratulations!

  7. Carolyn T on

    Wonderful article……it said that you are going on tour with your workshops in 2016…..was this your big fall announcement you spoke about last month?? I do hope you will be holding Washington workshops too…..I’ve been cleared by my husband to do one next year – itching to get signed up!

  8. Jessica on

    Whoop whoop big congrats from VA proud of you and all that hard work!

  9. Kristann on

    I just saw this article today as I was reading the magazine, and when I finished swooning, I raced over to my computer to find out more about you and your lovely farm. What a beautiful business and life you have created for yourself, and thank you so much for sharing it with the world!

  10. Emilia on

    Mine came last night and immediately went to look for your article. Awesome photos and congratulations on your success, it is well deserved!

  11. Judy on

    Mine came in my mailbox! What a treat. Can’t wait to hear more about your ‘traveling’ one-day workshops.

  12. Phillis Jones on

    Wow! Just got Country Living! So happy for you Erin and your whole team. My friends think I’m a celebrity because I went to your July workshop and now you are famous (again) in yet another beautiful article. Keep on doing what you are doing. Excellent on all levels.

  13. Lona on

    I just found out about you because of this magazine! I have always wanted to work with flowers and was so happy to read about your beautiful soul filled flower farm. What a tremendous article. Congratulations on all of your hard work…to you, to your family…to all who labor in love over those sweet flowers on the farm. I hope my lucky stars will one day align and I’ll be able to visit or take one of your workshops. Cheers to you!

  14. Lynn on

    Beautiful article!! When you’re down and overwhelmed, remember how blessed you are and what an incredible inspiration you are to so many, as you’re so real and honest. My goal is one day to have the opportunity to attend one of your workshops, and you start my day every morning checking what gorgeous photo you’ve posted on instagram. Thank you and big congratulations!!

    • Laurie Pye / Maple Meadows Farm on

      Wonderful post , I totally agree. We have started a Cut Your Own flower farm and now an event center for weddings and other special events. Erin’s tenacity and honest blogging has been a true touchstone and a constant inspiration for me. Bravo on your magazine spread … you and your family have worked very hard to get here.

  15. Elizabeth on

    Ever since reading your article I’ve been looking at every photo you’ve posted on Instagram. What a blessing to be surrounded by so many beautiful flowers every day. I even ripped a page out to give to a friend of mine..she used to be a florist and this would be a dream come true for her. I had her hang it up so she can be reminded of her dream every day. You are such an inspiration for people to follow their hearts and dreams. xo Liz

  16. Carla on

    Saw your article in CL and searched you out online to see more. You have a beautiful business and this very amateur flower gardener/arranger is in awe. Following your blog now and hope to use your “how-to’s” for my daughter’s upcoming October wedding arrangements. I feel like I’ve stumbled on something really, really big! Thanks so much for sharing online your techniques and photos.

  17. Rona on

    HUGE Congratulations Erin! Such an amazing spread…and well deserved. :-) x

  18. Katie on

    WOW!!!!!!!! Beautiful photos and so exciting that it is 9 pages long! :) Congratulations!!!!!!

  19. Corina on

    Wow, wow and wow! Nine pages, and gorgeous pictures! And they call you Dalia Lama, right? You deserve this!


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