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January 27th 2012

digging in

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With the Year of the Dragon finally upon us I’m slowly settling into a new rhythm and a new approach. From New Years day through to this week, I’ve been preparing myself for the shift. Cleaning out old spaces, old memories, painting over the past and transforming what has always been into something that finally feels like ME.
How is it that I’ve lived with things that are so unworkable and so depleting without pausing long enough to really take notice or change them?
Years have gone by and I’ve just resigned myself to “the way things are” as if they are solid and unchangeable. It’s funny how something as simple as painting or purging a space can shed light on negative patterns at play in your life. If I’m taking this approach in simple areas like my home or business, where else have I resigned myself to living with what is, rather than creating what I want?
Some weeks back we had a bonfire and burned much of the past. So many things that have caused pain and sadness were being stored in our home. Why on earth have I been holding onto such poison and for so, very, long? Into the fire it went.
What an amazing sensation, seeing all of it burn up and disappear.


There is still a little more to go but not a lot. Another weekend of digging in and sorting and I think we’ll be close. From now on I only want to be surrounded by things that bring me joy or inspiration, happiness or laughter.  No more darkness or regret.



While we are doing this purging on a physical level, I’m also digging into these same patterns inside myself. Negative beliefs, a rotten attitude, it’s all up for review. While it’s exhausting work all around, I certainly feel lighter and more myself.
So, with Einstein’s Insanity definition in mind,
“doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”
I’m really working to approach things from a fresh perspective in this New Year.



  1. Minximation on

    That post was great and so on track for my life also, am in the process of purging and clearing. It's so important to be able to be surrounded by things that make you feel happy and the joy of life. The year of the dragon is a strong year, its also a symbolic year of change. The chinese new year always resonates very strongly with me (being chinese) and the transition between the western new year and the chinese is always one for change, release both physically and emotionally. I wish you all the best for this fresh start in this new year and look forward to seeing more of your work!

  2. julie on

    such a beautiful post….& quite uncanny, as it described exactly how i have been feeling of late (clearing out my house, really looking at all the things i have & only keeping those that trully move my heart, as well as looking more within than ever before) – perhaps i should look up the "year of the dragon" to find the significance there….it sounds like u r on a gorgeous journey / thanks for sharing. xxx

  3. Floret on

    I have tried D/S, just this fall, and it worked well. But I plant much of my stuff into fabric covered beds so transplants are necessary.

  4. edi gardner on

    Erin, I was reading your article on bupleurum. Am a bit mixed since most suggest direct seeding due to poor transplant. Have you tried direct seeding?

  5. Molly Piper on

    Truly brilliant thinking and doing, thank you for this and all your beautiful work and lovely family.

  6. edi gardner on

    You have your treasures right there and that is all one needs! Well, your flowers too for that is no ordinary love :-)

  7. Candylei on

    So true! Set yourself free of negativity. Such a good feeling isn't it? I love the pictures. We have bonfires here once a year from clearing land.

  8. Linadlou on

    Thank You for this inspiration. I too have been purging, editing my whole house. I love your fire!
    I am a Water Dragon, which means I will be 60 this year. It is my year for sure. It makes my heart happy to see such a young woman "get it". Many Blessings to you and your family.

  9. millefeuilles on

    Inspiring words from a beautiful soul.

    Good luck with embracing the real you.



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