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May 12th 2011

Baby Report

Written by

 Wanna peek in on the babies ?

 Little Fennel is rocking a SERIOUS hairdo these days! Doesn’t she remind you of the Church Lady?

Everyone is growing up around these part. The chick have crossed over and are looking more and more “grown up” everyday.

The greenhouse is bursting at the seams with what feels like a million new lives.

 Even though we’ve been planting like maniacs there are still so many seedlings on the floor, covering every square inch of the tables, stacked and scattered outside in the holding area and in every little nook and cranny I can find.

If the soil would warm up and dry out these little babies could be set free but for now we are all practicing a whole lot of patience.

Yesterday another round of wet came through leaving inches of unneeded moisture .
So for now, we’re all holding tight and praying for the sun : )


  1. flwrjane on

    that is one crazy chick!

    If lady gaga got a peek at her i think we'd see a whole new look going on!

    xo jane

  2. Bellenza Wedding Bistro on

    Reading this post made me truly marvel at the wonder of new life–chicks, ducklings, seedlings!

  3. webb on

    What are the ducks doing in with the chicks? Really.

  4. Belinda @ Wild Acre on

    If we could only swap our sun for your rain.

    That chick has one kicking '80s big 'do. Bless!


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