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April 5th 2019

#AYearInFlowers Week 14

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Our daffodil patch has finally exploded into bloom and I find myself rerouting my path multiple times throughout the day just to peek at each new variety as it opens. Every spring when the daffodils appear I thank myself for having invested the time and energy into planting them the previous autumn.

A Week In Flowers Daffodils at Floret Farm Week 14

Daffodils in bloom at Floret Flower Farm A Year in Flowers Week 14

These fragrant, cheerful blooms are a welcome sight after a long, cold winter in western Washington and deserve to take center stage in this week’s #AYearInFlowers post.

Daffodil and narcissus bouquet from Floret Flower Farm A Year in Flowers Week 14

This Week 14 bouquet includes Spirea ‘Bridal Veil’, Narcissus ‘Ice King’, ‘Sailboat’, ’Orange Comet’ and ‘Erlicheer’.

If you’re just joining us, #AYearInFlowers is a simple way to share what is blooming in your garden or in your area. Each week I’m sharing a snippet of what’s in bloom in my garden as well as a few community submissions from Facebook and Instagram to feature here on the Floret Blog. Additional information on how to participate is posted below.

A quick note about the week number: week numbers are commonly used in the floriculture industry and are standardized across the years. Even though we’re entering the third week of the #AYearInFlowers project, this is the 14th week of the year.

I include the week number here on the blog and in my social media captions in order to be able to easily compare what’s blooming each week from year to year. Plus, by using the #week14flowers hashtag on Instagram, you can quickly sort photos and compare what’s in bloom this week in different areas of the world.

On Monday, I’ll be posting my week 15 flowers to social media. If you’re participating on Instagram, please add the #week15flowers and#AYearInFlowers hashtags to your caption.

Daffodils in bloom at Floret Flower Farm A Year in Flowers Week 14

I’d love to see what is in bloom near you. Here’s how to participate in #AYearInFlowers: 

1) Capture. 

Take a photo of flowers that are in season in your area, whether it is a fistful of flowers from your backyard or a bouquet from your local farmers market.

2) Post. 

On Instagram, upload your photo and tag it with #AYearInFlowers;

On Facebook, upload your photo as a comment under my weekly post. 

3) Share. 

In your photo caption, please share what flowers are featured (if you know them) along with your location and date. Bonus points for listing your USDA hardiness zone and week number (i.e. #week14flowers) 

Here are a few submissions posted over the past week:

From over on Facebook:

“Last week of March in Anaheim , Ca…. the first flush of sweet peas, last of snowdrop lillys, Coco Loco rose, last of freesias, evergreen geranium.” By Teresa Martinez

“Near Brussels, Belgium – ‘local flowers for local businesses’ bouquet of the week with tulips, daffodils ‘Replete’ quince, silverberry greens and amelanchier.” By Yo De Beule

“Tulips, ranunculus, daffodils. And Daisy the dog! Harvested March 24, Northern California, Redwood Roots Farm” By Janet Czarnecki

A big thank you to everyone who shared photos so far. I can’t wait to see what is blooming near you next week!


  1. Lourdes on

    Your daffodils are a dream!! Thank you for sharing so much beauty. Here in Texas my daffodils are done blooming but they were wonderful. I love the week in flowers project and enjoy sharing what we have blooming in the Lone Star state.

  2. beppyannk on

    I can’t believe my flowers (bulbs and corms from Floret of course) are on the Floret blog. I’m just thrilled to pieces! Thanks Erin! I’m loving following this project and seeing what’s popping up where!

  3. Olivia on

    Dear Erin,

    Thank you for all these amazing posts!! I have no flowers growing yet to snap. It’s my first year of growing cut flowers, so I’m a bit of a newbie :-) I’m hoping I might have a few things ready for a wedding I’m arranging for in May, but we’ll see…!
    I love what you do, it’s wonderful, thank you for being such an inspiration. It’s because of your book that I decided to grow my own flowers. I can’t imagine all of the work and hours it must take you to grow so many beautiful blooms, photograph and write about them. Great great work. Thanks for all that you are doing.

    Greetings from (rainy) England!


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