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May 17th 2012

a little helpful how-to

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Next months issue of Growing For Market (I’m the flower columnist) will include an article on how to make a simple bridal bouquet using garden flowers. If you’re a grower who is considering taking on weddings in the near future or need a little brush up on technique, this was made especially with you in mind  : )

A yearly subscription is only $36 and is worth every penny!








  1. Shanti on

    I can't wait. I am so appreciative of your growing for market articles – they have taught me so much. And I just love seeing all your flowers.

  2. Josephine Rose on

    As soon as we can get off unemployment, that'll be my first purchase!

  3. Rona on

    I love the delicate shades of apricot ranunculus you've used for this bouquet…absolutely stunning!

  4. Erin on

    So excited and thanks for your article about helpful tools and supplies in the recent print edition!

  5. botanical brouhaha on

    Oh my goodness…so glad you posted this! I had a subscription to Growing for Market for many years. Definitely think it's time to renew!

  6. Eat Live Love on

    Wow, such a gorgeous arrangement!!! I would love that in my house! :)


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