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December 31st 2010

Walking Into Town

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I giant hailstorm passed over our wee valley this week. Thunder, lighting , black clouds, intense sun… all in a matter of minutes. Strangest part, while we got a light dusting of frozen pellets, a mere mile down the road it’s a winter wonderland. Icy roads, frozen parking lots and white roofs. We even saw a snowman!
I’m a chicken driver in the snow/ice so yesterday we bundled up and walked the two miles into town for lunch and a few groceries.  A totally lovely reward after way too many hours trapped in my office filling out seed, plant and bulb orders for the upcoming season.

Today I’m hustling to get more paperwork out of the way so we can get back outside to enjoy a sunny break in the weather and still have time to work on New Years intentions/goal board collages.

Wishing you a  lovely day filled with big dreams,giant wishes and bold declarations for the New Year!!

See you on the other side!

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