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July 14th 2015

This Week on the Farm: Week 25

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IMG_4693The weather has continued to be warm and dry. We got a very brief (under an hour) downpour that left everything sparkly and feeling fresh. I had forgotten how magical it feels to stand in a field of flowers, harvesting in a downpour. If you’d told me I’d be typing that this winter, I’d have laughed. Over the years I’ve spent a good deal of time wishing out loud that we farmed somewhere with more sun and dry weather. Careful what you wish for I guess!

IMG_4607 IMG_4589Our next Floret floral design workshop starts this Friday. We have ladies flying in from around the world to learn with us. I’ve been worrying that the field won’t live up to their expectations. Normally this time of year it’s so lush and abundant. Instead things are golden and crispy. But there’s nothing I can do about it and it’s probably really great that they all see what flower farmers go through to grow them all of their pretty blooms. When people ask how we get such big, healthy flowers, Chris likes to joke that our secret ingredients are: blood, sweat and tears. I guess they’ll see that that’s actually the truth.

IMG_4793IMG_4635In between dragging hoses, harvesting flowers and preparing for the workshop, the team and I have been working on something very, very special. It’s seriously the most special project we’ve ever taken on (more than the book even) and I can’t wait to share it with you later this fall. We are pouring our hearts and minds and even little pieces of our souls into it. You guys are gonna freak.

Well, the crew is out there working away and I’ve gotta run and join them. We’ve got just three days to whip this little farm into shape and prepare for the workshop. Wishing you a lovely and productive week.


  1. Drea on

    You do not know how you are teasing us with that special fall surprise!! I truly can’t hardly wait! Please hurry and announce it ASAP! ;)

    • diane lind on

      how lucky we are to have you here in the valley making it even more beautiful.

  2. Melissa Donovan on

    I am so in love with flowers and have been blessed with a little piece of property to plant. I can envision rows of flowers around the property to walk through.

    When I look at your rows of delphinium I just fall in love…but are you direct swwding ir are you transplanting seedlings you started in a hoop house?

    What is an average length of your rows and how much seed , i.e in weight do you have to buy to fill up a row?

    Thanks for all you do to inspire and encourage the novice flower gardener :-)

  3. Allicia on

    I really hope it is getting a little bit of your flowers into every flower maniacs garden. Spread the love!

  4. Cindy on

    I can’t WAIT until fall – I need to know NOW! :)
    Enjoy your workshop this week – I look forward to your photo’s of the success of it!

  5. Angie on

    And to think, all this time I’ve been trying to get big, healthy flowers by using earth, wind, and fire.


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