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August 3rd 2011

This Moment (day 3) : Bounty


  1. Susan on

    Beautiful. I wish we were closer, you'd be seeing us as customers everyday. What you're doing makes me so happy!
    Susan {}

  2. julie on

    yum..!! – i cannot believe the amount of flowers u grow on your farm – such an inspiration – i popped out today to buy some more seeds for my garden (foxgloves, aquilegias & cosmos)- minute in comparison to your wealth of flowers, but your little world has made my heart sing!! – thanks for

  3. botanical brouhaha on

    Beauty…everyday…from Floret. I swear I let out a big sigh every time your blog downloads on my screen…aaaahhhh! Thank you!

  4. Soportales 8 on

    Hi Erin!
    Just found your blog by chance, and I love it! I became a follower, I join you in this adventure …
    I love the flower types that I see. The wild flowers in the photos I love!
    My name is Fatima, and work in a flower shop in Spain. I invite you to visit and / or comment on our blog whenever you want.
    A greeting and see you soon!


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