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February 7th 2014

this moment


  1. Flowercard on

    We’ve had no snow whatsoever in the UK this winter, just lots and lots of rain. The weather has now turned warm and some of our flowers are starting to bloom already. Its looking good for a great crop for 2014, hope the outlook is good for you guys too.

  2. Jesi on

    Such a beautiful moment.

  3. Shanti on

    Yay – the anemones begin. I am still hoping for the kind of stem length I saw on yours last year – amazing!

    • Floret on

      I can’t wait to see your crop!!! The major stems came mid way through the season. The early ones are always short.

  4. wasabi honey bee on

    Very pretty!
    Did you get snow up where you are?
    If so, how did the flowers do?

    • Floret on

      Luckily no snow, so far. Our poor friends down in Oregon are getting slammed though.

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