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May 2nd 2011

The Boys

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I’m not sure I know two people more in sync than these guys. They are truly the best of friends.


Chris is passing on everything he knows, from how a combustion engine works and how to read a wiring diagram to how to pop a wheelie on your bike. I can’t imagine having such an awesome Dad!


Jasper’s first words of the morning  have always been, “does Dad have a day off today?”


While Elora spent the weekend in the city with Grandma eating exotic foods and having great fun when busted ass here at home.

Another little break in the rain gave us a chance to start preparing more ground for planting. While Chris tilled the rows, Jasper mowed the paths.
These guys are the best!


  1. Alicia on

    so nice! I like the little tractor ;)

  2. Chris from California on

    What formative years and memories to last a lifetime for your beautiful children. What great parents!

  3. Lotte and Bloom on

    that last picture of the tractors is the best ever, i love it


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