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April 14th 2011


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If I were an element, I would be fire.

Fire is useful for a great many things like accomplishing tasks, pushing through fears, facing monsters, breaking new trail and following through on ones dreams.


But fire, like anything in overabundance, can also be a curse. Lately I have fallen out of balance, blindly charging forward, pushing, pushing, when what would have been the best approach was a little surrender.


It’s as if nature knows just what I need right now in order to be more balanced. She has been bringing an incredible amount of moisture to our little corner of the world. Fields are like lakes, drain fields are so saturated that one load of laundry often brings water up through the floor and we are forced to slow down because the soil is just too wet to work.


 I recently heard the most beautiful quote from actress Michelle Williams, describing the process of playing a strong but vulnerable character. It is the perfect medicine for where I’m at right now.

I want to be like water.
Strong enough to hold up a ship…. but able to slip through your fingers.


  1. Jen of Country Weekend on

    Lovely–very thoughtful. I heard Michelle WIlliams on NPR's Fresh Air yesterday. You can find it online–what an interesting actress. A true breath of fresh air. She would love your flower farm.

  2. Alice and Stuart on

    Beautiful. We wish you the qualities of water, but no more for your fields.


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