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February 24th 2012

super random

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It always feels impossible to take time on the morning of a wedding and document the flowers before we head out the door. Last weekend was no exception and every shot ended up blurry because we were in such a rush. Arghhh! I do wish I would give myself more time. Next time dammit, I’m gonna get it right.


This is the dance I do after delivering the wedding party flowers.

It’s always such a relief to get them safely into the hands of the bride.
How do you all pack up your personal flowers for delivery? My system needs an upgrade!! Any links, tips, tricks, you’d be willing to share? 
Botanical Brouhaha, would you consider doing a post on this theme?! Pretty please?
Send burly vibes our way this weekend! My dynamo Mom is heading up and we’re gonna tear the rat pee soaked ceiling out of the other half of my “studio”and transform the space into someplace worthy of being. I have McKenzie Powell’s studio as my dream goal.
Watch out world! We’ve named the project “Opperation F*%#*ng Rampage”!



  1. Mimi on

    You're right. Mckenzie Powell does have an incredible space. The great light for taking pictures, the hutch of vases, the quaint chalkboard, space. I co-own a tiny boutique flower shop in Westchester, NY. We're praying about getting a space nearby where we could actually have a studio. I already have a mental list of what I'd do in a new space. I hope you create a beautiful space that functions well for you.

  2. Billies Flower House on

    Hi! I use the taller blume boxes as they are stable and pretty and also eco-friendly. They come in lots of colours or just a nice kraft brown. The bride can take them with her in the car/limo for photos or use them on the table during reception if on a budget. We pack them in a flat or box and then just unload them into the brides room/home etc.
    Hope that helps!

  3. McKenzie Powell on

    Good luck on your studio!! Can't wait to see it full of colorful flowers!

  4. Nicole Kanofski on

    Hi there Erin, Nicole from Australia,, when delivering flowers, I use old wooden soda/ milk crates with what you call large mason jars, not only looks georgeous but is fully functional…
    If your hubby is half handy he could whip some up in no time maybe paint them in colour themes?? Jars are easily found in thrift and hardware stores.
    I have the most georgeous rosellas in flower at the moment, cranberry in colour and the are stunning with anything vintage looking very rustic. I find if I display my flowers in these crates and jars at markets, they walk off the shelf…take care, love your work…..

  5. edi gardner on

    :-) now you need a dance in the snow song. Have you tried Seminole? I hear it works great. McKenzie is a doll!

  6. Susan King on

    Can't wait to follow the progress on creating your studio!

    We converted the former milking parlor section of an old barn into our flower design "studio." I call the style, "barn chic." You can see some photos of it at:;=3 (they are mostly near near the end). Think: vintage-rustic farm style.

    Re: delivery. We also like to use vintage pop (er, soda, for those outside the midwest) crates to transport small vases. My husband made a couple really cool carriers that is adjustable for any size larger vase and even buckets. That reminds me that I should take a photo of it and get the measurements to re-create it. It is actually quite an ingenious design that perhaps other growers might want to replicate…

  7. Jennie {Love n Fresh Flowers} on

    I love your "just handed the bride her flowers, whew" dance! I do one that's very similar. ;-) And it's always my favorite part of the delivery process. Regarding how to pack up personal flowers, I used clear glass cylinder vases (can order them from Dollar Tree online) and then use vintage wooden soda crates (I have several…I horde them). The vases fit into them nice a snug and the crate is very stable so I've never had an upset. Makes for easy carrying and good presentation to the bride too. And no soggy cardboard! :-)

    Can't wait to see the results of you and your mom's teamwork this weekend!! Love McKenzie's studio too. Great inspiration!

  8. botanical brouhaha on

    I'm on it, Erin! Look for it next week. I can't wait to see how the studio renovation goes…it should be entertaining (for us) and gorgeous in the end. Note: I ADORE McKenzie Powell's space!! Have a great weekend with your mom :)

  9. webb on

    I don't know about that plan. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a "rat pee soaked" ceiling. It might be a collector's item …. or not! good luck with your project. Can't wait to see the before and after.

  10. Gretel and Steve Adams on

    Hopefully you post some photos of your new studio, we need some inspiration for my studio. We are going to start working on once the tractor is moved out. Good luck.


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