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May 22nd 2015

Seasonal Flower Alliance: May 22

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As I shared earlier in the week, I spent two incredible days with the insanely talented Amy Merrick and Siri Thorson clipping and creating together here at Floret and at Northfield Farms, an extra special little place that I affectionately call “peony paradise.”  Watching these two masters at work was a dream.  It truly is hard to put into words the breathtaking beauty that they create so effortlessly.

For this week’s Seasonal Flower Alliance post, I’m sharing some shots of the magical designs created during our time together.  Are you ready for this?  Hang on to your hats, folks, this is some seriously delicious stuff…




Amy’s footed compote masterpiece includes ranunculus, peonies, autumn ferns, sweet peas, bearded iris, plum foliage, roses, brodea and Icelandic poppies.

Siri’s handheld bouquet, below, features peonies, sweet peas, Icelandic poppies, wild roses and akebia vine.




Meanwhile, I went for the biggest, baddest peonies I could find and paired them with the very last of our sherbet-hued ranunculus and tucked in some ferns and akebia vine.



A huge thanks to Amy and Siri for playing along with this week’s Seasonal Flower Alliance post and a big shout out to the many flower fanatics around the world who also tagged #seasonalfloweralliance over on Instagram.  To close out this week’s post, I’m sharing another fun collage of some of the seasonal flower photos that were tagged this week. I’ve bumped a few of my favorites up to the top of the feed—aren’t they awesome?

Keep tagging your shots with #seasonalfloweralliance and continuing to share the seasonal flower alliance love!


  1. Ben on

    Wow just wow so beautiful are those bunch of flowers.

  2. Raechel on

    Finally starting to get some blooms! Things have been slow to get going after the long cold winter. This is my first arrangement of the season. Lilacs, tulips, and apple blossoms. http://tinyurl.com/m9u6bbl

  3. Sofia on

    What a lovely blog. Your photos and website are a pleasure to view. I was glad to learn about you in the Martha Stewart Living magazine and now to find your blog, as well.

  4. Corinne H on

    I love Amy’s chocolate, peach, and pink, and orange combo. The chocolate plum leaves just pull it all together! And your fluffy hot pink bouquet is so yummy! Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. VillageKid on

    Inspiration, for sure!! Our peonies, in HT, are just starting….might have to do a little more ‘wild’ with our tries in the coming weeks.

    I have to say the “farmboy” with the frog hat is adorable and makes me wonder if he will be part of the next generation of flower farmers!!

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Ginger on

    I can’t get enough of the yumminess!!! But Erin, what is that ruffled peachy yellow hue flower in the center of Amy’s bouquet? In the 2nd photo, at 2 o’clock to that rannunculus in the center of the picture, and there’s one in maroon w/ green eye, slightly to the right and out of focus.

  7. Leslie Oscar on

    When Amy makes those arrangements in compotes, does she use a pinholder? If so, how big and does she attach it to the container with the gummy stuff? (Green “tape” on a roll that you stretch and knead until it becomes sticky and pliable>)


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