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June 19th 2015

Seasonal Flower Alliance: June 19

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I’m a little bit cheating this week since I didn’t get a chance to post my demo bouquet from the workshop and we were in a hurry to get out of town before the rest of the freshly let-out-of-school kids beat us to the campgrounds. These are the quick digital versions, but I can’t wait to see the film shots taken by one of my all time favorite photographers, Heather Payne.

Bouquet includes: peonies, heirloom rambling roses, mock orange, bleeding hearts, sweet pea tendrils and flowers and grasses.



I am continuously inspired by the many great posts tagged with #seasonalfloweralliance over on Instagram.  I love seeing what’s blooming in your neck of the woods!   Since it is British Flowers Week, I thought I’d highlight a couple cuties from our flower friends ‘across the pond.’

Same scene, different day #lazysundays

A photo posted by Anna Potter (@swallowsanddamsons) on

Ready to join in the flowery fun? Here’s a quick summary of how you can participate in the Seasonal Flower Alliance:

1) Snap.  Take a photo of seasonal flowers from your garden, field or that you bought from the farmers market or local flower farm.
2) Tag.  Upload your photo to Instagram with the hashtag #SeasonalFlowerAlliance
3) Share.  In your photo caption, please share what flower varieties are featured (if you know them) along with your location (city, state/province, country).  Optional: add your USDA hardiness zone

Thanks for playing along!



  1. Heather on

    Love this so much, Erin! Waiting impatiently for the film to hit my inbox. xo

  2. Gretchen on

    Okay, so this wasn’t from within 25 miles of my home – but it was all gathered from my Mom’s yard! Peonies, iris, daisies, forget-me-not, something that looks like lacecap hydrangea, and vine-y weeds.

  3. Milu on

    I LOVE the arrangements! They are so fresh, and rustic. And the color combinations are so pretty. Beautiful photographs too. Drawing lots of inspirations from here. :)

  4. Becky Crowley on

    So excited to see one of my pics on here Erin, alongside that of my good friend Anna @swallowsanddamsons. The #seasonalfloweralliance is a beautiful and easy way of connecting with other growers / florists, which I really am grateful for. Thanks so much for all the advice you put out on your blog and instagram, it has been such an enormous help to me in my first year of growing cut flowers. It is all very much appreciated.

  5. Tracey Toole on

    Love the dark black wall you chose for the flower shoot!


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