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August 2nd 2014

The Seasonal Flower Alliance { July 31 }

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Going into the summer I had high hopes for keeping this space loaded with great posts every single week. When declaring my grand intentions back in June to my office manager Jill, she seemed pretty skeptical. At the time I thought she was just being overly cautious, worrying that I might be met with disappointment loading the plate so very full. Well, as usual she was right. There really are only so many hours in the day, as much as I try to deny that fact.

This week 400 mixed bouquets went out the door along with 300 bunches of dahlias, dozens and dozens of buckets of garden treasures and two sweet little weddings. Phew! And this is just the beginning. Crazy season is finally here.

So this week’s bouquet making was a tad bit delayed but boy was it just the recharge my soul needed. Walking the fields in silence, picking just for myself with no pinterest boards to reference, no questions to answer, no emails or calls to take, no fires to put out. Just an hour to myself in the garden, making what felt right in the moment.

This cheerful bouquet included: rudabeckia, nasturtiums, lemon balm, wild mustard, matricaria, raspberry green, garden rose ‘Carmel Antique’, love in a puff vine and dahlia ‘Bracken Palmino’.

My time in the garden was so relaxing and there were so many beautiful ingredients that I decided to make up another arrangement. The two couldn’t be more different. The yellow one was how I was wanting to feel (cheerful, upbeat and relaxed) and this dark one was how I was actually feeling (tired, a little discouraged and reflective).

This moody bouquet included: grapes, coleus, amaranth, dahlias ‘Bracken Rose’, ‘Twilight’ and ‘Crossfield Ebony’, black queen anne’s lace, scabiosa, basil, copper beech, black elderberries, lisianthus, scented geranium ‘Chocolate’, wheat, nine bark ‘Coppertina’ and thornless blackberries.


I know how crazy life is, especially during the height summer but if you can find the time to sneak in a little flowering I’d sure love to see what you create!

If you’d like to join in the fun, simply make up a bouquet using seasonal flowers, snap a photo, post it somewhere on the internet and then leave a link to it in the comments section here. If you’re on Instagram, you can use/search the hashtag #seasonalfloweralliance for even more flowery goodness.


  1. Carolyn on

    Lovely! Here’s my weekly trial from the garden.

  2. Dori Troutman on

    My daughter and I have started a (very tiny) heirloom cut flower business – have a darling little “flower trailer” built by our husbands. We stock it daily with bouquets and sell by the honor system. It has been such a crazy success that we are super excited for next year! Here is the link to our blog:

    I came across your website today while looking for cut flower filler suggestions. We are making our plans for next spring/summer/fall and I’ve been doing some research. I positively love your website, blog, and flowers. My, oh my!!! Thank you for the inspiration! I’ve signed up for your newsletter and will be back often!

  3. Mel on

    Both lovely creations. I think the dark one just wins out for me though.

    Here are my little creations this week.

    Hope the crazy season still gives you enough time to enjoy all that wonder and beauty around you.

  4. Sajina sunil on

    Loved both the arrangements. Beautiful flowers.

  5. Jackson on

    What exactly is “black Queen Anne’s Lace”? Is it dyed? Wonderful mix on the second bouquet…both are lovely.

  6. Corinne on

    Are you going to do an online info workshop? I would love to learn what flowers and how many flowers goes into a bouquet for grocery store


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