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July 24th 2015

Seasonal Flower Alliance: July 24

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“Crushed berry” is the color inspiration for this weekend’s wedding and these dahlias, cosmos, eupatorium, amaranth and digitalis embody these rich, complex tones.  Berry tones also have inspired this week’s Seasonal Flower Alliance installment too.   Below, you’ll see lots of other beautiful blooms in this fun, festive color palette.

May your dreams look like this. ✨? #farmerflorist #seasonalfloweralliance #nashville #dreaming

A photo posted by Christie Craig (@thefarmersflorist) on

we aren't a cosmos farm but it kinda feels like it. ✨ #seasonalfloweralliance #dscolor

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What’s in bloom where you live? Join in the flowery fun by sharing a photo over on Instagram as part of the Seasonal Flower Alliance.  Here’s how it works:

1) Snap.  Take a photo of flowers that are in season in your area, whether it is a fistful of blooms from your garden or a vase full of flowers from your local farmers market–it doesn’t have to be fancy!
2) Tag.  Upload your photo to Instagram with the hashtag #SeasonalFlowerAlliance.
3) Share.  In your photo caption, please share what flower varieties are featured (if you know them) along with your location and/or USDA hardiness zone.

It’s a fun way to see what’s in season both here and abroad!

Not on Instagram but want to see what others are sharing?  Check out the latest posts:



  1. Seasonal Flower Alliance: September 7 - Floret Flowers on

    […] dominated by particular flowers, like dahlias. Other times it is a particular color, like the berry tones a few weeks back or photo bombs by furry (and feathery) flower friends. This past week, some different themes […]

  2. Mary on

    The “crushed berry” bouquet is soooooo beautiful I had to make it my wallpaper. Everytime I turn my computer and marvel at the beautiful flowers, I smile and feel my heart start to open and my spirit rise!

  3. Stefanie H. on

    Beautiful Blooms!!!

    APHIDS HELP: I found this info. in your blog on Growing Great Dahlias. I’m sure it will be helpful to others.

    “Insect pressure varies from season to season. Some years aphids come in abundance, other years like last thrips are a big issue and earwigs, they are always lurking, ready to chomp the perfect blooms. We’ve found that the healthier the plants, the less insect pressure we experience, so we do a lot of work to keep plants healthy and well watered throughout the season. Just like the human body, the stronger our immune systems, the easier time we have fighting off intruders.

    In really extreme cases of aphids we have resorted to a few application of insecticidal soap to knock back the population. Safer brand makes and OMRI approved concentrate that you can find at most garden and hardware stores.”
    Thanks Flore!

    ……..Study, research & apply – I will never quit learning


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