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January 12th 2011

Returning To A World Of White

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We returned home to a beautiful winter wonderland. What a treat!
The past few days have been filled with icicles , snow men, wet gloves, snow angels, scarves, pink cheeks,snowballs and two very happy kiddos! Snow is a rarity around here so when we get some, it’s a majorly big deal!
It seems like the dryer has been running non stop just keeping their gear toasty and dry. All I want to do is curl up with coffee and stare into the beautiful world of white.

The view from our back field


Once Jasper discovered that the snow was in perfect form for snowman making he abandon our walk in favor of rolling out a body.



Oh yes, he had to roll it all the way home. Brrr!


Backing their giant snowballs home one at a time.


Our hornbeam hedge covered in baby icicles. So beautiful!


Elora opted to create a realistic snow woman complete with a full bust.


Putting the finishing touches on his snowman.




Dragon looking for trouble


Our rooster (who has no name) was eying me all morning through the sliding glass door . I think he’s cold.


Jasper’s snowman, Steve.

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