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April 10th 2017

The perfect shades of peach

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Choosing a favorite flower is almost impossible. And I think picking a favorite color is almost as difficult. But if I was forced to pick just one, it would have to be peach.

For many years, I searched high and low for flowers that I could grow in shades of peach, apricot, and coral. It was pretty tricky to track down ingredients in my favorite range of sherbet tones. Over the years I’ve amassed quite the collection and quite recently it seems that breeders are finally offering more beautiful varieties in these colors too.

When we introduced our own line of Floret Seeds last year, peach-hued blooms were a little overrepresented, probably because I love the color so much. While working with wedding clients, I remember how hard it was to find the perfect shade of peach. So I went a little overboard and offered lots and lots of peach-hued blooms.

Pictured above:  Zinnia ‘Zinderella Peach’, Nasturtium ‘Salmon Gleam’, Iceland Poppy, ‘Giant Peach’ ;  Pictured below: Foxglove ‘Dalmation Peach’, and Zinnia ‘Oklahoma Salmon’ , Dahlia ‘Peaches n’ Cream’ 

View more Floret Seeds in peach 

Over the years as my own floral design style has evolved, I’ve moved away from bright, contrasting colors and gravitated more towards bouquets centered around one core color theme. There are so many tones and subtle scales of a single hue and I love trying to grow as many flowers as possible in that palette. Plus, I love to combine cultivated flowers and foraged elements that incorporate the specific color—but in interesting and unexpected ways. For example, golden raspberries make a wonderful additions to sherbet bouquets.

This little peach post is the kickoff for a new series of blog posts focused on color. In the series, I’m going to be digging in and exploring nuanced approaches to using color in floral designs. And of course I’ll be sharing some of my favorite flowers in each highlighted hue.

Are you a peach lover too?  If not, what’s YOUR favorite color? Please share your fave in the comments below.


  1. Lee Hemmings Carlton on

    Flowers and foliage of any shade that have multi dimensional coloration or a natural iridescence draw me in.
    Current obsessions:
    Iris germanica’Treasured’, Digitalis ‘Polkadot Pippa’, Physocarpus ‘Coppertina’, Heuchera ‘Marmalade’ Rhododendron ‘Percy Wiseman’ Papaver rhoeas ‘Mother of Pearl’

  2. Stella on

    I love the creams, butters, soft pinks, but sometimes I love the wines and bright orangey yellows. My current favorite are the butters though.

  3. Karen Maurice on

    Peach is such a delicate color that offers great contrast with beiges and browns. I am thinking of chocolate cosmos and hellebores. Stunning and ephemeral.

  4. Christie on

    I am so with you on the peach! And I love the golden raspberries in your arrangement! Thank you for sharing all that you share:-)

  5. Simran Ahuja on

    Peach is my favorite color so i am totally mad at this pictures. What is Design called?

  6. Megan on

    Yellow! I really love warm and pale yellows. Also, I really like lighter pinks with white.

  7. WebPilot on

     How gorgeous do these shades of peachy pink look in this amazing vintage vase.  Ahhhh deep sigh! Vintage and Flowers at their finest!  Thanks Wedding Chicks for this floral work of art!

  8. Naomi on

    My favorite color for flowers is burgundy or deep pink-red, and purples. My favorites in those colors are Peonies, Black Beauty Dahlias, dark purple lisianthus, and lavender-hued lilacs.
    For your peach color palette, have you seen Pam Howden Dahlias? Those are to die for! (mmm, maybe they’re not quite peach color…?)

  9. Paula on

    I love soft lavender blue–Pincushion flowers, Lavender, Russian sage, Eryngium, Iris, Periwinkle, Phlox, Garden Sage, Pansies and Violas….

  10. Catrinel on

    Pink and various shades of it.

    BTW, mixing fruit with flowers shortens the life span of flowers; wouldn’t matter too much for a wedding, but it does for people who buy their weekly bouquet from me and want it to last.

  11. Megan on

    My favorite colour is green, so the trend for different foliage suits me very well! However, I have a harder time falling in love with red flowers.

  12. Laura on

    Wow, who knew there were so many peachy colors? When you bring them all up, they’re so pretty. I wouldn’t have said peach was a favorite, but it does remind me of my grandma, who loved peach and green combos. <3
    Lately I've really been loving grey-ish things — which in flowers seems to mean whites, and blues/purples — but it's fun to see what variety of grey-ish colors you can find. I grew your 'Earl Grey' sweet peas last year and loved 'em!

  13. Christina Campbell on

    I’m definitely with you on the peach hues…..all the way through to rich coral. Show me a plant catalogue and thats where I will gravitate.

  14. Brandie on

    I’ve been absolutely in LOVE with periwinkle lately! It has just the right mixture of blues and purples to for that happy whimsical feeling. I’m from Texas so seeing all of the blue bonnets lining the highways is just magical this time of year!

  15. Elizabeth on

    Give me shades of coral and shrimp pink leaning toward watermelon and I would sigh with delight. Ahhh…

  16. Linsey on

    Choosing just one color is so hard for me. I’m so indecisive, but if I had to I would go with pale violet!
    My great-grandma’s old lilac bush had blooms this color. They were the prettiest lilacs around.
    However, burgundy and blush dahlias are also hard to beat!
    And I do love that orange hue of those Babylon Bronze dahlias.
    Ugh, I just love them all!

  17. Cheryl on

    Peach isn’t a color I would have though of with flowers and just for the reason you mentioned as you don’t find flowers it very often, but obviously due to your love of peach you have amassed an amazing collection! I personally love purple and its many hues.

  18. Brianna Marshall on

    Lavendar and Sage were my wedding colors 14 years ago. I always gravitate towards shades of purple.

  19. Emma on

    My colour and mood (ha ha) probably changes with the season.

    Spring – blue and yellow (forget me knots and primroses)
    Summer – pink and cream (sweet peas, dahlias and roses)
    Autumn – dark pinks and orange(sedums and sunflowers)
    Winter – white and brown (frosted seed heads and birch twigs)

    However, if you bent my arm I would probably say…..Green is my absolute favourite, I could not live without, its amazing and goes well with any other colour!

    • Team Floret on

      Great list, Emma! Thanks for sharing your faves!

  20. Carmie on

    I also love the peach tones. But my number one favorite is yellow! Lots and lots of yellow!

  21. Grace on

    Peach!!! Warm yet subtle, my favorite as well!

  22. Magpie Knitter on

    I love highly saturated colours, crimson, deep purple, TCO orange, magenta, royal blue and bright yellow. Those are the colours of my cutting patch along with some lime greens and ‘blacks’. For me the paler colours just don’t cut it (Pun intended).
    Alicia – If you don’t have it yet I recommend Landini lily, gorgeous, super reliable, hardy in the UK.

  23. Elisabeth, Pan og Flora on

    I love peach but it’s funny, I only recently noticed my obsession with this beautiful color when it was time to dig out the dahlia tubers and take cuttings. I thought it would be funny to make a pinterest board with the different dahlia varieties- turns out, it’s looking very peachy! I love to pair peach with other shades of a sunset, so I do have blues, pink, purples and red shades to play with but peach is just so perfect on it’s own too. Thank you for this lovely post and your gorgeous book Erin, you are such a gem and such a sweetheart. <3

  24. Alicia on

    I’m obsessed with green and black blooms. When I first realized there were flowers that bloomed in shades of green (probably when I first saw bells of Ireland) the hunt was on! My favorite so far is the green ball dianthus which, unfortunately, the deer love as well. A picture of a black parrot tulip and seeing a black calla lily at my local nursery sparked my interest in collecting all the plants I come across in shades of near black. I’ve devoted my front yard garden to black and white blooms, it’s fairly new but seeing my tulips bloom this spring have me excited for what it can eventually look like!

  25. Lynn on

    Yellow has always been my favorite color, not knock your eyes out yellow or neon, just warm yellow – it immediately pick my spirits up. Peach runs a close second, it’s a warm, calm color to me that also brings a smile – just ordered the Ameridge rose to get more peach ?

  26. Corinne on

    I’ve always been a purple girl, and I love all the purple shades, from light lavender to smokey dark chocolate plum.


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