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January 24th 2011


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Here are a few snippets from our flower filled weekend.
 Photo shoots are always a little overwhelming for me . Between struggling with the technical end of things (photo settings) and trying to get the camera to see what I do in my mind all while collaborating with others, a sweet idea can quickly turn into a big production. But  in the end we always get the shots! I don’t know how, but it always happens. Pheew,thank goodness!
One of my goals for 2011 is to get really comfortable with photography. To get to the place where I stop doubting myself and really start to have a blast! To start “seeing” a new way. In day to day life that is pretty easy but under pressure, when were racing against the light and trying to make magic happen it can be pretty daunting.
But I know with  a little determination and a whole lot of practice soon it will begin to come more naturally.Luckily this learning process will require loads of flowers and many days spent with my favorite people!













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