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May 7th 2012

one word


  1. Emily on

    You are really truly talented!

  2. Jessica on

    I can't conjure up any words. Speechless.

  3. Anouk Fleurs on

    Ok! That's nice. I'm always struggling in this time of the year to have enough green or fillers, as the persistent greens are not nice anymore after the winter and the new growth of the other shrubs is not hardened yet. I use a lot of Spireas (arguta, van Houtte) and snowball, but they are finished now.

  4. Laura on

    Just spectacular… !!! thanks for sharing the beauty!

  5. Floret on

    clematis holds great in the vase! sometimes i can get almost 2 weeks :)

  6. Anouk Fleurs on

    Erin yours bouquets and pictures are always beautiful! How long does the clematis montana hold in the vase ?

  7. james on

    No doubt this is nice way to describe the beauty with the help of flowers as the snaps are showing the beauty of the nature.

    flowers dublin

  8. the homestead girl on

    well said and well done! (now off to find the "picture of elora and jasper all muddy" per request…sure you'll never guess who's doing the requesting.)

  9. Lisa P from The Hollyhock Wall on

    Have you noticed the orbs in the first photograph. They are also very interesting, the colours in particular. Can you see what I mean ?

  10. BareBlooms on

    I love everything about this. The images, the flowers……..beuatifully perfect. Chloe x


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