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April 29th 2014

New project. Will you join me?

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We’ve been harvesting armload after armload of the most beautiful flowers for weeks now and even though I know I should be totally thrilled, I’ve had this nagging feeling deep down like something is missing. I was stewing on it all day today and it finally dawned on me. I haven’t made a bouquet for “no good reason” yet this year. What gives!?

I didn’t realize until now just how much I’ve been missing the structure that The Seasonal Bouquet Project provided. A bouquet, every week, made from locally sourced material posted right here on the blog.

I know that life is more full than ever but I’m craving some kind of creative outlet, one that’s easy to stick to but stretches me artistically. How about you? Want to join me this flower season by making a weekly bouquet from local goodies? I’d LOVE to see what you’re creating and harvesting in your corner of the world.

I’ll put a way for you to link to your creation and then we can all see what’s happening flower wise around the world. What do you say, are you game?

Check back here on Thursday for the first round of beauty and your chance to play along!


  1. Barbara Wade on

    Hi Erin
    I live in the “deep south” and am wondering, how would you like to have a cutting of an “heirloom rose”. It’s over 100 years old and still blooming! My mother-in-law put it here when she was a new bride, back about 1900. It has never been moved. The blooms are rosy pink, and smell DEVINE!!!! Not like the roses of today. The bloom is not a “showy” bloom, more like a cabbage rose, measuring about 4 inches across . I’ve given cuttings to friends, but no one has had any luck getting it to live. When I saw the article about you and your flowers, I just had to drop you a line. One, can I send it across state lines and two. How would I package it so that it would arrive in good condition for planting. If anyone can get it to root, I’m sure you can.. Please let me know if you would like some cuttings. My mailing address is : Barbara Wade, 1420 County Line Rd. , Hawkinsville, GA. 31036. Phone is 478-892-3137. Feel free to call or drop me a line. I would love to know this rose will live on for many years. Wishing you well, Barbara Wade.

  2. Millie on

    What a wonderful way to share the gorgeous blooms from our gardens. get creative and be inspired from each other. So I”m definitely in! Thanks for such an inspirational idea!!

  3. Evee M on

    Yes! I am in! I followed faithful when you did it before, but now I am ready to jump in and participate as well.

  4. Catharine on

    Sounds inspiring!

    Thursday petals?
    Petal collection?
    Inspiration Thursday?
    Bouquet share?

  5. Jessica Gale on

    Yes! Please do! I can’t wait.

    Name suggestions:
    Flower Feast
    Feast of Flowers

    Flower Fete
    Florets Flower Fete

    Both are trying to feed the soul/celebrate flowers–for us first. Those who care from them from seed to bloom to compost.

  6. Penmerry on

    how about “Trading Post” ? as we all exchange and share photos each week from many different lands… :)

    also love the previous suggestions of:
    Petal Pushers
    Backyard Bouquets

  7. Andrea on

    Yayyy–count me in! Can’t wait to get started!

  8. Lindsay on

    Count me is as well! I can’t wait for the opportunity to learn from such a wonderful community of givers. Thank you.

  9. Viv on

    Great!! I’ll give it a go! Looks like the spring workshop was a success! It’s awesome that you are sharing what you’ve accomplished on your farm. People are there to learn and go home with their dreams. I don’t think they would care about the dirt!!! When you let people in, it’s always a little scary. You see a lot more things out of place than they do. I think it all looks wonderful. If I think of a name I’ll post. The bouquets are gorgeous!!

  10. Diana Hopkins on

    Count me in!

    As far as name suggestions, how about: #forthesoul

  11. Kim on

    Yay! So happy this will be happening again- I look forward to joining in when I can and seeing what everyone else is growing and designing! Last year when you and Jennie posted your flowery creations, seeing them really felt like getting a present every Tuesday!

  12. Lindsey Myra on

    Yes! Bring it on. I loved joining in TSBP last year and then y’all stopped posting because you had hit winter, just as my tiny patch was getting in to full swing and I have barely made a thing just for me since!
    As the ONLY farmer florist in Australia {that I know of} I relish gleaning what I can from all you kids in the Northern Hemishpere; indeed blogs and instagram are practically the only research tools available to me.
    So like I said, bring it on!

  13. Alison Buck on

    I’m totally in!!
    Name ideas:
    local lovelies
    Bouquets of local lovelies
    My backyard bouquet

    For an extra bit of fun, make your bouquet a “lonely bouquet” and leave it for a stranger to find.
    An amazing project started by Emily of Fleuropean :)

  14. Gretchen on

    The whole idea behind last year’s project almost made me laugh – because playing with local, seasonal flowers is all I ever do! Everything comes from my “yarden” (yard and garden), and happens thanks to my green-thumbed Hubby and country location. I may have to share when I get the flower itch – I gave away a bouquet today and should have gotten a picture!

  15. Katie on

    I am in!! I love creating something beautiful for no good reason.

  16. Maureen deBruyn on

    I would Love to do this! Our cold late spring is just beginning, daffodils are blooming, and the grass is greening up this week! The ice is off most of our lakes, except the biggest ones, so spring will come. This week we have had over 6″ of rain in three days, so it will be too wet and a while before we can plant flowers! Erin, I can remember you holding that gorgeous bouquet in the clematis fields!

  17. Kirsten on

    You said it yourself…

    “For no good reason.” Flowers just because.

  18. kim Smith on

    Although I am feeling a little vulnerable at the moment I think I would love to participate as much as I could. I am feeling like once a week I may not have enough to design with. I love your inspiration and have torn a barn down and planted seeds in hopes of a large cutting garden but at the moment it seems dauntless and unachievable, but I am still at it.. we finally have sunshine and mixes of rain!! I will try to design from my soul to feed my soul.. and share with you where I can <3

    • Floret on

      Kim, I’m so happy to hear you’ll be joining in. Take heart on the garden, it’s always tough in the spring. Once summer arrives, you’ll be swimming in flowers!

  19. Mel on

    Great idea. I am new-ish here so didn’t see the project last time so looking forward to the growing season and arranging this year.

  20. Adorned Floral on

    the southern heat won’t produce near the beauty of your climate i fear, but i’m in for this creativity and inspiration! excited!

  21. Victoria von Berg on

    Ahh Erin, simply the best idea, sometimes we all need just a little push to get the creative in us out of the box we call business. As we head into winter under African skies I will be stretched to find material to use, but sometimes simplicity speaks for herself. I am certainly up for your challenge, how about “Reach for the Flowers”

  22. Cathy Bartolic on

    Love your idea and the fact that you want to share with others. My wordsmith husband and I have come up with the following……

    Thursday`s Floral Treasures OR

    Trading Inspirations

    We need a bit more warm weather before I start anything here in Ontario, Canada.

  23. grizelda o'connor on

    Good idea. Love to join everyone and share the sweetness of flower lights shining in unison from every little corner of the earth. Let’s go girls and show ’em what this planet is made of with Erin as our Boadicea bearing aloft her mighty bouquet with which to banish the dark lords. (sic)

  24. Pinouille on

    Thank you! I have been doing the same, only not on a regular basis… I am just a long-time backyard gardener who has lots of roses and wants now to find fillers, thanks to you and Suzanne. Thank you for sharing…. maybe I can make this more regular too… The Blue Carrot started me down this path. I found you via her.

  25. Laetitia de chez Florésie on

    I’m in Erin! As for the seasonal bouquet project last year, i’ll be happy to join as often as possible and do my best with what will (or will not…) come out of my garden this season! As for the name… i’m not inspired at the moment, and i guess it does not matter much for me :)

  26. Margrit Schweighofer on

    Yes, yes and yes! International flower farming and designing… I really like to be a part of this inspireing project! XXX from Austria !!

  27. tom | tall clover farm on

    Creative outlet, eh? Hmmm, how about this; you have a giant sketch pad you place somewhere prominent (and dry), with a basket of pens and colored pencils and crayons. During the week you (and the family) doodle what moves you: penning thoughts, sketching images, sharing ideas, scribbles of frustration, outlines of joy, a smiley face, and hope or dream. At the end of the week, or the day chosen, you take a photo of the pad’s masterpiece, and then share with your pals online. It would keep a record of the year, graphically, poetically, and happily, while just taking minutes per day.

  28. Claire Bate on

    Hi Erin Ive been following you for about a year now and You and Susanne from the Blue Carrot have inspired me to make my own cutting garden, I also have a tiny bit of land on a Kent farm in the UK. I won’t have many rich pickings to start off with but I would love to join in, it is a fabulous idea !!! I have a face book page if you would like to take a look !!! It is ….Little Florrie. Because I am little and my mum calls me Blossom. So the Latin for blossom. I hope your new idea really kicks off, and that you and your new little flowery team are having lots of fun together. Best wishes. Claire. : )

  29. Molly Wilson on

    Great idea – I’m in! I’ll try to think about names in the field today…

  30. Bethany Karn on

    I am so with you. Call it anything you want – I’ll be there ;-D however, something along the lines of “Weekly Local Lovefest” or “Local Lovelies” might work. My own tag line on my biz card is “Local and Lovely” and you have my permission to “borrow” one too ;-D

  31. Julie @ Garden Delights on

    I started doing exactly that this spring on my blog, Instagram, and Garden Delights FB page, calling it “Floral Friday.” The challenge is to go into your garden and make something beautiful to bring inside to celebrate the weekend. It’s so much fun–and sometimes challenging, especially when some friends are still snowbound! Personally, I love that it forces me to slow down for a few minutes–no matter how busy I am–walk through the garden, and gather some pretties. I’m trying to learn to make better bouquets, but even my clumsy attempts make me happy. :-)

  32. Mary on

    “Joyful Inspiration”


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