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May 20th 2013

New horizons

Written by

I’ve thought about how to start this post for days now. Staring up at my hotel room ceiling each night, sorting through the mountain of emotions, ideas, thoughts and stories that I’ve experienced these past days has been immensely overwhelming. So much to take in and process, so much to integrate and absorb.


I witnessed so much beauty, that I think my heart broke just a little bit. Truly.

I made the most amazing friends who will be treasured for this entire lifetime. Sue and Courtney, you have my heart, always! The generosity that was shared with me was so humbling, and so real that I know will never be the same.


But most of all, I became very present to how full this world is of goodness and beauty and love.

I was reminded that while we are each on our own unique path, living lives unrecognizable from each others, we share so many of the same struggles, barriers and fears.


This past week I left the farm, boarded a plane to northern California and essentially stepped off the plank into uncharted waters. Thank goodness Ariella was waiting there for me when I arrived.

She held space, while I expanded into more of my true self. It was amazing and terrifying and wonderful, all in the same breath. I am changed, forever and certainly for the best.

***A detailed, picture infused re-cap of the journey will be streaming live all week. Stay tuned, because it’s gonna be good!


  1. teressa johnson on

    Yay! You finally got to go! I’m so happy for you and excited about your story. I love the realization that we each have our own journey’s down this terribly beautiful path. And I love when we crash into each other and we’re better for it!

  2. Holme Flowers uk on

    Amazing, beautiful, awe inspiring blog and flowers. Sue and I cannot believe the dedication you have to your flowers, the friends you make and especially your family. We cannot think of a better job than being with flowers, foliage and nature. Keep inspiring us all.

  3. frances on

    Love your work and cannot wait to see the rest of the story!

  4. Rondi on

    Stunning arrangement! It’s a blessing to read of your awesome experiences.

  5. Jennie {Love 'n Fresh Flowers} on

    You are amazing and beautiful and wonderful. I can not wait to read more about this particular journey and see your jaw-dropping photos. You are a forced to be reckoned with, my dear!

  6. Teresa Sabankaya on

    Beautiful Erin! I’m so happy for you :)
    I look forward to the continuation of your ‘blossoming’
    p.s. someday–we’ll meet!

  7. Georgianna on

    So very excited to hear all about it. And so thrilled it was such an amazing experience! x

  8. Ashley Bond on

    I can’t wait to read all about this! Congrats.


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