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December 21st 2011

my partner in crime


  1. Floret Flowers on

    Julie, take heart, I only own one acre which is on a street with other houses right next to ours. We rent additional land outback (only 2 acres)which was a soccer field. All of the greenhouses are crammed into our side yard just feet from the house, literally! Oh and don't be fooled that all is jolly ;) there was a ton of swearing on the last two g-houses but now we're kinda figuring the process out so it's less stressful and more fun. i was certainly a sailor in a past life. ha,ha!

  2. Julie on

    You all are amazing. When my hubby and I constructed my greenhouse last spring, I was swearing like…a construction guy? A sailor? All I know is…I'm glad our kids weren't helping, because they would have learned a whole lot of new words from Mommy! Your farm and greenhouses are amazing. (We live in a subdivision on less than an acre where I run my little heirloom plant nursery…I covet your land!)


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