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May 14th 2012

moving through

Written by

Chris and I couldn’t be more opposite in the way we experience and move through life.
He is feeling based and I’m always in my head.
When standing on the edge of a new adventure or when faced with a problem, he asks what and I ask how.
Working so closely together can often be a challenge since we both want the same outcome but approach creating it from extremely opposite ends.
As the list grows out of control, as it always does this time of year, he settles into a quiet calm and I pace around frantically muttering ” how, how, how are we going to get this all done?!”.
He reminds me that it is always this way, that the how is rarely clear and that we just have to keep moving and try to enjoy the ride. 



























  1. Rosangela on

    Muito lindo seu blog.

  2. on

    Oh those lilacs! Gah!

    J and I are the same. So very different, but so much to offer each other. I'm glad to read about a similar situation. :)

  3. amy thornburg on

    So jealous of your lilac. AND ranunculus!!!!!! It all looks fabulous!!!!

  4. Liza on

    that lilac! ohmanohman. incredible.

  5. Julie on

    What a beautiful life – working with such beautiful flowers. My garden is going into winter hibernation here in New Zealand – but I am inspired to grow more for spring and summer by your photos. Must have flowers for picking.

  6. the homestead girl on

    Yay! I was just gonna ask the same thing! And please oh, please, can't you wave your magic wand and save some of those lilacs for my wedding in 2 weeks? Surely you can. ;-)

  7. Ilaria on

    Hi, i'm new in this blog and I relly love your photos and your excellent style in composing flovers..I follow you!Ilaria

  8. flwrjane on

    Oh good, I was excited when I saw your pea patch.

    yy work mantra is : all the work always gets done. It's true Erin. It always does. And the other good thing I learned is that i don't have to do it all myself.

    I just make it seem that way:-)

    So beautiful your life. But so much work. Thank god it always gets done.

    xo Janw

  9. Floret on

    I'll be doing a whole post on our little pea patch in the next few days :) eeek! it's so darn cute!

  10. Floret on

    we are using the clippings as a mulch to keep weeds down. it works great!

  11. Stacy on

    Tell us about the raised beds please!!! So curious.

  12. Josephine Rose on

    Love it all! Is that grass clippings on your garden beds? I'm going to sound stupid here, but do you stir that in before planting or have you already planted and use it to keep down weeds? I'm having a terrible time w/weeds in my garden and am looking for a solution that works!

  13. Amelia on

    Breathtaking flowers! The aroma must be intoxicating. I agree with Anouk, taking different approaches helps us to see things in a different light. If we both see things the same way the path can be pretty dull and unimaginative and we'd never get anything done!

  14. Lisa P from The Hollyhock Wall on

    Opposites attract, so so so understand where you are comming from. Sometimes it is a blessing to be so different and other times it can cause trouble. We wear those T-shirts!
    Keep on living from your heart and leave the differences behind.
    Wonderful flower photography!

  15. Julie on

    I love that you two are such great partners. Sometimes my hubby drives me crazy with his methodical, engineering, solution-based calm…while I'm fretting and stressing. But he maintains my sanity. It's true, opposites attract for a reason.

    Your lilacs are spectacular. My mother always snipped lilacs and squished them in a little vase on the kitchen table, and now I do the same. I hope my kids will think of their cozy kitchen when they smell lilacs as adults and continue the tradition.

    Lovely photos, as always! Thanks for brightening a rainy Monday!

  16. Anouk Fleurs on

    Beautiful !
    It's sometimes hard when my man says "what" and I'm nervous about "how", but finally I think two different approaches is the strenght in a couple, because we are complementary. But not always easy because your partner doesn't really understand what's the problem … ;)


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