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March 23rd 2011

Man’s Work

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Ha! If only I could get out of it that easily J


More hustle, working outside until dark, trying to get all of our perennial flower crops mulched and composted so they can fend off weeds and grow nice and healthy this season.


In past years this was all done by wheelbarrow load but things have finally changed.  Now we have the help of a bright, shiny new tractor! What a difference.


I’m hoping this afternoon I can squeeze in a little flower arranging time. The first Muscari popped up, we’ve got a few frilly Daffodils, some Hellebores and loads of Tulips. There has been far too much busy work and not enough creativity and beauty this week.


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  1. flwrjane on

    Please arrange something you can use for Monday Flowers In The House. K?

    xo Jane


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