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September 5th 2013

Looking back

Written by

Erin Benzakein Amy Merrick flower workshop

It’s hard to believe that nearly two weeks have already passed since our epic floral weekend with Ms. Amy Merrick.

Amy Merrick flower workshop

The past five mornings I have stared at a blank screen, trying to find the right words to describe all that occurred.

But it seems that nothing I write can even begin to capture the magic that I witnessed.

Floret flower display

Floret flower workshop

Seventeen of the most beautiful, talented, courageous souls joined us from all over the world, for a life changing stretch of days.

We cut flowers, we shared secrets, we talked business, we learned new techniques and discovered so many little tidbits and tricks that should help life flow a little more back home.


Amy Merrick teaching Foret girls

Amy Merrick and Rose Mattos ladies of Foret

It takes serious guts to step into the unknown and give ourselves what is missing. Every one of the women present was brave beyond measure.

Floret flower workshop

Rose Mattos ladies of Foret

Rose Mattos ladies of Foret

The conversations we started are already unearthing gold in my life.

I know none of us left unaltered. None of us came away the same.

Amy Merrick bouquet

Verbena Flowers CA

These ladies blew my mind and totally cracked open my heart.

Their willingness to dig into the process of self discovery and listen to that tiny, whisper of a voice urging them to press on was amazing.

Floret flower workshop

garland makingFloret flower workshop

Kailla arranging


Laura Dart photographer


It’s so easy to feel that we are all alone on this journey.

Floret flower workshop

But being with these beauties I was once again reminded that while each of us are on our own unique path, living lives unrecognizable from each others, we share so many of the same struggles, barriers and fears.

Florett flower workshop table decor



Sue Pruting White Magnolia Design

t Floret flower workshop table decor

Amy Merrick Laura Dart

Amy Merrick Floret flower flower workshop table decor


Anne Parker food spread

Anne Parker food

I am honored to have had the chance to witnessed such vunerability and grace.

Floret Amy Merrick flower workshop

I cannot wait to see what these women create in their lives from here!!!


  1. Camille on

    Chris’s photos in this post and all the others are seriously amazing. I haven’t been to this blog in a while, but once again, I’m completely blown away.

  2. Lydia R on

    Sounds like a truly amazing weekend! I hope I can attend one of your workshops one day (despite the large distance barrier, but I know it would be worth it). Thanks for sharing and being such an inspiration!!

  3. Nina on

    Glorious! Thank you sincerely for sharing. Just magical.

  4. lisa wiernasz on

    What a lovely post. The photographs with the heartfelt narrative moved me to tears. As a 55 year old plus woman who is moving toward a creative (finally) life, I will look at this post again and again to remind myself that I can walk through my fear of so many unknowns. Thank you for such inspiration!

  5. Amanda Taffinder on

    Wow, looks utterly incredible, thank you for sharing such beautiful and inspiring photos :) Come to England, there’s loads of us here bursting to have a chance to do a workshop with you all!!!

  6. Steph on

    Incredible. I have no words to describe how much I long for a weekend like this. If only I didn’t live on the other side of the world!!!

  7. Deanna on

    what an absolutely beautiful, amazing experience!

  8. Katy Noelle on

    Oh, golly! What a moving post!! It sounds like your time was worth diamonds – joy! =)


  9. Wanda Fox on

    WHO prepared all the food since you ladies were doing the amazing floral arranging!

  10. Kelli Galloway on

    I had really had no idea how much this weekend would change me but with two incredibly talented women leading the way, how could I go wrong. I was pushed past my creative boundaries and lead onto a new path that I am so excited about. I couldn’t be more grateful and I’ve thought about that weekend with all those lovely ladies every single day since. I left feeling refreshed and energized, with an entirely new outlook on my career. I can only hope we get to do again someday, thank you so so much, Amy and Erin!! <3 <3 <3

  11. Cel Robertson on

    Fantastic – thank you so much for sharing this with us! Inspirational…

  12. Odette Graham on

    Thank you so much for your ongoing inspiration.Your work has pulled me out of a few downward spirals, and each time I re-emerge with a fresh perspective and a new seed of hope.
    Do you have any space left in your next workshop? I would so love to learn more from you!

  13. Kailla Platt on

    I just put the last of my beautiful Floret flowers in the compost, but this weekend lives with me still. It was so full of magic and generosity, beauty and camaraderie. What you and Amy created there on that farm and what we created together in our turn, sent me home with so much excitement and anticipation. Thank you to you, all the amazing women of that weekend.

  14. Corina on

    Yes! Yes! And here you are, in the middle of all this beauty and vulnerability, and you are big part of it, fully visible, fully shining!
    You got me in tears!

  15. wasabi honey bee on

    Truly wonderful pictures!!!! I think this is my favorite post probably ever!!!

  16. Kelly Perry on

    So, so sweet. We ARE all in this together :) *heart melt*


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