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May 16th 2011


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When I was little my Mom and Aunt Terry always told stories of Lilac stealing.

In eastern Washington where they grew up Lilacs grew abundantly everywhere. One of them would drive the pickup truck slowly down the alley while the other crouched in the back and lopped off branches as they went.



They always agreed that stolen Lilacs smell sweeter.


When my little sister Jenny came home from the hospital, my aunt Terry had filled our house with Lilacs in celebration of her birth. For as long as I can remember, Lilacs have been Jenny’s flower.


Every spring when the Lilacs start to bloom, I fill Mom’s house with as many of their fragrant blooms as I can muster. This coming weekend she’ll be in for a real treat!


  1. Tamara on

    Where can I purchase lilac plants, I cant seem to find a resource on your site. Thanks

  2. Adie Andrews on

    I adore lilac and the way it smells so amazing aroma. Beside it is perfect decoration for home and thanks to your tips I will manage to deal with it easily.

    Greetings short term rental london

  3. Belinda @ Wild Acre on

    Thx so much for your help, I am now armed with your and Jaime's lilac tips! x

  4. Floret Flowers on

    Belinda, I cut them 1/3-1/2 open, strip all of the leaves, split the stem about 1" up and put into the cooler overnight. So far so good.Many growers quick dip them first to help with hydration.

  5. M. on

    I loooove the beautiful scent of lilac, gorgeous!

  6. Alicia on

    so nice!we have some lilacs at the flower shop now. Tomorrow I will remenber your post ;)

  7. Jean on

    Beautiful! Your mother's house will smell so lovely.
    I'm JUST getting started over here in New Hampshire and always look forward to your Growing for Market articles and blog posts. Thank you for writing them.
    Care to share any lilac post-harvest handling tips?


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