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August 12th 2013

Last days of summer

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When I can steal a few minutes away from harvesting and packing orders, I sneak in to see what others are up to around this beautiful planet of ours. Tending their fields, raising their families, making their art, stocking their farmer’s market booths, having grand adventures…living their beautiful lives. I love stepping back into the field with a head full of stories about people I hardly know, wishing them goodness and feeling re-inspired to make my life more of what I want it to be.

It seems that there is a collective agreement across this parallel, that summer is on its way out and fall is near. Strangely I haven’t felt the shift just yet.


We have had a remarkably beautiful summer. Blue skies, sun for months, heat early on that put our crops ahead of schedule. After a few awful growing years in a row, it’s been a welcome gift that we’re savoring every second of. My hair has blonde highlights, we are all sporting golden brown skin despite tubes of sunblock and the water bill is through the roof.



This season is like no other in so many ways. For the first time, I actually have real, steady, highly capable support. Slowly and awkwardly I’ve been allowing others to contribute and I am finally letting go of control in the areas where I am weakest. It is shocking how rapidly EVERYTHING is shifting as I step out of the way! I keep saying to Chris, “this feels so great, I feel like true myself, could life really be this great!?”


The support has allowed us all to slow it down just a notch. The kids have finally got to have a summer! Elora went off to art camp, math camp, summer camp and spent 4 days at the county fair. She’s a freewheel girl these days, making new friends, challenging herself in so many new ways and growing at the speed of light.

Jasper has had lots of quiet, alone time with her gone. He still tapes up all the boxes, stickers most of the flower sleeves and pitches in when we need extra hands, but for much of the day, he’s alone with his imagination, in far off lands, contentedly creating and dreaming. He seems so happy to have such peaceful space to himself.




Chris and I too are getting a bit of a break. Obviously we’re still working our asses off. He rises at 3:45 a.m. 3 mornings a week to deliver flowers to the city before his real day begins as a shop foreman and mechanic, but we’ve been able to keep late night’s to a minimum and even take a few non wedding Saturday’s off here and there.


We actually have been sitting on the back steps as the sun sets and relaxing and decompressing from the day. Sounds ridiculously simple but it’s a whole new world for us!


So, here’s to new experiences, letting go of the old and soaking in every last drop of summer while it’s here!


Fall may be just a breath away, but for now, it’s still summer in my garden.


  1. Coni Nelson on

    Your pictures and words tear me up Erin. You have made such a happy story for your family and share it so generously with those that know you and get to know you through your flowers. I feel honored to be included in a small way. Best of the best to you and yours… We will continue to watch in awe….

  2. Pauline on

    Love all the beautiful photos. I can’t imagine what it’s like to walk through your fields of flowers. I have a small flower garden that keeps be busy spring through fall. I cut bouquets for friends and family. My flowers just bring a smile to my face and bring me peace. Keep up the good work1

  3. Nikki Shenk on

    Just lovely to read. Though strangers, your words are so touching. Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Emily K on

    Just beautiful. Reading this post after a rather stressful week made me calm and hopeful that this cold blustery Melbourne winter will end and we too will soon have our turn at summer. I’m glad you are enjoying every last ounce of yours while it remains!

  5. Sarah-jane down the lane on

    …beautifully expressed as always…I share your wonder at all the brilliant stories being told out there, memories made in late summer seem to linger in our minds a little longer..

  6. Jen on

    I’m gonna get back to doing what I’m supposed to be doing with my head full of this story. Thank you thank you thank you! Enjoy the rest of your summer, it sounds like you are really hitting your stride and getting everything in balance

  7. Teemie on

    Hey Erin,

    Thank your sharing your flower farming lives. Such beauty and the simple things… so inspiring.

    May God’s continuous Peace and Grace rain over you and your family


  8. Nathalie on

    Nice post with beautiful pictures of flowers and the gardens.

  9. martin and the magpie on

    beautiful post Erin….we has also decided to let ‘our baby’ have some outside help and am amazed by how it has somehow been let fly….we fought against it for quite a while but, as you have found, trying to do it all is just way too stressful and exhausting….for us it seems the right thing to do now…..i still look at my small patch of zinnias and dream of a time when they will look like yours!!!

    Thanks for being you and being so inspiring…..xx

  10. Sarah on

    This is such a lovely post…I know exactly how you feel. I love to check in with the people I admire from afar, and come away feeling more inspired to be and do what I dream of.
    I’ve worked in a flower shop for years and dream of having rows of beautiful flowers in my backyard. That’s why I love visiting you…

    Enjoy your summer garden a little longer. xo

  11. FJ on

    Wonderful post! It is awesome to read an, “all is well” story amid the host of tumultuous stories swirling around the world. Thank you for sharing!

  12. Lara on

    Hello from the far west Chicago country! Your absolutely gorgeous flower field photos & words are such a welcome delight in my blog reader feed. When I am in my garden, I often think about starting up a small scale flower farm.. right now, I am doing a little mass flower growing for hobby and I love it! :) I just had my first compost bin built a few weeks back and I am obsessed with composting for my soil… I can’t wait the “black gold” I get next spring. Thank you for sharing all you do – you are a true inspiration!

  13. Margrit on

    Love your Work! What a inspiring Post… We Start with our flower Farm just 2 years ago. And if i read your Blog, fb posts and everthing….
    There is Hope and pleasure… Sharing such a Great Great Love and work for Flowers. Wish you the best xx from Austria, margrit

  14. Nata on


  15. Melissa on

    That photo of your field of zinnias gives me hope, ready to throw in the towel down South here! Too dang hot! But only a few more weeks until it breaks hopefully! Thanks for the encouragement this morning!

  16. Georgianna on

    What a gorgeous, heartfelt, inspiring post, E! So happy you’ve had such a wonderful summer. It has been grand here, hasn’t it? :)

  17. Belinda on

    You sound so happy! How fantastic to achieve a sense of balance in your busy season – can’t help thinking that balance/health/happiness and business longevity are somehow all linked? And that pic of you and Chris is a total keeper!

  18. Corina on

    I am so very happy to hear about your new way of being! It’s amazing how life shifts when we set an intention! Way to go, beautiful lady!!!!

  19. kim on

    So beautiful! It’s almost the end of winter here in Australia so we are all looking forward to some sunshine, hanging on for spring then waiting for your summer to swing over to us for us to borrow for a while! Your work is so stunning and inspiring xx


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